Jack Layton or a Tribute to Mediocrity


The late leader of the NDP Jack Layton was a petty opportunist, whose only achievement in life was inventing more creating ways to separate people from their money. During the last federal election the Quebecers, pissed off at Bloc Quebecois, punished their nationalists by voting for the obscure candidates of the NDP.

The unexpected win was immediately presented as a result of the strategic wisdom of Jack Layton. Fortunately Jack died on time, before the tide bagan to turn. But the NDP delusions and stupidity didn’t die with him. Now his comrades try to shve down our throats the fantasy of the great leader, who should be worshipped by everybody.

The celebrations held by that party to honour one of the most mediocre politicians in Canada resemble the events in Stalinist Russia or North Korea, where masses have to express their undying love for the great leader.

The video shows one of those celebrations, during which the party leaders try very hard to promote Whorehouse Jack as a socialist saint. You will see Tom Mulcair, Olivia Chow, Raffi and many nameless foot soldiers glorifying him.

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