Jack the Freeloader – an Obituary with a Boney M. Eulogy


… My friend Jack eats sugar loaves

Sugarman hasn’t got a care

He’s been traveling everywhere

Been on a voyage across an ocean

Heard the sweet sounds of wheels in motion…

Thank God, it’s over! For over a week, we had to endure the solemn voice of Peter Mansbridge and the desperate attempts of the mainstream media to make Jack Layton’s death look like a disaster of Biblical proportions.

The state funeral was recklessly paid by Stephen Harper by using taxpayers’ money. Yet the NDP cadres didn’t miss the opportunity to turn the occasion into a pathetic circus. Stephen Lewis tried to make Jack, the mediocre socialist, look like a visionary, who left us a prophetic manifesto.

The ugly woman who sang “Rise Up!” urged everybody to clap and shout, turning the official event into a service at a Mississippi Baptist church. The whole thing was painful to watch.

While I was watching, the song above sounded in my head – it looks so much more appropriate as a tribute to the real Jack. His euphoric hyper-activity (usually attributed to sugar), his constant travels in search of those elusive votes – everything is in this Boney M. song. Even the canes they use in the video look the same as his.

Jack might have been a nice guy in his personal life, but that’s not what was displayed on the outside. He was Canada’s ultimate politician, its ultimate bullshit king.

His real great achievement was the perfect timing of his death. He died after NDP won the most seats ever by a fluke of circumstances. Jack didn’t expect that
judging from the people whom he chose to run in Quebec. Now that ragtag gang of new MPs would disgrace themselves in the new Parliament, but Jack won’t be around to be blamed for it.

He was presenting himself as a champion of the working people, yet he never worked in his life. Neither did his wife and son, just like the Trudeaus. He knew how to say the right words and go to the right pubs to create the full illusion of being a folksy guy. In contrast, the poor Michael Ignatieff worked for the most of his life and wasted the summer of 2010 travelling in a bus to bond with people – despite that he looked phoney.

Jack didn’t care that much about working people – the trade unions were much closer to his heart, because that’s where he was getting his funds from.

He never advocated anything that would really improve Canada’s economy. It was always about stealing money from those who produce to distribute it among those who may vote for him. His party was eager to practically shut down the Alberta oil sands in the times of a deep economic crisis. The stupid carbon tax idea from the last election was also something that he actively promoted.

Jack constantly proclaimed his dedication to the unity of Canada, yet was willing to accept the support of any questionable ethnic organization, which could help his re-election. He didn’t shy away from contacts with CASMO, an anti-Semitic shia organization, which had on its website video from the KKK racist David Duke.


The CASMO anti-Semites give a shiny clock to Jack Layton


To please his Tamil friends, his party even urged the government to spend money for rebuilding Sri Lanka – his weird idea was that if we spend enough money on them, they’ll stop coming to Canada.

Jack Layton and the people around him worked methodically to rob and divide the country. Their legislative initiatives during the 40th Parliament speak for themselves.

Bill C-224 sought to ensure “the right of the individual to proper housing, at a reasonable cost and free of unreasonable barriers”. Somehow they forgot to think about who was going to pay for that (or maybe a room per family should allocated from the existing housing like in the Soviet Union).

Bill C-232 made sure that only judges speaking fluently English and French could be appointed to the Supreme Court, thus placing it under Quebec control.

Bill C-311 aimed at making sure that the Canadian industries are crippled by strict carbon emission limits to comply with the demands of the global warming hoax .

NDP wanted to single out even more special groups who needed “protection” from discrimination – “gender-expression” (Bill C-389, the transvestite-transgendered bill), “genetic characteristics” (Bill C-508), Bill C-531, which criminalizes “sex” discrimination. They even tried to make “social condition” discrimination a crime in Bill C-559. It was defined that: “ In this Act, “social condition” means, in respectof an individual, the condition of the individual experiencing social or economic disadvantage on the basis of their source of income, occupation, level of education, poverty, lack of adequate housing, homelessness or any other similar circumstance.” That’s the ultimate NDP insanity – it means you can’t turn down a grade-three dropout, if he wants to take a teacher’s position. And imagine all the other scary scenarios, which would bring the total disintegration of our society.

