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With little more than a month left before the municipal elections, the race in my progressive corner of downtown Toronto is heating up. After the Grey Ghost Vaughan floated away to Ottawa to represent us in Trudeau’s little dictatorship, Trinity-Spadina is wide open to contenders, I’d say too wide – there are already 28 of them registered. Last Friday, Sarah Thomson (transformed from mayoral candidate into a potential councillor) knocked on our door and handed me a pamphlet with promises (like creating urban farms and rooftop gardens and extensive martial arts training for the police).

With so much going, it is easy to miss important people and events. Case in point – a few weeks ago the blogger wrote about the candidacy of Richard Klagsbrun as a school trustee for Trinity-Spadina. In the same article he mentioned his opponent Ausma Malik – supported by the NDP – for taking part in a Marxist conference. Soon after that I passed by the NDP campaign office and saw the pictures of Layton, Cressy and Malik plastered behind the window.

ndp-trinity-spadinaThe problem was that Ausma wears a hijab, which is not your ordinary Marxist headgear. Such discrepancies always deserve a second look.

I found out that she was endorsed by the local NDP luminaries Mike Layton and Joe Cressy.

2014-08-26 22_10_44-I support Ausma Malik for TDSB Trustee _ Mike LaytonGreat endorsement! “I am certain she will get results for children, parents and schools in our neighbourhoods.” What kind of results?

Ausma has been active in her students union at the University of Toronto. In 2006 she was one of the speakers at a large Muslim rally in front of the US Consulate in Toronto. You may remember that at the time Israel was attacked with rockets by Hezbollah and a few Israeli soldiers were kidnapped. Israel fought back, but the Muslim-Leftist alliance didn’t like it. So the Toronto Muslims went to the consulate.

At the same rally, people were openly praising Hezbollah and carrying the portraits of its leader Nasrallah. Strangely, nobody of them seemed to remember that Hezbollah had been declared a terrorist group by the Government of Canada in December 2002.

2014-11-07 22_45_11-tarek fatah ausmalik - Twitter Search



The picture above is a screenshot of Tarek Fatah’s tweet showing an image of Ausma Malik speaking at the anti-Semitic rally in 2006, which was organized by the supporters of the terrorist organization Hezbollah. After publishing it, the people who stood behind her tried to whitewash her shady past and erase any traces of her supporting Muslim extremism. Tarek and I were threatened with unlawful using of images and forced to remove the photos.

Normally, I would be mad at somebody preventing us from warning the public about somebody who has been associated with Muslim extremism, but in this case I am very grateful to the Muslim bullies, who threatened me. The threats and the harassment, which came after two soldiers were killed by Muslim terrorists in Quebec and Ottawa, showed how much the extreme Muslims and their lefty backers care about Canada. They don’t care at all.

The photographer, who took pride in covering the huge Muslim crowd of supporters of the Hezbollah terrorists, put in a lot of work to preserve Ausma Malik and her anti-Semitic friends for posterity – in the huge gallery you will see rabid Arabs wearing Hezbollah shirts, carrying the portraits of its leader, the terrorist Nasrallah. He/she even threatened me in writing with police prosecution. Can you imagine how much things have deteriorated in Canada, if somebody who glorified in his/her work a murderous group like Hezbollah has the nerve to threaten Jews and Christians for warning the rest of Canada?

The cynicism of those people becomes beyond ridiculous when you consider the fact that the full collection of photos of the pro-terrorist rally is still in full display to inspire all Muslims who hate Canada: Hezbollah rally in pictures. The photographer even included the pictures of Elias Hazineh, the vile anti-Semite, who a few years later said at an Al-Quds rally that all Jews in Jerusalem must be shot:

Do you really want somebody, who associates with such violent people, to manage our schools?!

Back to the event. The coverage in the Globe and Mail was sympathetic:

In Toronto, some posters bore slogans that denounced Israel’s actions in Gaza, Palestine and Lebanon, while others carried an image of the prime minister with the words War Mongerer underneath.

Ausma Malik, a University of Toronto student, called Israel’s actions “state-sanctioned murder.”

“Today we unite as people of conscience . . . as people who will not be silent while a nation is torn to shreds, while innocent civilians are killed in the clear light of day,” she told a crowd assembled outside the U.S. Consulate.

