Let’s Defeat the Bathroom Bill and Its NDP Supporters

Long time ago the NDP was a party that supposedly defended the interests of the working people. Its leaders like Tommy Douglas usually didn’t get things right, but at least they had the desire to help. Those times are long gone. Nowadays our socialists have turned into a conglomerate, which cares only about freaks, perverts and public union parasites.


A genuine NDP woman


A blatant example of that disastrous trend is Bill C-279, which proposes to include “gender identity” and “gender expression” in the hate crimes sections of the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code.

Introduced last year by the NDP MP Randall Garrison (and passed after its second reading), it is due for vote again.

Other than fragmenting our society even more by creating new and smaller special interest groups, there is also another danger emerging from that law, for which it was nicknamed the “Bathroom Bill”. The law provides access to women’s public facilities like toilets, locker rooms, and showers to people who “express” themselves as women.

Designed to protect the very tiny minority of hermaphrodites, who don’t have definitive gender, the bill opens the doors to women’s abuse by mentally ill people and perverts. In the original version of the law, the term “Gender Identity” (which had to be protected) was not defined.

Under pressure, the NDP proposed an amendment, which defined the term. Gender identity should be understood as:

“deeply felt internal and individual experience of gender, which may or may not correspond with the sex that the individual was assigned at birth.”

Read the definition again – it is unbelievable that in the XXI century somebody could propose such a stupid definition, which doesn’t meet even the voodoo science standards. The definition is strictly subjective. If this was in an essay of a high school student, he will get a failing grade (only if he lives outside of Toronto). It is beyond comprehension that such a meaningless definition is proposed as a part of a federal legislation.

To understand that legal insanity, please take a look at the picture above. I snapped the photo at last year’s Dyke Parade in Toronto. The bearded dude in it has a “deeply felt internal and individual experience” of female gender, which is strong enough to make him shave his legs and wear a dress. Sure, he left the beard, but that’s a minor detail.

But under Bill C-279 he is fully eligible to enjoy all the amenities in places reserved for women. He definitely looks cheerful and agreeable, but can you imagine him showering at the gym next to your young daughter? If you can’t, you still should get used to the picture, because he technically is a woman under the proposed law.

However, the mentally disturbed people are not the only ones we should worry about. The law provides full protection to every pervert or wannabe rapist, who goes into a ladies’ washroom or shower. When he is caught, all he has to do is to claim that he “deeply feels” he is a woman to get off the hook. This will turn into a mockery of our judicial system.

I’ve spoken to many women about the terrible consequences of this law and I have yet to hear even one, who hasn’t reacted with fear or disgust. Obviously, the NDP idiots have never communicated with normal women (other than lesbians); otherwise it would be hard to explain their total lack of touch with reality.

One might expect that the Conservative MPs would vote unanimously against that insanity, but that’s not the case. The bill passed initially with the help of a few conservatives – 15 of them voted for it, another 16 didn’t even show up for the vote.

Brave people like Rob Anders (MP for Calgary West) started a fight against the bill, but the struggle is not over. Within the next few days there will be another vote on the bill. To avert disaster, we need to convince as many MPs as possible to get their heads out of the sand and think about their mothers, wives, daughters and all women and girls in Canada – we can’t leave those women at the mercy of every crazy person or pervert who wants to take advantage of them and then get full protection under Bill C-279.

You can help by calling or e-mailing those MPs, who need to reconsider their positions:

John Baird – Ottawa West – Nepean – 613-990-7720 – bairdj@parl.gc.ca

Ryan Leef – Yukon – 867-668-6565 – ryan.leef@parl.gc.ca

Ed Fast – Abbotsford – 604-557-7888 – ed@edfast.ca

Ed Komarnicki – Souris – Moose Mountain – 306-634-3000 – komare@parl.gc.ca

Diane Ablonczy – Calgary – Nose Hill – 403-282-7980 – calgary@ablonczy.com

Colin Mayes – Okanagan – Shuswap – 250-260-5020 – colin.mayes@parl.gc.ca

Peter Goldring – Edmonton East – 780-495-3261 – goldrp1@parl.gc.ca (Independent Conservative)

Stephen Woodworth – Kitchener Centre – 519-741-2001 – stephen.woodworth@parl.gc.ca

Rona Ambrose – Edmonton – Spruce Grove – 780-495-7705 – rona.ambrose.c1a@parl.gc.ca

Maxime Bernier – Beauce – 418-227-2171 – bernim1a@parl.gc.ca

Deepak Obhrai – Calgary East – 403-207-3030 – obhrad@parl.gc.ca

Pierre Poilievre – Nepean – Carleton – 613-990-4300 – pierre.poilievre@parl.gc.ca

James Moore – Port Moody – Westwood – Port Coquitlam – 604-937-5650 – james.moore@parl.gc.ca

Steven Blaney – Lévis—Bellechasse – 418-830-0500 – blanes1b@parl.gc.ca

Kellie Leitch – Simcoe – Grey – 705-435-1809 – kellie.leitch@parl.gc.ca

You can also contact the Prime Minister and let him know what you think about that disastrous law:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper – Calgary Southwest – 403-253-7990 – pm@pm.gc.ca

If you live in an area represented by a Liberal or NDP MP, you can still contact him or her – after all, even if they refuse to change their position, they should know that not every person in Canada supports insane social engineering.

It is not easy to fight for your rights and freedoms, but we have no other choice except to do it. Otherwise, Canada that we know, which has attracted over many decades so many people from different nations, would turn into some of the totalitarian hellholes those people escaped from.


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  1. The Hammer says:

    Love what you said about the NDP. I am sure Tommy Douglas must be rolling in his grave when he looks down and sees what the NDP has become.

  2. 1389AD says:

    Was this bill written to provide universal access to Peeping Toms and Thomasinas?

    Just askin’.

  3. amanda hunter says:

    i guess non here know anyone who is a transsexual. its sad when basic human rights are denied to others because so people are bigots. must be nice having all the rights in canada and then be able to tell a small group you are not aloud to have any rights. like a place to live no rights to be able to have a job and not be fired because you are different , access to health care must be nice for you. oh ddi forget being targeted for death because you are transgender. and some people think its ok because you are not human anymore because you are a transsexual. this bill is about basic human rights you should be ashamed of yourselves

    1. admiwrath says:

      It’s funny to read your comment. In the name of defending the delusions of mentally unstable people with castration fetish or gender identity disorder, you are ready to sacrifice the safety of women in public washroom and showers. Under the new law, it’s enough if a hairy psychopath states that he is a woman and he will get access to all women’s facilities. My wife and all women I know are uncomfortable with that. I have a news for you – despite all the lies spread by dumb Olivia Chow, Grand Dyke Kathleen Wynne, or the perv press as Xtra, women of Canada are not comfortable with the perversion you are so willing to promote. The psychotic perverts that you defend, should be ashamed of themselves (the same applies to you if you are one of them).

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