Olivia Chow in Bed with Homophobic Islamists

… not literally (at least for now).

But she was advertised as the Chief Guest of the Annual Gala Dinner organized by the North American Muslim Foundation (NAMF), scheduled for December 3:



As you can see in the picture, it’s all for charity, all for the children”. It looks little bit odd that all of the beneficiaries shown n the picture look Muslim, but probably there is no law against charities iscriminating.

Things turn much uglier when you dig deeper into the ackground of NAMF. For starters, Olivia will be sharing the stage (or a table) ith Zijad Delic, a former executive director of the Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC).

CIC is the notorious Islamist organization, which tried hard to make a crime any criticism of Islam in Canada. They mercilessly persecuted Mark Steyn and Maclean’s magazine through the human rights commissions. Due to the moral stench of his organization, earlier this year the Canadian military had to cancel Delic’s indoctrination lecture at their headquarters.

When this summer the Mosqueteria scandal erupted (TDSB allowed Muslim prayers at a public school), NAMF dispatched to all protests, organized by the supporters of secular school system, one of their faithful functionaries, Omar Quyum, who did his best to promote Muslim fanaticism. Here he is arguing with Raheel Raza:


Omar with Raheel Raza


In the same summer, when the war to keep our schools secular was raging, the Muslims had their Ramadan. NAMF used the occasion to introduce through iftar lectures a few “scholars”, who shouldn’t be part of any type of polite society. Here is the ad (h/t BCF):


The furious scholars...


What an impressive line-up! Dr. Mohamed Al Masry (a.k.a. Elmasry) is the predecessor of Zijad Delic at CIC. He is best known for the statement he made on the national TV – that every Jew in Israel over the age of 18 is a fair target for assassination. No wonder NAMF loves that dirty anti-Semite.

Then comes another Muslim idiot, Abdullah Hakim Quick, who was not ashamed to admit:

“They said, “what is the Islamic position on “homosexuality”? And I told them: Put my name in the paper. The punishment is death. And I’m not going to change this religion.”

Remember that – this is a revered doctor, supposed to be worthy of teaching the Toronto Muslims, yet he wants to kill homosexuals. What does it say about the Toronto Muslims, who want to listen to him, and NAMF, their organization?

And to leave no doubt about their barbarity, NAMF ends the lecture cycle with Dr. Arafat Al-Ashi, who clearly tells you what a nasty bunch the Jews are:

“In the scriptures of Jews we notice that the concept of life after death is a vague one. It is, in fact, a materialistic concept, and it is also a racist one. For Jews God is a pro-Jewish Lord. He gives them the right to crush and eliminate all other nations who are called Goyim (non-Jews). These people do not deserve to be human and naturally do not qualify to enter Heaven. It is a concept of bias, hatred and racism.”

How exciting it is that after those bigoted animals NAMF enlisted Olivia Chow as their next speaker. Was she aware what a glorious row she was joining?

I doubt it, she is not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. In fact, when you listen to her or read her bill proposals, she sounds quite dumb. If she didn’t marry Taliban Jack, I don’t think she could go that far in politics.

One of the last public appearances of Jack and Olivia I caught was at the gay parade earlier this year:


Jack and Olivia in a rikshaw pulled by an "intern"


Call me old fashioned if you want, but I find it highly abnormal to march at a homosexual parade and then become a main speaker for an organization, which has no problem with a Muslim scholar, who wants to kill the gays. I understand that Olivia might not be intelligent enough to make the connection, but as a high level NDP functionary, she should’ve been warned by her leadership. Did the party go down the drains after Jack died?

Or maybe I am the dumb one, expecting decency and logic from the socialist dippers. Jack and Olivia have always been despicable political whores, ready to sell anybody and everything for the coveted few extra votes.

Listen Olivia, as your constituent (although I didn’t vote for you) I expect my MP to act a little bit above the level of a kindergarten retard. I understand that the anti-Semitic homosexuals, whom you represent as well, will cheer you up, but please don’t forget that the Islamic barbarians you support will eventually go after them.


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  1. Sara Mohr says:

    Fyi olivia chow was falsely advertised as an attendee and will not and never had intended to attend the event. Check your facts

    1. SM ISAC says:

      ”Fyi olivia chow was falsely advertised” Sara Mohr, please provide your source, as Olivia Chow’s name appears prominently on this poster.

    2. admiwrath says:

      I understand you want to defend your comrade-in-arms, but she was proudly advertised and took part in the event. Please give me a proof of any statement she made to distance herself from that “slander”.

  2. marit says:

    Strange… if she was falsely advertised as an attendee, there must be an update stating that she is not attending. How do we know that it was a false ad? Ad is Ad. It clearly shows Olivia’s name. If it is incorrect, the North American Muslim Foundation must make correction and announce to public that Olivia is not attending.

  3. The Lone Ranger says:

    I do wish Olivia Chow would run for the leadership of the NDP. Then we can all watch with hilarity as the party implodes and loses seats in the next federal election as Olivia leads the party into oblivion, just as Stephan Dion and Michael Ignatieff did with the Lie-berals.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Those will be the best years of the Canadian Parliament. However, judging from the NDP leader candidates debates, the rest might be just as funny.

  4. Joe says:

    Inspiring quest there. What happened after? Take care!Joe aka tuskaley.

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