Mike Tyson Is a Deranged Idiot


Obama deserves him...


It was nice to see that Mike Tyson has joined the racist choir of the mainstream media and celebrities of different colours and views, calling for George Zimmerman’s lynching.

What else could you expect? Tyson is one of the role models of the US ghetto community. A convicted rapist and skilled ear-eater with the manners of a Neanderthal caveman, he is all that the cool gangsta boys want to be.

In a recent interview with Yahoo News, when asked about the case of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, he generously dispersed his wise opinion about the current situation in America. One of his suggestions was about how to deal with Zimmerman:

“It’s a disgrace that man hasn’t been dragged out of his house and tied to a car and taken away. That’s the only kind of retribution that people like that understand. It’s a disgrace that man hasn’t been shot yet. Forget about him being arrested–the fact that he hasn’t been shot yet is a disgrace. That’s how I feel personally about it.”

It looks like the good old lynching, against which Martin Luther King Jr. supposedly fought, is still considered the best solution among the black elites.

Of course, Mike Tyson is a dimwit (the fact that they convinced him that he could perform successfully a one-man show is a testimony to that). And his condition is not a result of a lifetime of head blows. That’s the way he has always been; that’s why they love him more than any black scientist. But the funny thing about our society is that often it takes an idiot to express openly what other people are thinking.

Barack Obama and Eric Holder, although suit-wearing college graduates, have done their fair share of action to contribute to Zimmerman’s lynching, attacking him long before before he was charged. Obviously they act in a much more refined way than Mike the Brute, but their purpose is exactly the same.

Barry Obama must be proud to have Mike Tyson among his voters…


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