Dalton McGuinty – Pry Affirmative Action from My Cold Dead Hands


The Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty is more than determined to show that in the current election campaign he doesn’t give a damn about the interests of the Ontarians.

In a vote-getting scheme, he announced that his party was going to provide $10,000 tax credit to companies willing to give jobs to foreign-trained workers. Since the information was released, the details of the scheme changed several times. Now it involves new Canadian citizens who have been here for five years.

That would be hard to pull off, because not that many people can go through the citizenship process within five years from their arrival. Nevertheless, McGuinty’s transparent gimmick aims at winning more of the coveted immigrant votes in Toronto.

That’s not the first time he has done something like that – last year he announced another program to serve foreigners. His government was going to provide $30 million to finance students from the People’s Republic of China, who want to study in Ontario. Of course, to him bringing in more spies is not a big deal.

When the Conservative leader Tim Hudak criticized the tax credit, McGuinty jumped on him like a pit bull. Hudak was right to consider that affirmative action – there are more than enough specialists trained in Ontario, who would be able to do the jobs. Discriminating against them by providing a bribe to companies to hire less qualified people is horrible.

If the newcomers are really qualified, they would be hired without the necessity to pay that bribe.

But in the Liberal world reality doesn’t matter – McGuinty considered Hudak’s position “xenophobic” and demanded an apology on behalf of the “wronged” newcomers.

For those who follow the Ontario politics that’s just another case of déjà vu.  Point in case – last year’s mayoral election in Toronto. During one of the debates, the issue of immigration came up.

Rob Ford, the most realistic and down-to-earth candidate, calmly stated that Toronto has neither the infrastructure, nor the money to accommodate the huge influx of new immigrants.

The lefty clowns running against him jumped on him just like McGuinty did. Rocco Rossi and McGuinty’s lapdog George Smitherman confronted him outside of the building. I am not sure if they wanted to beat him up.

The socialist Joe Pantalone said he was sorry for Toronto, because under Ford there would be no more of that wonderful diversity he was used to.

In the end, Ford won by a landslide and yet I don’t see any fewer of those third-world people, who barely speak English and let me learn more about their cuisine from the smell of their clothes and cabs. It looks like our wonderful diversity is intact.

And that’s the main issue – neither Hudak, nor McGuinty have given any indication about how they would help the Ontarians. We don’t want that much – we know that the government consists in the most part of incompetent idiots (and not all of them are appointed through the affirmative action).

All we want is not to tax us to death to pay for useless “green” utopias and squander our money on people who are neither willing nor capable of adapting to our culture.

Do you think that anybody is listening? No? Neither do I.

The affirmative action will stay with McGuinty until we pry it from his cold dead hands (metaphorically speaking, of course).

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    I emigrated to Canada in 1994 with the hope of embarking on a career in law enforcement. Unfortunately for me, being a white British male (Scottish, to be precise) did not bode well with the recruiters in the RCMP, the OPP and the Toronto metropolitan Police. “Sorry son,” we can’t take you, they all stated. When I asked why, the answer was all the same; “you are white and heterosexual.” This was in the days of Bob Rae’s ruinous rule, which now seems to have infected Dalton McGuinty’s tenure as premier. So I worked in security for a bit, finding myself shoulder to shoulder with young white, heterosexual (Canadian) males who were unable to get into the police or fire department for the same reasons I was given. The few that were being accepted has university degrees. Unfortunately my B.Sc., degree (Criminology) was recognized here. On the other hand, my wife (who is Chinese-Mauritian), entered her nursing program and sailed through all her re-training and exams here, settling back into her career as an RN. Her UK training proved its worth here, I can tell you. But being a visible minority AND a woman helped a bit, I’m sure!

    Giving up on law enforcement, I tried my second career choice as a radio journalist-broadcaster and invested $4,000 and went through a training school in Toronto. In the end, all my demo tapes were rejected. When I followed them up with a phone call to the decision makers, they all told me the same thing; “Sorry we don’t want a British accent.” So I was left with few career choices. I could be a security guard, a telemarketer, a pizza delivery driver or a cab driver. It amazed me no end to find engineers from Russia and medical doctors from Poland driving cabs or working as security guards. I will never forget the beautiful young Chinese woman I met who held a degree in molecular genetics. She was working in McDonalds. However, I did find some success as a salesman for a security company in Calgary, Alberta. My employers told me that it was my Scottish accent and “old fashioned” good manners that proved to be an asset to their agency. Seven years ago, I started my own security agency in Calgary, Alberta and now have 65 employees. With a few exceptions, almost all my employees are fellow immigrants. However, noboy offered me a cent to hire and train them. I guess if i was living in Ontario, Dalton McGuinty would make me a rich man.

    In closing, back in 2006, so many Canadian police services were struggling to find recruits to replace the growing number of retiring officers. So they went to the UK and recruited hundreds of police officers to work in Canada. Calgary has close to 200 ex-UK “Bobbies” in uniform here. This is what happens when you cut out an entire generation of people from their career choices based solely on their skin colour. Whenever I meet anyone overseas who is thinking of emigrating to Canada, I always advise them to either be prepared to spend a small fortune on being –retrained to continue with their career choice, or simply become self-employed. I once even worked with a fellow from India who eventually returned home, as he had a better lifestyle and a bigger house there! Someone should tell Dalton mcguinty.

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