Four More Years with the Kenyan Welfare King



A few days ago Barack Obama was re-elected. I admit that this event caught me by surprise – I thought that it was impossible for a President with such poor record to win again. Under him the national debt skyrocketed, the unemployment rate went up, and the number of the people dependent on the government for their income increased as well.

Now the pundits are scrambling to find answers. Some think that Romney wasn’t sufficiently aggressive in his campaign, others blame everything on his inability to “connect” with the Hispanics, or on the hurricane Sandy, which shortened the campaign and let Obama shine, or the “betrayal” of Chris Christie, or the viciousness of Obama’s campaign. I don’t know, maybe each of these things contributed in its own way to Romney’s defeat.

However, what really mattered was the scary shift in the psyche of the Americans. We failed to notice that the common belief in one’s own power to deal with the world’s adversities had slipped away from the minds of tens of millions. The idea that somebody else should be responsible for your education, job opportunities and general wellbeing, is already firmly entrenched in the heads of those people.

The enormous number of those who claim benefits for fake disability is just one of the signs of the degeneration of the spirit of self-reliance. A nation, which descends into the stupor of mass stupidity doesn’t want self-reliance. When traditional values are mocked or considered of the same importance as the values of the Polynesian cannibals or the Muslim sharia barbarism, it is not surprising that Honey Boo Boo, the real housewives from whatever state or the worthless Kardashians become the arbiters of the tastes supreme masters of the masses’ thinking.

It’s no wonder that Barack Obama captured the imagination of those ignorant people. He is one of them and he spoke their language. A closet homosexual (who is ashamed of that), he was a product of a dysfunctional family consisting of a Kenyan alcoholic Marxist and a lefty mom, who successfully whored on three continents. His surviving family, especially his lazy auntie Zeytuni, who mooched money from the taxpayers, while being an illegal alien in the USA, and his alcoholic uncle, whose name I already forgot, are a perfect example of Barry’s social circle.

Barry Hussein fits perfectly in that circle. He never held a real job, he was a poor student, who got into college only because of the affirmative action designed to help losers like him. He was probably so embarrassed by his “achievements” that he sealed his academic records.

Romney’s appeal to reason and austerity sounded like a foreign language to the Obama electorate, they didn’t care that the country is just a few steps from the abyss of economic self-destruction. Obama found marginal issues that resonated much better with the marginal minds of his fans, like the homosexual marriage or the imaginary “war on women” exposed by his sidekick Sandra the Slut.

Obama cleverly realized that the economic problems are the farthest thing from the everyday interests of his followers. When you are used to get all kinds of goodies for doing nothing, you never think who is providing them. Barry’s fake statement that the economy was improving and the only obstacle to universal prosperity are the evil rich, who don’t pay their “fair share”, were enough to sooth the shallow minds of the welfare queens, ghetto gangstas, Mexican drug dealers and everybody else who lives out of the kindness of the government (in addition to the income from fraud and crime). I won’t even mention the foreign policy – the majority of those welfare losers know absolutely nothing about the events outside of their town. The assumption that Romney could extract some political dividends from Obama’s treachery in the Benghazi terrorist attack now seems laughable, because nobody in the Barry’s electorate cared about that.

And I don’t blame them for that attitude – as long as Barry Hussein can borrow or steal enough money to ensure the uninterrupted flow of free stuff, they’ll vote for him. It doesn’t matter at all that such a scheme is unsustainable.

The USA has long time ago reached the point where the taxes, no matter how high they are, won’t be able to support that crazy spending. Even if all the wealth of the rich is confiscated, it would be enough to drive the welfare machine for only a few months (with the unpleasant consequence that you could do this only once, the next year there’ll be nothing left to confiscate).

In 1957 Ayn Rand published her famous novel “Atlas Shrugged”, in which she envisioned a grim future, where the non-productive forces in the USA (“the moochers and the looters”) gradually gain control over the country and the whole economy collapses. At the time, Rand was ridiculed – that was not a surprise in the booming 1950’s when it seemed to everybody that only the sky was the limit of the growth.

Now only Obama’s voters are laughing – they still ignore the reality but they will soon feel the consequences of its immutable law: you may ignore reality, but eventually it bites you in the ass.

From that point of view it is probably better that Obama won. Under Romney as a president, we could expect some half-assed measures, which theoretically could’ve resolved the issues, but most likely they would’ve only prolonged the agony of the welfare state. Under Obama, the collapse is guaranteed – no matter how much he increases the taxes or tries to force us to rely on windmills, the spending can’s be sustained.

The collapse may force his dumb voters to wake up from their slumber and start to rely on themselves, but things are not that simple. I am sure that they’ll try to blame anybody but themselves for losing the flow of free goods. The armies of the parasites (like the Black Panthers, Muslim fanatics or any other armed group which would support Barry the Loser) may try to loot whatever little possessions the people who still work have. And it is very likely that we may see a full-blown civil war, the type that is already looming in Europe.

It looks like that would be the price to pay for our negligence and ignoring the basic principles our civilization was built upon. There is no guarantee that we would be able to restore the civilization, but we have no other choice other than walk through that Valley of the Shadow of Death and hope that at least a few of us would survive…


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