Ten Years of Lies, Mayhem and Fraud or the Liberal Government of Ontario

It is often difficult to follow the national or provincial politics. The continuous flow of news, with their ups and downs, leaves memories in the minds of the listeners and viewers, which sometimes fade. Thus we miss important trends that can affect our lives for good or bad. That is why it is so important to view things from a historical point of view.

Such a view of the recent past of Ontario has been presented in Daniel Dickin’s book Liars. McGuinty-Wynne Record: A Legacy of Lie$& Scandals, published by Freedom Press. Dickin has collected an impressive amount of information about one of the worst periods in the history of Ontario – the rule of the provincial Liberal Party.

What has been mentioned in brief newspaper articles over the year, has been collected and analyzed in the book to form a depressing narrative, which paints a grim picture of lies, fraud and lawlessness in what was once Canada’s richest province.

After briefly mentioning the past glorious years of the province, the author states his goal:

The thesis of this book is straightforward: first, that Ontario was inherently best governed by Conservative governments. Secondly, that Ontario was violently hijacked from our prosperous path to wealth, job creation, and responsible public spending by the McGuinty Liberals.

The author writes that the lead-up to the disaster began in 1985, when the Conservative government was toppled by a newly-formed coalition of the Liberals and the NDP led by David Peterson. In 1990 things got worse – the Liberals lost and the NDP managed to form its own government. They were quick to start spending – in the 1991 budget they managed to pass $10.9 billion in deficit spending:

In 1989 Ontario’s debt was $39 billion.10 With a population then of 10,084,885, this worked out to $3867 per person. By the time the NDP was done in 1995, a population of 10,753,573 was responsible for $98.6 billion in debt – or $9169 per person.

The Rae government went as low as openly advocating racist policies – in 1993 they began running public service job advertisements that specifically stated that white men were not eligible to apply.

By the end of Rae’s rule, things got so bad that the Ontarians were ready to give a chance to a party willing to fix the mess. Mike Harris and his conservatives were up to the task. His “Common Sense Revolution” cut the income taxes by 30%; cut the government spending by 20%; reduced the regulatory red tape and managed to balance the budget. Mike Harris did exactly what he promised to do. During his rule the unemployment rate fell under 7%.

His reforms won the trust of the Ontarians and the Conservatives were re-elected for second term. Harris intended to improve to education system in the province, which caused his first clash with the powerful, but destructive force – the public sector unions.

An event that happened in 2000 that was used against him. Due to the negligence of two public servants in Walkerton – the Koebel brothers – who were responsible for the quality of the drinking water, the latter was contaminated and seven people died. The unions and the opposition parties managed to spin the incident and present it as a result of the “mean” policies of Harris’ government, which supposedly cut essential services. Though nobody was laid off in Walkerton and the brothers were responsible, the media continued to spread the lie.

In 2001 Mike Harris stepped down. Ernie Eaves took over as a Premier. Meanwhile, Dalton McGuity was elected leader of the Liberal Party of Ontario. The Eaves government planned to reduce the taxes even further; introduce educational tax credit; get rid of the teachers’ strikes in favour of sending any negotiations to binding arbitration.

The unions’ resistance helped McGuinty win a majority in 2003. From the very beginning the new Premier had credibility issues – he ran numerous ads promising not to raise taxes, yet soon after he took over, the Liberals introduced a new health tax that costs up to $900 per year to Ontarians who make over $20,000 a year. That was the first big lie. They also raised the corporate tax.

Most Ontarians were furious, however the new government realized that they could do whatever they want as long as they keep happy their public sector buddies – public servants, teachers, doctors, etc. and consistently give them their raises with money stolen from the private sector.

In June 2005, came the first government scandal – the Economic Development and Trade Minister Joseph Cordiano was illegally reimbursed for about $17,000 spent for fancy dinners in Paris and Milan.

In 2006 came the Caledonia crisis, when a group of native Indians occupied a real estate development in the town. What followed was the worst case of lawlessness in Canadian history – instead of evicting the intruders, the government and the OPP let them terrorize, beat and steal from the local residents for years, causing billions of dollars in economic loss. The distress caused by the Indian criminals is incalculable (eventually the government had to pay $20,000,000 to the victims of the Indian terror).

The crisis was handled basically by introducing racist justice and policing, which protected and benefited the Indians no matter what crimes they committed. It was a horrible blow against democracy, which caused grass root resistance led by the group of the activist Gary McHale.

The government tolerated illegal smoke shacks operated by Indians on public land, which nobody else would get away with. Later, when Kathleen Wynne became a Premier, she refused to shut down a filthy Indian-run burger stand that lacked running water. The double standard was at play again.