Then there was Bill C-545 – a monumental law proposal that was supposed to eliminate poverty in Canada. It proposed creating committees to investigate the reasons for poverty and establishing the office of the “Poverty Elimination Commissioner” with its own flourishing bureaucracy. Those wise people were supposed to

(e) set out targets to eliminate poverty in Canada

(i) in the short term, of one to three years,

(ii) in the medium term, of four to seven years, and

(iii) in the long term, of eight years or more;

Jack and Co. were planning to accomplish in eight years something that nobody had achieved before – the full elimination of poverty. This is a frightening insanity.

And to make sure that no money is left in Canada, NDP proposed Bill C-528, which makes it mandatory to give away 0.7% of the GDP every year as a “development aid”.

Since not many people were dumb enough to vote for such laws, NDP even introduced Bill C-634 demanding the voting age in Canada be dropped to 16.

This is just a small part of the initiatives of NDP, but they are scary enough.

Jack was even involved in the disgraceful campaign to discredit the Canadian Army serving in Afghanistan, a campaign that was based on total lies.

Those endless initiatives to grab money from those who work and squander it on those who don’t, won him the loyalty of students, bums, mediocre artists, government freeloaders, trade unions, and everybody else who was expecting something for nothing.

I am not saying that Harper is the embodiment of fiscal responsibility, but compared to him Jack was a disaster in the making.

It’s often said that the only thing you can say about a dead person should be good or nothing. Sorry, I can’t apply that saying here.

Jack wasn’t a good person; he was a reckless opportunist, who staged his whole life around his political career. Even his famous letter from “beyond the grave” was a carefully planned party stunt.

Now he is gone, but the delusion of the smiley, caring Jack is still alive. There will be more than enough people ready to go for it, wrecking our country and their lives as a result of that.

Wouldn’t it be nice, if they started thinking for themselves?

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  1. SM ISAC says:

    Demanding the voting age to be lowered to 16? Good grief!! Who needs that when we have enough of those in the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s, etc., who never grow up to think responsibly.

    I had decided to deliberately skip the circus surrounding Layton’s funeral. I am nevertheless grateful that you’ve endured the event “painful to watch” to write about it as the hypocrisy needs to be exposed.

    1. admiwrath says:

      If you go through the Parliament’s archives, you’ll find many other crazy law proposals. One may wonder if sanity is not required to become an NDP MP. I expect even more weird things from them in the new Parliament.

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    Many will remember Layton when, as a Toronto City Councillor, he stood among the crowd who mocked and physically abused pro-life activists who peacefully witnessed to the dignity of all human life before Morgentaler’s Toronto abortuary in October 1988. He urged the police to arrest the pro-lifers and complained that they had not already done so before he got there. At that time, smiling Jack forgot to smile.

    All this bollocks about how God should have mercy on his soul is nauseating. No, God will NOT have mercy on Jack Layton. He was pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, pro-euthanasia, pro-big union and a staunch Marxist. He supported every loony toon cause in the land just for votes. Do not pray for him, he is now lost forever.

    Read your Bibles! Layton is now in that place of outer darkness, where there is the deafening sound of weeping and gnashing of teeth of countless lost souls like him. He will now have to contemplate the coming judgement, where he will be resurrected to stand before the Judgement Seat of Christ. No lawyer, no politician, no king, no Pope, and no “human rights” laws will save him. His ultimate destination is the lake of fire, which is the second death (Revelation 21:8).

    He was an evil man who supported evil, anti-Christian causes. He sent himself to hell. he lived on our dime and he was buried on our dime. Goodbye Jack. Now you know just how wrong you really were.

    1. admiwrath says:


  3. fairbear says:

    my niece went to university in ottawa and would mant times layton walk past a people in the parking lot by a coffee place and just walk by kind of like the phil collins song , typical ndp if the cbc cameras he would have been front and centre, when crosby got the winning goal in 2010 he elbowed past someone to get his face on tv, i dont take pleasure in a mans passing but lets cut the bs this guy was just another ndp phony

    1. admiwrath says:

      I remember very well the video from the pub – Layton’s vanity was ridiculous.

  4. fairbear says:

    i saw last week the entire dday affair, a man 90 years old struggling to get by and having to pay bus fare, this is a disgrace, people in his position should be given if needed a free bus pass, the least we could. i guess funding crybababies, all things gay multi cult etc is more important to the ndp. after all these guys did 4 us a free bus to the doctor is not unreasonable, i saw many when i had to go to on the buses

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