The 300-Pound Exterminating Angel from Ferguson and the Self-Destruction of America



A few years ago a relative of mine was sent on business to General Motors’ headquarters in Detroit. Her company gave her the exact itinerary to follow – she was supposed to drive through specific streets without stopping anywhere. She was also advised not to make even eye contact with the black people loitering on those streets. Even though she had a not so pleasant experience in the black-power managed Detroit, she managed to get out unscathed.

Not everybody is lucky to get such useful advice. Two years ago, two white couples from safe suburbs had the misfortune of entering a “University McDonald’s” in a Texas university town.

Normally, that wouldn’t be a horrible experience, but that location after midnight used to turn into a meeting place of hundreds of black people. That night there were about 400 of them roaming the restaurant and its parking, some angry and without shirts. Shortly after they entered the McDonald’s, the two white guys were attacked and killed. If we want to find the silver lining in any situation, we may say that the white group got away easily – the black gang animals could’ve raped and strangled the girls, but they got away.

The media completely ignored the murders (as they regularly do when white people are killed by blacks). The poor kids, who suffered that horrible fate, were most likely taught by their parents that there is good in everybody and you just need to smile and be friendly to bring it out. Regrettably, there is not much good in the black underclass of America.

However, the response of the media when a black person is killed by white is very, very different. They descend on the case like vultures, ready to show how awful the white people are. At approximately the time when the two white guys were killed in Texas, another murder shook the nation. A young black scumbag was shot in Florida while attacking an armed guard. Trayvon Martin, a “kid” of enormous size, pinned the much shorter George Zimmerman to the ground banging his head against the ground. For some weird reason, Zimmerman didn’t find attractive the idea of having his skull crushed on the concrete sidewalk for the sake of empowering a promising black man, so he shot the thug with his gun.

The event unleashed the gates of hell – the media made everything possible to show Trayvon as an innocent victim of evil racism. The scary look he had at the time of his death didn’t work for them – they dug out an old picture of the 12-year old Trayvon, which became a staple in all publications. Since Zimmerman was too brown to fit the white supremacist cliché, they had to photoshop his picture to make him look whiter. They even introduced a new race classification to determine his appearance – “white Hispanic”. The Attorney General Eric Holder did his best to blackmail Zimmerman; Barry Hussein Obama even said that if he had a son, he’ll look like Trayvon.

Since it appears that there are still some remnants of justice in the USA, Zimmerman was acquitted, despite the blackmail and threats by lefties, black bums and Black Panthers. However, the case established the model of how the black racists, media and supposedly the “post-racial” administration in Washington incite racial hatred.

Fast forward to 2014 – the recent shooting of a black teenager by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, triggered exactly the same scenario. Despite the attempts by the progressive media to convince us that Michael Brown was a bright young guy on his way to college (all lies), they couldn’t even find an angelic childhood photo. The closest to expressing some intelligence was a picture of him with earphones taken at a game arcade.

Brown was supposedly shot for no reason by the cop, while standing in the street with hands up, shouting “Don’t shoot!” It turned out that the helpless kid was a 6’4” 300-pound giant. And he wasn’t a “gentle giant” – he had been involved in violence before. Just minutes before he was shot, he robbed a convenience store, assaulting the clerk. It was painful to watch how that fat thug pushed and shoved the small store employee (Eric Holder desperately tried to stop the release of the store video).

Then it turned out that he was not shot by the “evil racist cop” for no reason. There was a confrontation starting with the request that Brown leave the busy street in the middle of which he was walking. Such behavior is another way to “stick it to the Man.” In a comment to an article about the incident, a reader from the area observed:

I live in St. Louis and blacks walk down the middle of busy streets all over the city. They are daring white people to hit them. They step off the curb and walk into busy traffic. They let their whole extended family linger in a crosswalk. All to dare white drivers to hit them and just because they can. You have never seen such defiant behavior in your life.

A few days later, pictures of Michael Brown flashing gang signs emerged.

xmichael-brown-crips-3New witnesses’ recollections and the autopsy report revealed even more cracks in the “innocent angel” theory. The young thug apparently attacked the cop – the officer was badly beaten and had to be taken to hospital with bruises and skull fracture. He shot Brown when he was trying to take his gun. Seeing the racist narrative slip away, Eric Holder personally flew to Ferguson to salvage whatever he could.

Naturally, everything should’ve been left to the courts to decide, but that’s not how the Washington administration, the media and the professional grievance mongers operate. They have ignored for years the black racist violence (like the knockout game that targets whites and has killed or crippled people), but they never miss the chance to incite violence in cases of phony white on black racism.

The local black underclass and its lefty backers wasted no time to switch to “righteous anger” mode. The same type of people, loitering in the Texas McDonald’s, who killed the two white kids, started right away to trash Ferguson. That is their trademark behavior – somehow they think that their position becomes more convincing when they steal and loot stores. The looters are the most interesting part of the Ferguson phenomenon, because they are the main legacy of the civil rights movement.