The next term of McGuinty was marked by his psychotic obsession with “green energy.” The wind and solar scams produced little, but were heavily subsidized, which caused substantial increase of the price of electric energy.

Bribing special interest group was not limited only to the union. The government started to throw money at ethnic minorities. In one of the many cases, the Ontario Cricket Association asked for a grant of $150,000 and the Liberals gave them $1 million instead.

The Chinese Professional Association of Canada received $250,000 within months of conveniently meeting with Immigration Minister Colle at a Liberal fundraiser in Toronto. Two directors of the association also had direct Liberal ties: one was a Liberal association Treasurer and another worked in Code’s office. In all, $32 million of Ontario taxpayers’ money went into the pockets of the Liberals and Liberal friends.

Soon after that Colle had to resign in disgrace. Yet the government continued its spending – the deficits reached a total of $7.6 billion.

In 2003 a new sinister player entered the game – the Working Families Coalition. Behind that benevolent name was hiding a monster financed generously by the largest unions. It was created with the purpose to defend union interests by all means.

After the 2007 elections that the Conservatives managed to lose (mainly due to their leader John Tory’s promise to spend $400 million on religious schools), the reckless spending continued and there is not enough space here to list all the facts that Mr. Dickin covers.

McGuinty continued to demonize Mike Harris through the Ipperwash inquiry – that was another illegal Indian occupation, which started in Bob Rae’s times, but Mike Harris was accused of mishandling it. Despite the fact that the Indians started it, the government applied its new racist legal norms – they were exonerated of any wrongdoing.

During his second term McGuinty continued to push the “green job” agenda:

The worst was yet to come. “Studies in other jurisdictions have shown that for each job created through renewable energy programs, about two to four jobs are often lost in other sectors of the economy because of higher electricity prices,” concluded the Auditor General. In other words, even if the McGuinty government could create 50,000 jobs, they were killing 100,000-400,000 jobs because of the rising electricity costs.

Another blow against the overburdened Ontarian taxpayer was the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) introduced in 2009. It merged the separate Provincial Sales Tax (PST) with the federal Goods and Services Tax (GST) into one tax. That brought a tax of 13% to many goods and services that were not taxed before. The Eco-Tax was even worse – it was introduced without any warning or consultations.

As if this was not enough, then came the eHealth scandal – it involved an office established to create electronic records for all Ontario patients. It included extremely overpaid executives and pricey contracts awarded in shady ways. More than a billion dollars were squandered.

In 2009 under the then Education Minister Kathleen Wynne, with the collaboration of her deputy Prof. Ben Levin (who later was charged with allegedly creating and distributing child pornography), the government tried to introduce a new sex curriculum:

The new Liberal indoctrination would start in grade one, with children being able to identify sexual genitalia using the correct words. By the time they were eight years-old, they would learn about same-sex marriage and “gender identity,” and by the sixth grade they would learn about using vaginal lubrication to ensure more pleasurable masturbation. By the time they were 12 year-old, they would know about oral sex and anal intercourse. Finally, grade seven would be about having safe sex by avoiding “unintended pregnancies” and sexually transmitted diseases.69 It was a completely inappropriate and unacceptable curriculum.

That was combined teachings about homosexuality and how it was okay to cross-dress in class. Everybody who dared to question the new curriculum was labeled homophobic.

The bureaucracy continued to balloon – in 2003, when Conservative Premier Ernie Eves left office, the Sunshine List of government employees making over $100,000 per year consisted of just 12,000 people. By 2009, it had grown to a whopping 63,371 names – a 528 percent growth in just six years. At the same time, from 2004 to 2008, almost 200,000 manufacturing jobs were lost in Ontario.

The money shortage and increased government waste required more deficit spending. In 2009, McGuinty introduced the largest deficit in Ontario’s history, a shocking $14.1 billion.

It was hard to believe that McGuinty would win another term with that record, but he did. It wasn’t just because of the weak performance of Hudak’s Conservatives. McGuinty was helped by the unions – in return for the generous pay increases, the Teachers Union, the Working Family Coalition, the Ontario Public Service Employees’ Union and others organized a repugnant campaign of lies and blackmail against the other parties. In 2011 alone the Working Family Coalition alone spent over $10 million on ads, more than double the amount of the political parties.

Shortly before the election, McGuinty promised to relocate two gas plants that were being built near Oakville. It was supposed to cost “only” $190 million, instead it turned into one of the worst scandals of his rule.

The problems of the Liberal government were outlined in a report prepared by Don Drummond. It was commissioned by McGuinty with the hope to support his government, but instead it became the worse indictment of his wrongdoing.

Alarmingly, Drummond stated that with its current trend of spending, by 2017-2018, Ontario would be paying $16.3 billion every year just to cover the interest on the ballooning debt.

