Affirmative Action Madness in a Biology Class

Here is another specimen from my gallery of people, who are sure-fire supporters of Barry Obama.

According to the person, who posted the video, the following happened:

“In evolution class at Florida Atlantic University

“The slide we were on just before was about Female Sexual Selection. For instance, female peacocks have selection in their mates, preferring the males with the bigger train of feathers.. Somehow she went off on some tangent with a question about how does Evolution play a role in the killing of all black people…

She was escorted out of class and I heard she was tasered and arrested by the police “- Rachel Bustamante”


Scary, eh? It comes to show that affirmative action rarely works in fields that require higher intelligence, like real science – too much effort may cause her head to explode (but she would definitely survive if she enrols in social work or black studies).

Enjoy your voters, Barry…


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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    I guess her welfare cheque didn’t arrive on time.

    1. admiwrath says:

      As I mentioned it before, the race war will last until the welfare cheques are spent.

  2. marit says:

    When I was waiting my flight at the airport a few years go I had the opportunity to chat a Japanese lady who lived in the United State and worked as a nurse at the veterans` hospital. ( she was already retired) One of her fellow workers, a black woman, didn’t do her job but constantly complained, but she got promotion. A Japanese lady said to me. “She was very lucky just because she is black`.

    1. admiwrath says:

      What can I say – that’s what affirmative action is all about. That’s why we have Barry Obama in the White House.

  3. marit says:

    “What can I say”.. I don`t expect you to say anything. I just wrote my
    experience with a Japanese lady at the airport.

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