Etobicoke By-Election Debate Circus with Kevin Clarke

The embattled provincial Liberal government is holding five by-elections in Ontario. Looks like Kathleen Wynne is still clinging to some popularity, despite all the deeds committed by her gang of crooks, thieves and perverts.


Kevin Clarke

Tonight was the debate of the candidates for the Etobicoke-Lakeshore riding, with representatives from several parties, among which were Doug Holyday (PC), P.C. Choo (NDP) and Peter Milczyn (Liberals). The event was quite disappointing, because, judging from the evils the current government caused, I expected much stronger positions from the candidates.

I am going to post a video with the most important highlights. However, here I want to acknowledge one of the participants – Kevin Clarke from the Peoples Political Party. I have no idea if that’s a real party, but that guy turned the dull Canadian discussion into a P.T. Barnum event.

Loud and flamboyant – with a large hat and a cane, almost like a movie pimp – he made an entrance that could wake the dead. He continued in the same spirit while taking part in the discussion. He chastised most of the candidates for being dishonest and inconsistent, yet he loved the moderator John Tory and even offered him the position of assistant once he is elected.

Clarke promised to fix poverty, provide food to everybody and introduce financial accountability in the government. What qualified him, in his own words, was that from the government financial assistance he gets monthly he pays the rent and the living expenses of the people who live with him.

It was a surreal experience – I have never seen anything like him on the political stage in Canada. No matter how strange he is, he is still better than McGuinty and Wynne.

You can see him in all his glory in the video.

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