Ausma wasn’t the only Israel-bashing participant:

….The Lebanese-Canadian couple have scores of family members in southern Lebanon, some of whom have had houses destroyed since the bombings started.

“We are all with the leader of Hezbollah,” said Hammoud. “God bless him and we are praying for him to defend us, and defend our children.”

….Pleas for peace at the rally were offset by cheers and jubilation at word of a Hezbollah claim that 22 Israeli soldiers had have been killed during a limited drive into southern Lebanon.

Nice people! They have no problems praising the Lebanese terrorists and cheering the deaths of the Israeli soldiers. As of her pal Ali Mallah, he became one of the major anti-Semites of Toronto. He never misses Israel-bashing events. Below he is in his full swing demonstrating last August against the “Zionist entity.”

The Khazars are sent to hell

The Khazars are sent to hell

The next year Ausma got involved in a large collective project on the situation of the Muslim students. When the report was released, the mainstream press showed high interest and covered the findings and the proposals (also covered in Toronto Star):

“A general ‘failure to accommodate’ was the most frequently identified problem by Muslim students in many facets of campus life,” said Ausma Malik, Task Force member and student at the University of Toronto. “From a lack of appropriate foods on campus and inadequate prayer space to inflexible academic policies that are often at odds with religious obligations, Ontario’s Muslim students often face a fundamentally different learning environment than other students.”

High tuition fees and the overwhelmingly loan-based student financial aid system are particularly problematic for Muslim students. “Interest-bearing loans are forbidden in Islam, which means that provincial and federal government loans are simply off-limits for many practicing Muslims,” said Mohamed Sheibani, Task Force member and the President of the Muslim Students’ Association National of the U.S. and Canada. “The Task Force is asking whether an inadequate system of need-based grants contravenes the spirit and intent of the Ontario Human Rights Code.”

Lack of halal food… Insufficient prayer spaces…. Policies that are at odds with the Muslim obligations… Trying to get away from paying interest… All that expresses something very familiar – these are all rules that are part of sharia, the medieval “judicial” system, which controls the lives of the Muslims in many countries. How is somebody like Ausma going to run the schools in Toronto’s supposedly secular educational system? Will she keep pushing sharia in them?

Later she was part of another event at the University of Toronto, where they collected money for the families of the terrorists from the Toronto 18. Ausma kept whining about “Islamophobia” and everybody pondered the question why Irshad Manji and Tarek Fatah are in the media spotlight:

These are just some of the grievances aired at a forum for Muslim youth dubbed On Our Own Terms: Muslim Youth Speak Out, held recently at U of T, where 500 people show up on the rainy Thursday evening of June 29.

One of the first orders of business is a call for donations to support the besieged families of some of the 17 young Muslim men arrested recently over an alleged terrorist plot.

…The meeting, equal parts venting and brainstorming, has been organized by U of T SAC and Students Against Islamophobia.

SAC executive member and forum chair Ausma Malik sees it as a watershed moment for Muslim youth.

“We have few avenues to discuss the pressure we are under, so this is really important,” she says.

Many in the audience express their dismay over the media spotlight accorded iconoclast Muslims author Irshad Manji and Muslim Canadian Congress member Tarek Fatah are mentioned.

Ausma also took part in a Marxist conference, speaking together with shady characters like Wahida Valiante and the vile anti-Semite Mohammed Elmasry:

“Marxism-Festival of Resistance,” taking place in Toronto May 10-13, a conference that is designed officially to unite Islamists with the radical Left. Islamists are no friends to women, but that’s a mere bagatelle when considering the larger and more important issue to leftists of denouncing Israel. Two of the participants, Wahida Valiante and Ausma Malik, were members of the Task Force of the Canadian Federation of Students, who issued the Report on the Needs of Muslim Students that recommends, among other things, the “integration of Islamic perspectives into courses such as marketing, nursing and finance – areas where there are specific differences between Western and Islamic perspectives”. (This report, the thin end of the wedge in introducing sharia law on campus, has been given a blessing by Barbara Hall of the Ontario Commission on the Rights of the Person.)

Another speaker at this “conference” will be Mohammed Elmasry, president of the Canadian Islamic Congress, of which Wahida Valiante is vice-president. Mr. Elmasry gained infamy when he told a television audience that it was acceptable for Palestinian terrorists to blow up Israeli civilians.

