Questions to Muslims on Behalf of Khan the Dog


When the dhimmi US president Barack Obama went to visit India, he didn’t anticipate any problems. He had all the right words, he had the politically correct opinion about jihad, but there was something he didn’t realize in advance.

Before his arrival, there were quite a few security forces arriving to ensure his safety.

One of those was Khan the Dog. His arrival caused a total uproar among the Muslims in India.

Did he have rabies? Did he bite some of the curry-stinking imams?

No, his did nothing like that. He is a well-behaved working dog. He is not a neurotic Chihuahua or a snotty Poodle.

The entire problem was in his name. The Muslims were furious, because he was called Khan. According to those ignorant Indian Muslims, that was a Muslim name. One of those weirdos said: “In Islam pigs and dogs are abhorrent and giving a dog a Muslim name is the ultimate insult. We are holding a meeting in Malegaon where we would raise this issue. We will give calls to our people through Masjids to protest against this. Muslims will not tolerate such an insult.”

If they had a little bit of intelligence, they would have known that the name Khan has existed long before their petty Arab warlord started their religion.

Since Khan is a working dog, who has earned his living by sniffing explosives planted mostly Muslim fanatics, he has questions of his own.

I asked those questions to my Muslim friends in Toronto, but they laughed me out, because all of them are too busy working to condemn a dog.

So, here are the questions addressed to the Asian Muslims:

Why don’t you work? Is it so difficult?

If you found some time to contribute to the world civilization, wouldn’t you find less irritation in a decent dog’s name?

When are you going to stop raping, shooting and burning alive Christians and Hindus?

Is whining a Muslim’s favourite pastime?

Would you be happier if the dog is called Obama?

Don’t you feel like idiots when you are the only ones who complain about a dog’s name?!

Of course, nobody would dare tell you how ridiculous you are, because you will probably blow him up, burn him, stab him, cut off his hands and feet, behead him, or apply any other of your rich arsenal of things that make people numb and scared.

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