Toronto Batman Endorses Jack Layton


Batman bestows upon Jack a super hero status



The masses wait their turn to scribe tributes


Never before in the history of Canada has so much effort been put into the glorification of such an insignificant politician. The NDP’s attempt to turn Jack Layton into a benevolent Father of the Nation is not that different from the “cult of personality” of Stalin or Mao.

And while Stalin and Mao earned the fear and respect of their worshipers by being ruthless and efficient, Jack led a pretty unremarkable life, which revolved around municipal issues and money-grabbing schemes. His crown “achievement” in the last federal election wasn’t actually his work – the Quebecers, pissed off at Bloc Quebecois, voted for the NDP as a punishment against the nationalist party. The Bloc (or whatever other name it’s going to adapt) learned their lesson and most likely would pulverize Jack’s party in the next election.

However, the truth never discourages the NDP masses. Yesterday’s tribute-memorial to Jack Layton in Toronto showed that they believe in their own mythology.

Other than the Batman endorsement, many other people were convinced in the miraculous powers of their beloved Sun Leader. It is hard to describe the level of insanity, which ruled the event, but here are some of the tributes. They speak for themselves…

Jack had the ability to fix the world:


“You left us before you could finish fixing the world, but your message of love, hope and optimism will inspire the mind…”


We will see how much “love” some of the other participants displayed, but let’s continue with the writings. God took Jack early to appoint him as His Prime Minister:


“Jack – God needed a Prime Minister”


Jack has some chemical abilities – since his death the NDP has lost its fizz (isn’t that criticism?)


“Jack – without you, the NDP is orange crush without fizz”


The next one is a confession, which may make even Chairman Mao blush:


“Jack, 1000 people or more in the world can’t be great like you”


And just like in North Korea, we need a Dear Leader Day:


“Toronto needs a Jack Layton Day!”


And of course, never forget to vote NDP:


“NDP rocks – always vote for NDP! Don’t forget!”


And just like in Stalin’s case, the revolutionary peoples of the world are smitten with the greatness of Jack Layton:


“Too bad about the terrace roller rink!!! Well, miss you Jack! Sent from Egypt, Ireland, Europe, Korea & here”


Apparently, Jack’s body parts have powers of their own, including his moustache:


“Long live Layton’s moustache”


I am not sure I get the next one. Is Olivia going to restore him as some kind of a hologram with the simple power of her mind?


“Olivia will always picture u everyday Jack!”


I am sure Jack would’ve agreed with the following observation, especially when you are visiting a massage parlour:


“People respond better to an open hand than a closed fist, we are all one”


Looking at all those written tributes, I made the conclusion that good spelling is not a skill revered among the socialists. They definitely had a problem with the word “inspiration”:


“…were and still are an Insperation…”



“Jack you not only inspired we but you inspred the world” (He should’ve inspired you to learn how to write)



“An insperation to all! CAW-195 Windsor”


Yes, I’m sure “Tom’l” care:


“Maybe Jack can’t come back, but don’t despair Tom’l care”


The worst part of his influence from beyond the grave is that he has inspired a new batch of municipal moochers:


“I’m 25 years old with a budding interest in municipal politics. I admire and have great respect for Jack Layton’s work ethic and accomplishments…” (Great humour!)


And I swear I didn’t write this one:


“Jackie was for high taxes + big government”


As I mentioned, not everything at the event was about love and optimism. I saw that strange girl, who could perfectly fit in with the occupy movement, write the following remark against Rob Ford:




“Dear Jack – I apologize on behalf of Toronto for Rob Ford. At least you missed that!”


She was duly applauded by the crowd, but nobody realized that Jack didn’t miss anything about Rob Ford. He died months after Ford was elected Mayor of Toronto. I wonder if she was high or if the attention span of a lefty is shorter than that of a fruit fly?

Then there was another occupy-type girl, who wanted to stop Harper in September (what the heck does that mean?):




“Stop Harper! Real democracy now, September 17th Parliament, Confederation Park, 1 PM”


And of course, no NDP event would be complete without even more cheap shots against Harper:


“Jack was (is) a bigger man than you will ever-ever be!! This is for you Harper”


I agree that Stephen Harper should be criticized, especially after he gave a state funeral to a political nobody like Jack Layton (all paid by the taxpayers).

The special interest groups didn’t miss the tribute either:


“We did it – trans human rights…”



“Gays say thanks!”



