Ontario’s Third Suicide Attempt

In Kurt Vonnegut’s novel Timequake, Kilgore Trout, the author’s alter ego, says that the two world wars were unsuccessful attempts of the western civilization to commit suicide.

This statement has an eerie resemblance with what happened in Ontario last week. It looks like the Canadian provinces are also capable of committing suicide.

Case in point is that one of the most incompetent and destructive politicians in the history of the province managed to win re-election, even though about everybody expected him to crash and burn. The success had very little to do with his ability to run a smart campaign.

He was helped to a great degree by the spineless leader of the “Progressive Conservative” Party Tim Hudak. Instead of using McGuinty’s disastrous performance to offer a clear alternative, supposed to save the province, Tim decided to emulate the Brussels pansies, who are destroying Europe in their own original way. The tactic is simple – don’t offend any special interest group, no matter how bizarre it is, but feel free to ignore the silent majority, which pays the taxes, because they are civilized enough not to complain.

Faced with the choice between two liberals, the silent majority decided to stay away and didn’t vote. As a result, only 47% of the Ontarians bothered to go to the polls, the lowest percentage ever. With the help of the union thugs, welfare freeloaders and the privileged minorities, McGuinty managed to cling to power.

However, even under those circumstances he lost 17 parliamentary seats. That fact doesn’t seem to bother him; he is determined to continue with his destructive policies, no matter what.

So we are faced with another four years of that madness. According to one of Marx’s laws of dialectics, doctrine to which many of McGuinty’s supporters subscribe , the law of the passage of quantitative changes into qualitative changes, when enough amounts of something are piled up, they eventually bring change in the quality. Over his previous two terms, McGuinty had the chance to pile up enough bad seeds, which would bring the destruction of our province in the next four years.

He will definitely continue his windmill crusade, designed to force on Ontario costly and inefficient alternative power sources. The Green Knight Dalton McGuinty and his trusty sidekick David Suzuki would not stop until they make the price of electricity so high that every business would leave the province. And they would merrily continue to give away billions of the taxpayers’ money to South Korean corporations, which promise to make the cloudy Ontario a major producer of solar energy.

The victory also means that the government crimes in Caledonia will remained unpunished. It is very unlikely that anything would be investigated. If the victims complain about the violation of their civil rights, our esteemed Premier would most likely throw another few millions of dollars their way, stolen from the overtaxed Ontarians. At the same time the message to every native criminal gang is that they can occupy whatever land they want and the government is going to pay them for that.

As everybody knows, education is McGuinty’s pet peeve. In case you think he really wants to make the Ontario kids more intelligent and competitive, I’ll need to ground you. In his twisted world, shaped by the OISE racists and the teachers’ unions, improving education means placing it under the control of the special interest groups.

A major educational improvement is considered making elementary school students knowledgeable about the joys of homosexual sex. They will be able at an early age to question their sexual identity. They’ll be taught that for a boy, wearing a tutu and playing with dolls is the ultimate form of gender liberation.

But that will apply only to the secular schools and the Catholic schools, where he wants to force the gay-straight alliances. For the rest Dalton has other plans – he would generously allow Muslim fanatics to take over, like they did in the Valley Park Middle School.

Since Muslims and homosexuals relate to each other like matter to anti-matter, he would have to create two separate school boards to accommodate them. What about TDSB becoming Muslim School Board and the Catholic School  Board becoming Gay School Board? Ain’t that a grand idea? As of the silent majority… well, who cares about them?

Talking of gays, under McGuinty we will have another four years of generous financial support for the Toronto Gay Parade, where in the name of diversity, you can enjoy hairy lesbians, queer anti-Semites, and naked old perverts proudly flaunting their penises in front of children. All courtesy of the Ontario taxpayer!

The Muslims may not like the gay parades, but of course, there is something for them in McGuinty’s grab bag as well. They will get another four years of special privileges, courtesy of Barbara Hall and her fascist Human Rights Commission.  Other than suppressing free speech, Barbara takes special care of her Muslim friends.

A few months ago, she issued a stern warning to all landlords and other people who place rental ads, not to place any requirements related to sex, religion, sexual orientation, race, etc. It was just revealed that there were many ads in Toronto placed by Muslims stating that they only rent to other Muslims. When confronted about that, the OHRC flatly refused to take any measures.

Due to that “helpful” woman, the Islamization of Ontario will continue. What better way to form Muslim ghettoes just like in Europe? The Muslims will be able to take over apartment buildings one by one. Barbara is on her way to winning another shiny clock from the CASMO anti-Semites for her achievements.

At the same time, one of the few organizations, which openly confront anti-Semitism, JDL-Canada is blackmailed and harassed by the police. Why not? It is more important to accommodate the Islamic barbarism.

The picture will become complete when we add to it the public union parasites, who receive generous allowances from McGuinty. In fact, he enlisted their help for this election. Since they delivered, he will give them the fat raises he promised, paid with money stolen again from the Ontario taxpayers.

The German philosopher Georg W.F. Hegel once said that every country deserves the government it has. Unfortunately, that fully applies to the conditions in Ontario. How can rational parents abdicate their responsibility and allow their children to be indoctrinated into perversion by the public schools? How can people abandon the values that built this great country and surrender the control to a medieval murderous cult?

Obviously, with people like McGuinty and Hudak, who don’t give a rat’s ass about the opinions of the folks paying for their social experiments, we’ll be lucky if the province doesn’t go bankrupt within the next three years.

Isn’t it time we woke up from our slumber and create a new political party, which will support our traditional values? Never mind, the sound of the Ontario economy crashing to the ground is going to wake up us anyway.

Rejoice o ye faithful, the suicide of Ontario is unraveling according to schedule.

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  1. Miguel says:

    The suicide of Canada and the West.

    1. admiwrath says:


  2. SM ISAC says:

    “every country deserves the government it has.” True,unfortunately.

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