McGuinty’s Sanitized School Appearance in Markham

Our Dear Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty is obviously not used to confronting dissenters in a rational way.

Today, the lefty rag Metro (in which Dalton bought a full-page cover ad) reported a mishap, which happened when our Premier was about to make a propaganda appearance at Markville Secondary School in Markham (that’s just outside of Toronto).

It looks like a teacher, representative of the mighty union that McGuinty lavished with countless amounts of taxpayers’ money for doing nothing, decided to protect the beloved benefactor. According to a tweet of the TVO host Steve Paikin, present at the event, the teacher asked all anti-Liberal students to leave the event. Six of them left. To strengthen his loyalty, the teacher then called those who left “anarchists”.

After that Paikin clarified his tweets, the teacher actually said: “If you’re anti-liberal and you don’t think you can control your urge to heckle, you can leave.”

When everything was said and done and the event closed, the Liberal Party campaign felt it was necessary to say that they didn’t give any instructions to any school officials about how to react.

Was that really necessary to say? Everybody knows that no loyal member of the Teachers’ Union would let the goose that lays golden eggs be inconvenienced in any way. Without Comrade McGuinty, those overpaid people may need to put some real effort in teaching so that their students could learn something.

Let’s get rid of McGuinty in this election…

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