The shameful case of Sara Landriault who wanted to apply for a government job, but was rejected due to her skin colour (she was white) caused quite a stir. The Conservative Government decided to do something about rectifying the situation, even though they so far silently tolerated the discrimination, which has been going on for over 25 years.

The Immigration Minister Jason Kenney was shocked by what happened and stated: “I was very concerned to read the report of a position only being open to people from an identifiable group. All positions should be on the basis of equality of opportunity and merit.”

So far so good. That injustice really should be dealt with.

However, the Conservatives can’t fix the things by themselves. They need the help of the other parties. And that’s the big problem.

A spokesman for the leader of the Liberals Michael Ignatieff flatly accused the Tories that they are trying to please their conservative base.

As expected, the NDP went even further. Pat Martin called the announced measures a  “full-frontal attack on affirmative action.” He also stated: “It is paranoia on their part, though, because we are nowhere near achieving equity in the face of the public-service workforce.”

And the tireless socialists are dead on target. The statement “We are near achieving equity in the public-service workforce” perfectly applies to NDP’s own top workforce. Everybody can see that after taking a look at their parliamentary caucus.

Here are the 36 members of the Canadian Parliament, who were elected from the list of the NDP (you can see the pictures in better quality at their site http://www.ndp.ca/ourcaucus ):


So what’s the first thing you notice? Out of 36 MPs, 26 are men. That’s a whopping 72%. Where is the diversity? They have quite a lot of work to do to bring up the women’s percentage from 28 to over 50. If they can’t make the affirmative action work in their own party, they have no moral authority to preach equity.

But that’s not the only problem. A second look at the caucus’ pictures will reveal that NDP has another diversity issue – the percentage of racial minorities is appallingly low. I can see only one who unquestionably belongs to a minority and that’s Olivia Chow. There is a second woman, Carol Hughes, who might be of Native Canadian background, but frankly, I can’t tell for sure. Unfortunately I have never been interested in the people’s races didn’t develop the ability to classify people according to race. In order to achieve such a skill, you really need to have the sharp racist mind of a Dr. Mengele. When you read the description of the races that could apply for the job, you may think that Mengele’s skills are not forgotten.

So let’s recapitulate: a socialist party whines about the intentions of the Conservatives to fix an injustice, calling that a full-frontal attack on the affirmative action. Yet that party is light years away from applying the affirmative action to its own leadership! Three quarters of the caucus are men and there is only one person who is visible minority! It doesn’t get worst than that…

Are they qualified to cast the first stone?

Isn’t NDP another word for “hypocrisy”?

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  1. Looks like Un-affirmative Action for the NDP caucus and it’s caucasians.

  2. Van Grungy says:

    Looks as white as the Journolist.

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