To balance the budget by 2017-2018, Drummond said, would require On¬tario to cut $23.9 billion in program spending, a “wrenching reduction” of 17 percent. Mike Harris, by comparison, reduced spending by 3.9 percent. Those critics who demonized Harris to no end for his measly 3.9 percent spending reduction were in for a wakeup call.

The situation in the education was catastrophic – 76% of the $21.9 billion educational budget is being spent on salaries and benefits for teaching and non-teaching staff, but not education. The quality of education fell substantially.

Seventy percent of Ontario’s public sector is unionized – a very high percentage compared to other governments and private sector employers. The sector with the highest unionization rate was also, unsurprisingly, the sector with an incredible pay and benefits package, and also one of the closest sectors to McGuinty’s inner circle: the teachers.

McGuinty ignored the report.

His new minority government was kept into power through concessions made to the NDP, which in return supported his spending.

Shortly after the election the ORNGE scandal broke. ORNGE is Ontario’s $150 million per-year air ambulance service under the control of the Minister of Health and Long-term Care. Again, it included an extremely overpaid CEO, who made $1.4 million per year, more than any civil servant in the province. There were also financial irregularities and theft, which by now became a trademark of the Liberal rule.

Suddenly in the middle of his third term McGuinty resigned. His position was taken by Kathleen Wynne. Instead of distancing herself from the old boss, she stubbornly continued the same policies. She tried to differentiate herself through flaunting her homosexuality – we all had to be proud and happy that we got our first lesbian Premier.

Meanwhile, the gas plant scandal took epic proportions – eventually it turned out that the total cost of the cancellations will be over $1.1 billion. It got even worse – it became clear that the Liberals tried to destroy evidence by wiping clean government computer hard drives:

But the absence of that evidence was also allegedly a crime: in her spe¬cial investigation, Ontario Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian said the Liberals broke the law by mysteriously deleting emails and memos – any trace of anything at all – from computers in the Premier’s Office and in the Energy Minister’s Office. “It is difficult to accept that the routine deletion of emails was not in fact an attempt by staff… to avoid transparency and accountability,” said Cavoukian in her appropriately titled report Deleting Accountability: Records Management Practices of Political Staff.

In November, it was revealed that the cost of Ontario hosting the 2015 Pan Am Games was a staggering $2.5 Billion. Again, it was revealed that executives involved were making hundreds of thousands of dollars on top of that.

Wynne’s government resurrected the racist hiring practices:

On January 16, 2014, the media released documents that showed the Ontario government was launching a project to help open up promotion possibilities for public servants. In a memo from Deputy Minister of Government Services Kevin Constante to his ministries’ employees, the Liberal government explained it was creating “The Administrative Internship Pilot Program.” It sounded like an innocent program, until they explained who was eligible: “The purpose of this internship program… is to begin to increase the representation of black, female employees in functional roles (such as) communications, finance, policy and procurement.”

It is hard to cover in a short review the wealth of information that Mr. Dickin provides. You need to read the book to get all the facts and statistics.

After describing the extremely difficult situation brought upon Ontario by the Liberals, in his conclusion he tries to find answers.

The only way to avoid the imminent catastrophe is to take urgent financial measures. However, there is no agreement on their nature.

Daniel Dickin’s proposals include removing Big Business and Big Labour from politics; sharply reducing the wasteful government spending; more activity of the voters in the political life, etc. He thinks that there is hope in Ontario, if things are put under the control of a responsible government.

I also try to be optimistic, although the situation in Ontario is too grim. We have reached the point where the number of social parasites, who make their money from redistribution of taxes, is very substantial. Useless public servants; parasitic unions; students of useless academic subjects; unemployed who think they are artists and plain bums – they all depend for their existence on a generous government, ready to steal or borrow money to fulfill their needs. They will inevitably vote for politicians, who promise more free money.

That process of social decay is already very advanced in the USA. The army of parasites and misfits brought to power the non-entity Barry Obama, who threw the country into the downward spiral of declining economic and political power.

Since it is extremely difficult to make those people reduce their greed, they will stop only when the money runs out. That was the case of Detroit, where the bankruptcy wiped out the high salaries and unfunded pensions (though Barry tried to let his voters mooch for as long as possible). Even at that point they may riot and loot what’s left of Ontario.

This week the Ontarians will have the chance to decide their future. Tim Hudak and his Conservatives’ platform may not be liked by everybody, but at least they offer the first step to change.

Re-electing Kathleen Wynne and her repulsive gang of crooks, swindlers, parasites and perverts (or their servants from the NDP) is going to be a bold leap into the abyss, from which we will never be able to get out.


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