Jack and Olivia – Your Friendly Socialist Crooks

The last 24 hours have been truly amazing – mostly due to the investigative journalism of SUN TV. Yesterday they revealed that Jack Layton, the high-flying Icarus of Canada’s wealth-redistribution movement, was caught in 1996 in a seedy part of Toronto’s Chinatown. He wasn’t buying contraband cigarettes (the main business there at the time).

He was in an “Asian massage parlour” – translation for those who have lived for the last 20 years in an unused tunnel of the subway: this means a Chinese mafia-run whorehouse. If you remember the 1990’s, there was a mafia war at the time over who was going to control Chinatown fought between the Chinese and Vietnamese gangs. Of course nobody dared to mention those events in the papers (God forbid, we may offend the ethnic criminals).

Jack was caught during one of the raids – naked, with the whore taking away a piece of dirty Kleenex.

Well, that wouldn’t have been big deal for a regular person (or even a Japanese politician) or even Jack – we must not forget he was married to that strange woman named Olivia, so he might have needed some action.

The real problem was that Jack at the time was supposed to be the poster boy for social perfection – remember those were the 1990’s when the political correctness was the king and the human rights fascists used to run Ontario unchallenged.

Jack Layton was fighting for the bums, the homeless, and especially for the exploited Asian women imported into Canada to work in the type of establishments that he probably frequented. After getting caught, Jack played stupid and pretended that he didn’t know what kind of a place that was.

From that point on, the events that unfolded and the reactions of the NDP “royal couple” show what a despicable and morally depraved pair they are.

Jack was lying when he said he didn’t know where he was. As a city councillor at the time, he was very well aware where the exploitation of young Asian  women took place. There are only two options for his statement – he was either very stupid, if he couldn’t figure out that was a whorehouse, or he was lying through his nose to get away.

Call me old-fashioned, but both situations disqualify him from being a prominent politician.

And I also blame the police – if an average Joe was found naked during a raid in such a place, he would’ve been booked to appear in court right away. How was Jack let go home?

And he was! On his bike he went – all the way to the government-subsidized three-bedroom apartment, for which he and Olivia paid a monthly rent of $800 with a combined income of $170,000. Don’t you love the Canadian socialism?

It only gets worse – when the news hit the TV and the radio waves last night, Olivia issued a statement that Jack was getting there a “therapeutical shiatsu massage” and she was aware that nothing bad happened.

OK, if a Hong Kong woman, whose political riding is Trinity-Spadina, says that her husband went to a Chinatown parlour late at night to get shiatsu massage, she is lying, pure and simple. Unless she is insane – Olivia is ignorant in most affaires she deals with, but definitely she is not insane. (Sorry, Olivia, no offense, but as your constituent, I should say that you have done very little for us, the working people, and too much for the lefty loons from Now Magazine and every imaginable special interest group).

No wonder she is lying – there is too much at stake for them in this election. According to information revealed by CBC last year, the “NDP royal couple” spent over $1,000,000 in their parliamentary allowance, which was much more than the amount spent by Prime Minister Harper or Ignatieff, the leader of the opposition.

Can you leave that gravy train slip away? Of course not – after all, Jack and Olivia have spent their lives stealing from people who work and redistributing the money among those who vote for them, making a nice living in the process.

That’s not all – Jack claims a smear campaign against him, but thanks to the mainstream media, which faithfully bashes the conservatives, we have a great example of a smear campaign (going on right now) orchestrated by Jack’s goons.

Right now, CBC, which can’t let their socialist crooks lose the election, is touting the case of the Conservative Saskatchewan candidate Tom Lukiwski,who allegedly was caught on video tape saying something not that gay-friendly. The incident caught on video happened in 1991 (i.e. 17 years ago) and the tape was cheerfully provided by the NDP campaign.

Now, Jack and his supporters all say that his Chinatown whore adventure happened 15 years ago and is irrelevant now. Then how could an even older incident be relevant? Lukiwski wasn’t been charged with anything, just like Jack, so why does NDP want him to resign? (Are the gays a higher status group than the exploited Asian girls? Maybe that’s the secret.)

This clearly shows what a despicable bunch the NDP strategists and supporters are.

As George Costanza used to say, this situation is like onion – the more you peel, the more it stinks. Jack owes an explanation to the citizens of Canada – what was he doing in an establishment run by the Asian criminal world? It is said that they routinely videotaped visitors to such places getting sexual services to extort them later. Did something like that happen to Jack Layton?

Last year Olivia tried to introduce a bill to repeal the provision that grants Canadian citizenship only to the next generation of people who live abroad. That law would’ve greatly benefited the “Canadian citizens” in Hong Kong, who want their citizenship passed to all future generations, but don’t pay taxes and over 75% of whom don’t consider Canada home and don’t plan to return (there is interesting information about this in a new book about NDP).

How would Jack explain the persistent support for him coming from questionable Muslim organizations? In 2007 he received an award from CASMO, a shia Muslim group, known for its anti-Semitic views, which recently placed on its website videos from the notorious KKK man David Duke. Earlier this month, NDP received an endorsement by activists of the Canadian Islamic Congress, as the only force that can confront the “Jew Michael Ignatieff” (who is not even a Jew, more about that in the same book).


Jack Layton gets an award from CASMO, God knows for what...

What did Jack Layton do to deserve all that praise? Nothing is alleged here, but the inquiring minds want to know.

I am asking, but I don’t have any illusions about the results. People who ask and think don’t vote for Jack, Olivia and the other thugs from NDP.

They and their party have a very clear and well-defined base, with a major trait that unites them – all of them expect the NDP to get them money and services without working.

It includes the fat unions, which make three times more than the other workers for doing the same job. In 2009 Jack promised the Ontario Federation of Labour that he will create a government institution, which will cover the pensions of union employees, whose companies have gone bankrupt. Guess who is going to cover that, if Jack forms a coalition?

Then come all the welfare people, who have never worked, but have all their expenses covered from your tax money. Do you think they would let Jack lose?

And last are all the activists, who mooch public funds in countless ways in the name of providing social justice. All they want is to follow the shining path of Jack and Olivia – and get one day in the position to steal a cool million from the capitalist pigs. Since they have never done anything productive in their lives, they think that the tax money is paid only by capitalists, so that must be true.

How low should a politician and a party go to make people notice how bad they are?

Well, we will see it on Monday…

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Thank God Layton didn’t make it to 24 Sussex Drive. But he DID get his government subsidized housing – Stornoway.

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