Nothing embodies Layton’s legacy better than a tranny activist…


It looks like Jack inspired even the hardcore communists, because they showed up with their table selling commie propaganda:


Nothing says “love” and “hope” more convincingly than a bunch of Marxists…


And surely we need bike lanes on Bloor Street (as if the traffic there is not that horrible already):


“Bike Lanes on Bloor”


The only breath of fresh air was provided by two magnificent Great Danes that showed up in the early afternoon.


The Great Danes – it’s too bad they didn’t stay longer…


According to their owner, they were brother and sister. With no Muslim savages in sight (except at the halal junk stands on the street) to complain and kick them, the dogs enjoyed the full attention of the most people and even the security wanted to take pictures with them.

Unfortunately, the Great Danes didn’t stay long and we were left with the NDP royalty.

Olivia Chow addressed the cheering crowd and later inspected the written tributes (I have some video footage that I am going to post).


St. Olivia speaks


Then the new Dear Leader, Tom Mulcair, descended upon us. He gave quite a few interviews and mingled with the masses.


Tom and Madame Mulcair



Getting too close to Olivia


Even the notorious Libby Davies, the deputy Deer Leader, made an appearance, but strangely enough, the media didn’t approach her for interviews.


Big Libby Davies


As advertised, Raffi, the Socialist Troubadour, showed up as well. He gave a horrific performance, singing a song based on Jack’s fake last testament, but before that he didn’t miss the opportunity to pose with the NDP Royal Babies.


Raffi with Jack Layton’s daughter


Then we saw a performance by the lady, who sang “Rise Up!” at Jack’s funeral (I can never remember her name):


Is she stoned or something?


We were also treated to appearances by the lesser luminaries of the NDP. Andrea Horvath took a few hours off from her work of helping McGuinty to destroy Ontario:


Always attentive to her fans…


Councillor Kristyn Tam-Wong, the patron-saint of the Occupy Movement:


A bold fashion statement… (not)


And as always at such events, the public service union members were ubiquitous, complete with their leaders Sid Ryan and CUPE’s Fred Hahn:


Fred Hahn – union power

The whole event left a bad taste – there was too much desperation in the attempt to convince Canada that Jack Layton must gain a god-like status. There is a striking similarity between the leftist movements around the world – they always need to put on pedestal a leader they can worship and force everybody else to worship him as well. The NDP is not an exception…

In the communist countries people didn’t have any choice but to admire the leader. However, here in Canada, we supposedly live under a democracy, where everybody is encouraged to make his or her own decisions. I hope we have enough thinking people left to see through the pathetic attempts of the NDP to impose on us as a beacon of morality a mediocre and corrupt politician.

Sorry, Jack, having the ability to smile is not enough to turn you into a holy man…


© 2012




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  1. Wow I don’t know how you stood the strain!

  2. Shobhna Kapoor says:

    “Rise up” – Big lipped Lorraine Segato from the Parachute Club.

    1. abdulaziz elaraby says:

      It was good remembering please don’t forget me

  3. Richard says:

    Great report and photos, BW! Thanks for going – better you than me – I don’t know if I could have stomached an afternoon of those ugly clowns!

  4. Seymour says:

    Ye gods – these people remind me of a bunch of crazy carnies, and probably a matching IQ.

    I can never understand how a party populated by such strange extremists, is able to garner so much support from the broader public. I wonder what would happen if you dropped a latte sipping suburban NDP voter in with this insane group…

  5. Anne says:

    Not a pleasant afternoon then. But thanks for the pictures! St. Jack indeed.

  6. SM ISAC says:

    Bunch of obnoxious, spoiled brats, creepy deviants with huge sense of entitlement. It’s embarrassing, but also alarming. These kids are ready to throw themselves at the feet of their saviour (Jack) while stoning their scapegoat (Harper). “Love, Hope, Optimism & Socialism:” There. The devil is never far away.

    “September 17”? I guess we should heed the warning.

    Thanks for exposing yet another mindless mob event.

  7. Yusuf Al-Kafir says:

    Thanks for the coverage of this.

    Not what I’m expecting in my morning Toronto Star. 😉

  8. batb says:

    The woman who did the singing is Lorraine Segato, the partner of Ilana Naomi Landsberg-Lewis who is the daughter of Stephen Lewis, former leader of the Ontario NDP, and Michelle Landsberg, uber-feminist, former Toronto Star columnist.

    ‘All in the family.

  9. The Lone Ranger says:

    Is that YOU with the tranny, Blogwrath?

    Just asking!

    1. admiwrath says:

      Welcome back! That’s not me, although I spoke with him once at an event at Toronto’s City Hall.

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