As a student, Ausma was involved in a scheme to rig an election at the University of Toronto, as The Varsity claims:

The Arts and Science Student Union is in deep trouble on three separate fronts. Documents have surfaced proving their sitting president conspired to overturn an election he lost and retake control of the union, aided by a chairperson he helped appoint and another powerful ASSU exec.

….Throughout her review, Malik consulted Hayes and Prasad on her decisions and allowed them to edit her written verdict on the disputed election that Hayes lost. Emails sent between the three show Malik’s final report on the election to be a collaborative effort between Hayes, Prasad, and a handful of others.

“I’m also coming up with an extensive list of points [sic.] consideration in terms of Ausma’s ruling,” reads an April 8 email from Prasad to Hayes and Malik. In another chat, she wrote, “Ausma’s statement in the ruling is wrong though, that’s why ill [sic.] change it.”

The three discussed how to dismiss dissenting parties. Grove-White and Adler both emailed Malik, questioning her neutrality. “I do want you to know that the choice of you as an ‘un-biased’ chair/CEO had me deeply suspicious,” wrote Grove-White. “The majority of the Executive appointed you as Chair, directly undermining Council’s decision to instate Terry as Chair at the last meeting (and breaching the Constitution.) Why do you think they are doing this? Is this equitable?”

I understand that the NDP may not have enough cadres, but this is pathetic. They are scraping the bottom of the barrel. Unless that woman is schizophrenic, it is impossible to follow sincerely both Islam and Marxism. Marx said long time ago that religion is the opium of the masses (and that includes Islam). On the other hand, there are no Marxists and Marxist faculties in the Muslim countries.

If that woman can’t sort out her own views, how the heck is she going to fix the education? Our crumbling educational system can’t take any more ignorance and incompetence, especially when they are mixed with two of the most violent doctrines in the world – Islam and Marxism.

Are the voters going to allow to be duped into electing another useless “progressive” activist? It’s time to vote those people out.


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  1. I am getting really sick and tired of these muslims always wanting their own way, but they are at time, worth a good laugh . Your story is a great example of the latter. They claim to be against interest bearing loans , yet, unless they bought their houses and cars with CASH, they are paying interest on morgages and car loans . If they have a credit card balance, they are paying interest on that. These people are so far removed from any concept of reality that it boggles the mind as to how they actually exist.

  2. Matthew says:

    Ausma Malik isn’t the bottom of the barrel. She’s buried about 10 feet underground below where the barrel is sitting.

  3. The Lone Ranger says:

    I’m not surprised. So many schools in Britain are now controlled by hardline Muslims that are banning singing, reading of fairy tales, and even confiscating Easter eggs from white students.


  4. SM ISAC says:

    Thank you for this excellent, through expose.

  5. […] first thing i would like my readers to do is to read this very detailed article by BLOGWRATH , who, like myself and others, follow these radicals and write able, and expose their true agendas. […]

  6. Keystone says:

    While I don’t agree with your Muslim fearmongering, nor your attempt to silence everyone who disagrees with Israel killing thousands of innocents, I have to admit that you at least state the facts in an intellectually honest manner, as opposed to the summaries of Malik’s activities out there.

    1. admiwrath says:

      I don’t try to silence anybody – how can I? Fanatics like Ausma would love to see me shut down or shot.

  7. LDH says:


    1. admiwrath says:

      Ausma, I know you are pissed off that your pathetic campaign is going down the drain, but this is not reason to harass me. In this shouting all-caps statement you are mixing two separate legal issues. If you guess what they are, you will get a lollipop. (If you and Joe are not that smart, try Tom.)

  8. Racists lose says:

    Ausma wins you lose. Go crawl back under the rock you came from.

    1. admiwrath says:

      No, you lose. Thanks to the stupid white people of the Annex, now we have an Islamist in control of our schools. How is Ausma going to combine her Muslim devotion with the homosexual curriculum of TDSB? The downtown proved that they’ll vote even for the most incompetent person as long as she is endorsed by the NDP. Islamization must be the new party line – the pompous fool Mulcair declared that the terrorist act in Ottawa was not really terrorism. If you think that these actions help your treacherous party, go crawl back under the rock you cam from.

      We will be watching.

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