Pat Martin’s Dirty Keyboard

The NDP MPs are a fascinating bunch. They provide a never-ending supply of comedy material. From the ignorant youngsters, who got elected in Quebec, through Libby Davies, the Vancouver junkie queen and terrorist admirer, to Olivia Chow, the only federal politician to march with the Occupy Toronto numbnuts – Canada’s top socialists never fail to deliver.

When Whorehouse Jack was still alive, he was able to create some semblance of order, but since his death, the NDP menagerie has been let to roam free and freely embarrass itself.

Last week another top NDP guy joined the circus. The Manitoba MP Pat Martin sent the following tweet, expressing his opinion about the budget discussion:



You can read the text in the picture, if I quote it here, I risk turning this post into a family-unfriendly article.

It looks like Pat is a man’s man (or wants to play one) – they say he was a carpenter in his previous life. Maybe his tough language was supposed to impress the native gangs, which infest downtown Winnipeg (although I am not sure if they follow Twitter).

After the tweet gained a wide attention, it was interesting to watch the reactions of the NDP leadership and its supporters. They did their best to whitewash his foul language by stating that he expressed noble anger over wrong policies. Many praised him for articulating the opinions that oppose Harper.

It is strange to hear that from a political party, whose main business is inventing more and more special groups, which should not be offended under any circumstances – militant Muslims, homosexuals, trannies, vegan worshippers, you name it… Didn’t Martin read Jack’s fake testament, where it was stated that love is better than hate? That apparently doesn’t apply to NDP members.

For the sake of juxtaposition, image for a moment that Stephen Harper wrote something remotely similar to Martin’s tweet. He would’ve been dragged through the mud by the whole army of dippers, Liberals, trannies and “progressive” academics. However, when a “progressive” parliamentarian swears like a drunken sailor, they feel empathy and express understanding.

And here is a note about the cause of Pat Martin’s grievances. In Canada we have elections – when a party wins the trust of the voters and has a majority, they can close the debate, since NDP’s endless bickering doesn’t contribute anything. When the Liberals had the majority, the NDP had no problem with similar situations.

In the last Parliament, NDP practically controlled what laws the Conservatives would or would not accept. However, Whorehouse Jack and his not very bright wife decided to follow the delusional Count Ignatieff in his attempt to topple Harper. In such a situation you obviously need a program, which would attract enough voters, but all that Jack and Olivia had in store were the old and tired pie-in-the-sky promises. Was it any wonder that they lost? And their “victory” by default in Quebec just showed that the voters hated the Bloc more than the NDP.

Shouldn’t Pat Martin direct his anger against the party leadership, which put him in such a powerless position? He would never do it, socialists have never been interested in truth.

Another tweet of Pat Martin that went unnoticed was a reply to a guy who had problems with VISA:


I suppose the bastards are the people from VISA. I simply don’t get that: you have a credit card for 20 years, which you keep in great standing, making all the regular payments on time. Then one day you miss a payment and they right away raise your interest rate by 5% and drop your credit limit from $30,000 to $6,000.

Where did he get a credit card with such terms? From the bank of Zimbabwe?

The NDP guys truly live in a different dimension…


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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    They shoot themselves in the jackboot every time!

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