Obama – Jihad Is Good, Jihad Is Right


During his current visit to India the US President Barack Obama had a meeting with the students of Mumbai’s St. Xavier College. At the meeting somebody asked him of his opinion about jihad.

True to his weaselly nature, he didn’t give a straight answer, but stated that “the phrase jihad has a lot of meanings within Islam and is subject to a lot of different interpretations”.

The reports go on to note that in his answer he very carefully avoided to say that he was against jihad.

He said that certain forces have distorted the meaning of jihad. And that was stated in the city, which experienced the worst Muslim terrorist attack in recent years, in which Pakistani Muslim slaughtered over 160 people, many of them foreigners.

Of course, that was more than welcomed by the Muslims in India, who rushed to confirm that jihad is just a struggle against injustice and (supposedly) doesn’t involve “killing the innocent”. However, it’s worth noting that “innocent” in their world has a very different meaning than in the West. Many Muslim clerics think that none of the Jews in Israel, regardless of age, are innocent and can be targeted any time.

The reports don’t say what the Indians thought about Obama’s jihad remarks…

He cowardly refused to confront the jihadi violence. But maybe his behaviour wasn’t cowardly, maybe he really meant it that jihad was good.

Probably that is his goal – when he is booted out from office in 2012, with his pro-Islamic views he will be the perfect candidate to lead numerous international organizations dominated by Muslims.

A Jimmy Carter with a turban…

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