George Carlin on Why Wicked Witch Wynne Won

“The public sucks!” That was the final verdict George Carlin delivered in one of his performances, after he pondered the question why politicians are so bad. His observation was that they don’t appear from another dimension, but are the same people like everybody else. And with the average person being so bad, stupid and clueless, we can’t expect anything better from the politicians.

Those were prophetic words, uttered during Clinton’s administration when only people with decent power of observation could notice that things were going down. Now, under Obama, almost everybody sees how bad everything in society has become, but many choose to ignore it. Barry’s sheer incompetence, bordering on treason, is wilfully ignored because there are so many people who benefit from it.

When Mitt Romney, during the last presidential campaign, was secretly recorded saying that 47% of the people in the USA were not paying taxes, he was attacked and demonized for being callous and obnoxious. On Election Day the freeloaders took their revenge and re-elected Barry Hussein, because he could guarantee that the looting would go on. Never mind that the loot would eventually dry up (even if you keep borrowing trillions of dollars).

George Carlin’s monologue and Obama’s sheeple came to my mind on Thursday night, when the provincial Liberals won the elections in Ontario against all odds. Canadians often think that they are superior to the Americans. They consider the latter rough rednecks with deep fascination for their guns, as opposed to the multiculturally sophisticated Canadians, who for some incomprehensible reason see themselves as the world’s ultimate peacemakers.

The truth is that they are equally bad when choosing their leaders.

During the last ten years, the Liberals in Ontario established themselves as the worst government that the province has ever had. The McGuinty/Wynnes’ gang squandered or simply stole billions of dollars from what the taxpayers paid during those years. They were grossly incompetent and committed crimes. Yet despite all that, they were re-elected with a majority.


One may think that Kathleen Wynne, just like the Wicked Witch of the West, has put everybody in Ontario under her evil spells and directed them toward the polling stations.

The truth is that in Ontario the looters already outnumber the builders and she and her criminal party are the perfect choice for the thieving majority. I had the hunch that one day we will find ourselves in that situation, but before Thursday I didn’t suspect that we are already there.

The number of people, whose only interest lies in grabbing more public money regardless of the consequences, has reached a critical mass and maybe there is no way back from that abyss. The bloated bureaucracy; the greedy unions; the artistic hacks who can’t sell a single one of their works and even the plain bums – they all are already zombies, who don’t need the spells of Wicked Witch Wynne. They follow her, because she feeds them with the brains and the sweat of those, who still work.

When there are so many people dependent on the government generosity, any talk about austerity and living within our means is ignored. Even worse – anybody bringing such a message is promptly dismembered by the looting zombies.
Tim Hudak, the leader of the Conservatives, who had a few modest proposals to fix the things, was demonized and slandered by every party (including the Freedom Party).

Another scary thing was that the campaign exposed the utter corruption of all levels of power. The Ontario Provincial Police Union came up with political ads urging people to vote against the Conservatives. For years the OPP protected Indian terrorists, who mistreated the locals in Caledonia; last year they did nothing while Indian and lefty criminals occupied private properties and blocked railways.

The OPP postponed laying charges against the Wynne government for destroying government computer records (a crime committed to cover up the crime of squandering a billion of dollars on the gas plant closure). That definitely helped the Liberals to win the elections. I don’t see big difference between Ontario and the communist countries or the banana republics, where the police swear allegiance to a specific ruling party, no matter how corrupt it is.

If things continue like this, how long would it take before the police start shooting or throwing in jail those, who badmouth Great Leader Wynne or Islam or multiculturalism or any other “great” cause we all are expected to follow? When I immigrated to Canada from a communist country, I had no idea that one day I would have to start the struggle for freedom all over again.

Even more frightening is the fact that the cowardly Canadian mainstream media choose to ignore those disastrous developments, keeping people in the state of ignorance. They don’t care what may happen to Canada, as long as any organization or company has the right blend of lesbians, trannies and hijabs.

The election results also showed a common psychological phenomenon – the human beings tend to look for a comfort zone, where they will feel safe from the world’s disturbances, even if that zone is imaginary. The feeling of comfort created by an understanding government, which is willing to fully fund your useless job or equally useless art, trumps the reality. The problem is that there is not enough money to go around (especially when you destroy traditional businesses through brainless green schemes).

In the militant feminist and homosexual faculties they can come up with bizarre laws and theories, like the nine genders, and get away with it because all those useless university departments are important only in their staff’s imagination. The laws of economics on the other hand are very real and if you ignore them, they come back to bite you in the ass, regardless of what the “anti-racist queer feminist historical materialism” (actual book by David Camfield) tells you.

A basic law that equally applies to household finances and government funding is that you cannot spend more than you earn. Sure, you can max your credit cards or the government can borrow money from China and Japan, but if you don’t produce enough to cover your expenses, you’ll see the collectors coming and threatening your loan nirvana.

That is the only consolation in this case. The Ontario economy is in shambles because of the high cost of running a manufacturing business in the province (selling lattes or operating a gay bar is not a viable economic model for a province), especially when the downtown Toronto parasites hate business.

Still in their comfort zone, they pretend they don’t notice the coming disaster. The Wicked Witch of Queen’s Park, on the other hand, has an access to a crystal ball that shows the disastrous statistics of Ontario’s economy (which she made sure to hide during the campaign).

She is in a lose-lose situation. The Grand Leader can ignore the warning and keep borrowing and stealing from the taxpayers to satisfy her beloved parasites. That will soon cause a downgrade of the credit rating of Ontario, scare away the investors and turn the province into a larger version of Detroit.

If she really has sensed the coming collapse, she will have to take austerity measures to curb the spending. That will affect directly the looters, who have brought her to power. Then we may observe strikes of fat-cheque public servants (that will go unnoticed) or demonstrations of “progressive” teachers. If we are lucky, we may see an army of fabulous artists attacking Queen’s Park with artistically designed pitchforks.

The next four years will be interesting to observe. Those who still want to work without having their money stolen by the Wicked Witch or see their children herded into the schools’ Gay-Straight Alliances, may need to choose another province to move to.


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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    The spongers, unions and other freebee malcontents are in charge of Ontario now. The death of a once great province is a specter that is hanging over your heads. Come to Alberta and enjoy a better standard of living where the deranged liberal voters are very much in the minority – and they know it!

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