If we believe the speeches of Martin Luther King, he envisioned a race-blind society, where everybody would be equal. Under such conditions, once the goal is achieved, the civil rights movement eventually would wither away. Unfortunately, he was killed and we don’t know how his views could’ve evolved. The goals of the movement were implemented by Lyndon B. Johnson with his Great Society delusion. Instead of the slow and boring process of education and integration, the Great Society offered a quick fix through affirmative action (advancing unqualified people) and countless government programs, which handed out money to people for doing nothing. The situation created a subsidized underclass, which didn’t need to improve – though small, their income was guaranteed and could be complemented by theft and drug dealing.

Few people objected – the opinions of the black people, who chose to gain useful skills and education, didn’t matter anyway. Most black leaders (including those from King’s circle) saw the reforms as a golden opportunity to gain a lot for giving nothing. They noticed that rioting and whining about racism was generously rewarded by the guilty liberals from the Democratic and the Republican parties. It was no wonder that in such raw sewage the shit that floats on the top includes people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

The two small-time racketeers are considered respected leaders of the black community, though all they do is extort money by crying racism in companies they see as insufficiently “diverse.” Of course, they showed up right away in Ferguson. They may not steal TV’s and potato chips from the stores, but they surely have big ideas about how to redistribute any cash provided by the government to the “disenfranchised” local black community.

I am far from suggesting that the parasitic underclass is a strictly black phenomenon. As of this writing, there is a popular TV show called “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,” which follows the lives of a white family in rural Georgia. Their lifestyle and abysmal intellectual level show that the game is over for the USA. It also explains why Barry Ebola is sitting in the office once occupied by Eisenhower and Kennedy. There are many black “inner city” families that are not that different, but they’ll never be shown – that’s “racist” (and they may shoot each other before the end of the season).

I suspect that Honey Boo Boo and her sisters will spend their lives in Georgia and the worst damage they may cause is by voting. However, the situation with the black underclass is more complicated due to the affirmative action. At the George Zimmerman’s trial, the girlfriend of Saint Trayvon testified – it turned out she was illiterate, she wasn’t able to read a letter she supposedly wrote. Despite possessing the intelligence (and the size) of an underdeveloped whale, she later made her rounds on the talk shows, including CNN’s Marxist version of Larry King – Pierce Morgan. He called her a “smart cookie” (the Brit must really hate America). Later it was announced that several colleges offered her scholarships. If we are lucky, after graduation she may get a useless government job (like the young Moochelle Obama), where she can freely intimidate white people. If we are unlucky, she may become a doctor and kill through her incompetence more people than John Wayne Gacy.

America is standing on the edge of an abyss. Supporting reverse racism is only going to push the country into it. Nobody listens to people, who support integration, like Clarence Thomas, Allen West, and Thomas Sowell. (They’ll have a better chance to be heard, if they join the looting.) The most influential black politicians like Charlie Rangel, Jesse Jackson Jr., Keith Ellison and the guy who thought that Guam will capsize and sink if too many troops are dispatched there, made their own little racist group in the Congress – the Black Caucus.

In such poisonous atmosphere, which excludes any rational discourse, even the most prominent publications are usually spewing nonsense. An article published in the New York Times promised to tackle the deep “root causes” of the violence in Ferguson:

Although about two-thirds of Ferguson residents are black, its mayor and five of its six City Council members are white. Only three of the town’s 53 police officers are black.

Turnout for local elections in Ferguson has been poor. The mayor, James W. Knowles III, noted his disappointment with the turnout — about 12 percent — in the most recent mayoral election during a City Council meeting in April. Patricia Bynes, a black woman who is the Democratic committeewoman for the Ferguson area, said the lack of black involvement in local government was partly the result of the black population’s being more transient in small municipalities and less attached to them.

There is also some frustration among blacks who say town government is not attuned to their concerns.

12% turnout? And they wonder why everybody in the city government is white? The last time I checked, America was a democracy, where you can elect the public servants you desire. With the blacks being 66%, they can easily elect a black council and fire the white cops (and eventually grind the town into the ground, the way they did it in Detroit). At a national level that brought to power Bathhouse Barry, whose only qualification for the job is the color of his skin.

The funny part was that Ms. Bynes unwittingly revealed the real reason why things are so screwed up in the state: “The lack of black involvement in local government was partly the result of the black population’s being more transient in small municipalities and less attached to them.” Translation: most of the black people in Ferguson are drifters, who move around shopping for the best welfare benefits and they don’t give a damn about the town where they live at the moment. So doing some looting and stealing to supplement their income is not a big deal.

Then there is the obligatory “race profiling” (despite the fact that the black underclass commits disproportionally high percentage of the crimes – after all, they are less attached to the “community”):

The St. Louis County Police Department fired a white lieutenant last year for ordering officers to target blacks in shopping areas. That resulted in the department’s enlisting researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, to study whether the department was engaging in racial profiling.

The county could’ve saved money by hiring more people like the fired lieutenant, which would also save plenty of money to the local businesses. And I don’t even want to go into the issue of those useless “researchers.”

The paper also claims that the town has dark racial history. Let’s see what horrors the black population has suffered:

But the memory of the region’s racial history lingers.

