Michelle Obama Violates a Pious Indonesian Muslim

In the next leg of his Asian tour, Barack Hussein Obama reached his old playground where he lived for years as a child, where he learned how to worship Islam and spread it all over the world (starting from America).

However, something unexpected happened that involved his feminist fat-fighting wife Michelle.

Indonesia’s Information Minister Tifatul Sembiring, a self-proclaimed Muslim fanatic, vowed not to shake Michelle’s hand, because despite being one of the most influential women in the world, in his world she is just a low-life kafir female.

A devout Muslim should touch only his wives, who are a little bit better than a despicable foreigner.

Although he was determined to ignore her, the videos of the reception show that he was forced to touch her hand. His comment was that she forced the touch on him. He was raped!

That’s another despicable and whining Muslim who officially states that he is treating women like garbage and nobody objects.

What if Putin refuses to shake her hand? He will be branded a boorish tyrant.

And the Indonesian Muslim savage can get away with it, because that is his “distinctive and sophisticated” culture. Actually, he is getting away with it, because if you criticize him, his country will blow you up.

I am not a fan of Michelle Obama, she is too much of a lefty for me. But despite that, she is a lady and she deserves respect. Shaking her hand is the least a decent man can do to show a respect for a lady.

What am I talking about??? Many Muslims can be “decent” only when they beat a woman in a “delicate” way that doesn’t leave scars on the face.

Doesn’t it make you feel like puking if the USA’s First Lady is treated like that? Can you imagine the ordeal the ordinary Indonesian Christians are going through?

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