Olivia Chow’s New Money-Wasting Scheme

The NDP never sleeps. They are constantly on the lookout for new inventive ways to redistribute wealth and part you from your hard-earned money.

Olivia Chow, the NDP MP from Toronto’s Trinity-Spadina, just introduced a private bill that would allow rejected visitors’ visa applications to be reviewed and appealed. Her justification is that similar appeal procedures exist in the United Kingdom and Australia.

Since in her opinion many of the rejections are based on arbitrary decisions by the Canadian visa authorities, she proposes that the rejected cases be heard by the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada.

What could wrong here?

I don’t even know from where to begin. We are talking visitors here, for Pete’s sake. If someone is not allowed into Canada for three months (as the length of most visitors’ visas is) they can choose nearly 200 other countries to go to.

Don’t we already have enough problems with fake refugees, who once in the country, would never leave? We all are paying for their “Western lifestyle”.

Isn’t the security of our country more important than the hurt feelings of a potential visitor? Denying visas to people from Third-World countries who can’t support themselves and most likely would never leave Canada after they arrive, is not the end of the world.

How is that appeal process supposed to work? If the Board is involved, the applicants should be represented by lawyers. The majority of those applicants would not be able to cover their fees, so we the taxpayers should fork out even more money for useless procedures and institutions.

That will increase the workload of the Board’s members, so we will probably have to hire more of them (translation: more of your money will go down the black hole called Canadian immigration).

All of the cases argued in front of the Board require the presence of the people involved. How long would it take for a judge to decide that a failed visa applicant should be present at the hearing, otherwise their rights under the Charter will be violated? Then we will have to fly them into Canada and feed and clothe them for years.

Why doesn’t Olivia put her mind to something useful that will benefit the wellbeing of all Canadians? Why doesn’t she contribute to the increase of the wealth of our nation, instead of squandering it on some idiotic schemes?

If she does something like that, I may vote for her…

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