In 1949, a mob of whites showed up to attack blacks who lined up to get into the pool at Fairground Park in north St. Louis after it had been desegregated.

In the 1970s, a court battle over public school inequality led to a settlement that created a desegregation busing program that exists to this day.

A Ferguson city councilman caused a stir in 1970 when he used racially charged language to criticize teenagers from the neighboring town of Kinloch for throwing rocks and bottles at homes in Ferguson. The councilman, Carl Kersting, said, “We should call a black a black, and not be afraid to face up to these people,” according to an article in the St. Louis Globe-Democrat.

The list is rather thin, isn’t it? Only three events that happened long time ago. The article already informed us that most black people there are “transient.” It is hard to convince the public (no matter how gullible they are) that the black residents would even know what happened 40 years ago in a town they have no attachment to. The most ridiculous in this “history” is calling Kersting’s statement “racially charged language.” What should’ve he said when facing criminals? In the New York Times universe, the only proper answer might be: “We are grateful that those outstanding African-American youths have chosen our windows as targets for their social criticism.”

And of course, everything is the white people’s fault:

Eventually blacks broke down the barriers in the inner ring of suburbs, and whites fled farther out. But whites fought hard to protect their turf.

How dare they flee?! They should be thankful that the “transient” drifters chose their neighborhoods as places where they can mooch and steal. In New-York-ese the refusal to submit is called “protecting the turf.”

In its attempt to provide an intimate portrait of the “suffering” black population of Ferguson, the article includes a few interviews:

Ms. Herndon, 49, said she moved her family to Ferguson in 2003 because she felt it was a good community, safer than the unincorporated portion of the county where they lived previously and with better schools for her children.

The town, she said, offers everything — places to shop, eat and drink. There is a farmers market on Saturdays. She frequents a wine bar across from a lot where a band plays on Fridays. She has white and Asian neighbors on either side of her, and there are other black families on her block. She has not experienced the racial tensions of her childhood in St. Louis County, she said, but she understands that the younger generation is living a different experience than she is.

“I understand the anger because it’s psychological trauma when you see so many people being shot or people being falsely accused,” said Ms. Herndon, who over the past week has avoided the streets that have been filled with tear gas and rubber bullets in clashes between police and protesters.

But now, a population of young black men who often feel forgotten actually feel that people are finally listening.

“If it wasn’t for the looting,” said one man, who declined to give his name, “we wouldn’t get the attention.”

Yes, Ms. Herndon and the others like her moved to Ferguson because it was safe, but like an invisible virus they brought to the new place the same habits and views that destroyed the previous place. “Places to shop, eat and drink” – they don’t exist anymore in Ferguson. Is it any surprise that they quickly found themselves in the same situation? Honey Boo Boo and her sisters may not be that smart, but I don’t see them looting their town to make a point, while to the blacks in Ferguson that looks perfectly normal:

Mr. Moore went one step further. He does not condone the violence that erupted during some of the protests, he said, but he does understand the frustration. And if he were younger, he said, he probably would have joined them.

With the words of that parasite I rest my case. The stupidity of those people is staggering. Never in history has a social problem been resolved by looting. The destruction of the local businesses only means that the money needed to support those freeloaders in doing nothing must come from taxing other businesses and individuals, who still work, and there are fewer and fewer of them.

Obama’s America is self-destructing and it is not clear whether anybody could stop that. And the worst part is that nobody is even allowed to discuss the issue without being branded as a racist.

© 2014

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Obama and Holder are worse race baiters than the so-called “reverends,” Sharpton and Jackson. Although I doubt if either one of them has actually preached the Gospel, which is about forgiveness and reconciliation, not race baiting and cheap publicity.

    Obama can’t help but stick his oar in. No president has ever gotten involved in local crimes, and Holder insists in turning every presumed white-on-black “crime” into a civil rights case, dragging the FBI into it (as if they don’t have enough to do). I can’t wait to see the back of these two opportunists in 2016, but who or what replaces them concerns me, as such decisions south of the border always affect Canada in one way or another.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Well said.

  2. gath says:

    You’re kind of retarded aren’t you? To understand the mighty one must understand racism coupled with stupidity. Canadian you are not. Get the fuck out of my country you douche.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Great to hear the Indian racist perspective, Gathis. What happened to the “No One Is Illegal” concept? Why are you so cranky? Maybe your Chief didn’t give you your monthly booze allowance? Start campaigning for Justin Trudeau – he is going to provide free booze and pot to all reserves in British Columbia.

    2. The Lone Ranger says:

      Unlike you, I have travelled the world, served in the military, authored books, own a company, created jobs, paid taxes, obeyed the law, raised a family, and well….why am I telling YOU?

      1. admiwrath says:

        Gathis is a regular troll and I truly enjoy his comments, because they are such perfect illustrations of how people of his ilk think. They are willing to accept and embrace anybody regardless of their background or abilities, as long as they parrot the same cliches about “social justice,” “colonialism,” “hope and change” and other empty phrases. Everybody else should be deported. It is impossible to discuss anything with such dimwits.

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