Treason – How Dalton McGuinty Abandoned Caledonia

In just a couple of days, the Ontarians are about to head to the polls to determine who is going to rule the province for the next four years. The McGuinty government has been criticized over many issues by its opponents – ranging from the dismal condition of the economy through the green energy disaster to imposing the gay agenda in the elementary schools.

Yet it looks strange that one of the worst abuses of power committed by that government is hardly ever mentioned during the election campaign. I am talking about the Caledonia case, which seems to be absent from the platforms of the both opposition parties. It also fell off the radar of the mainstream media.

For many months, McGuinty and his cronies encouraged total lawlessness in that small town by allowing a mob of armed native thugs to terrorize the local people. The gang occupied a large building site on the false premise that it was a burial ground (it never was).

The worst part was that the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) was instructed not to interfere. That left the peaceful taxpayers of Caledonia at the mercy of a criminal gang. It is hard to believe that a democratically elected government in a democratic Western country can treat its citizens in such a despicable way.

There are two functions of a government that are much more important than redistributing wealth and taking care of special interest groups. These are protecting its citizens from foreign threats and maintaining order within the country. That’s the initial covenant between the citizens and the rulers. Of course, defense from foreign invasion is a federal obligation, but the provincial government still has the duty to maintain order according to the law. McGuinty failed spectacularly on that issue.

 What happened in Caledonia is McGuinty’s worst crime, which deserves special investigation. If he manages to stay in power, the cover up would continue.

The events developed over the years like a bad farce. In the beginning, the government and the media fiercely denied that anything wrong was going on. The Indian criminals were presented as peaceful Earth worshipers making their point.

It took a lot of relentless work, conducted by the local people (organized by Gary McHale and Mark Vandermaas) to get the truth about the events out. That got the attention of a few bloggers and eventually the journalist Christie Blatchford got involved. She wrote a book about what really happened (titled Helpless), a frightening account of violence and betrayal.

Everybody involved in revealing the truth was intimidated, blackmailed or sued by government functionaries, union thugs and crazy lefties.

When they saw that they could get away with it, the natives tried similar occupations in other parts of Ontario. They even tried to occupy part of Toronto’s High Park following the same scheme – the burial ground hoax. Despite the fact that initially they were supported by the police, the public outcry forced them to retreat quickly and claim that they were peaceful environmentalists trying to rejuvenate the park. Yeah, right… when I wrote about the case, I received many threats by the usual people showing how “peaceful” they are.

As a typical coward, McGuinty initially tried to fight the people who suffered.

When Dave Brown and his wife Dana Chatwell, the family that suffered most from the native criminal abuse, sued the government, McGuinty sent his best lawyers to fight them. The lawyers initially tried to blackmail Ms. Chartwell in court. Then, when a few OPP officers were about to testify, the government quickly settled for an undisclosed amount of money to avoid revealing embarrassing facts.

That cowardly behaviour became the blueprint for dealing with every issue concerning the occupation.

Instead of arresting the criminals and sending them to jail, McGuinty bought the construction site for $16,000,000 (with taxpayers’ money, of course) and allowed them to live there. Now the site is a sad place – it’s covered with weeds, all the houses have been looted and destroyed, the only remaining house is inhabited by few shady “warriors” and the government pays for their electricity and all other expenses.

After failing to hide the abuse, the government reluctantly agreed to settle but only after the Caledonia victims started a legal action. McGuinty paid them $20,000,000 with the hope that they’ll shut up.

The most remarkable thing about the settlement was that the government for the first time admitted in the court documents what really happened in Caledonia.

According to the documents, Caledonia was divided in several zones according to the negative impact of the occupation – Zone 1 was the highest impact zone, Zone 6 the lowest.

In Zone 1, according to our esteemed officials, the “impacts experienced” were: “Delegation of policing to Six Nations [the very band some of whose members, after all, led the occupation] and subjected to frequent gunfire, loud noises, smoke, verbal assaults, personal property damage, ATVs, camouflaged protesters, high volume of traffic, checkpoints.”

Notice the language – you must an extreme politically correct idiot to consider the abuse caused by the armed Indians “delegation of policing to Six Nations”. They don’t provide an explanation – why did this happen? I don’t recall a case in Ontario allowing private police to control a town.

Then came the case of Sam Gualtieri – last month one of his attackers was finally convicted. Gualtieri, who had a house built in the area, was attacked by native criminals who broke in. They beat him up with lumber and left him with a permanent brain damage.

The convicted thug’s lawyer, named Sarah Dover, made a very interesting statement when everything was over. She said:

“This was an extremely profound incident that happened between two people in one day. It had a tragic impact on Sam Gualtieri and his family but also on Rich Smoke and his family. This should not be the subject of a broader political debate. It should not be exploited for anyone’s broad political agenda.”

I am not sure if the government hired to do their dirty job, but her words summarize very well their position. The criminal was convicted, but that should be it, no debate is allowed on why that pathetic loser nearly killed Sam. That would be “exploiting a broad political agenda.” Does Ms. Dover think that we live in the Soviet Union? Such a statement would have been very natural in that country.

The picture the events paint is beyond horrible – everything was mismanaged by the government at each and every step. It is beyond belief that something like that can happen in a civilized country.

It all started on that winter day in 2006 when the first two occupiers showed up at the construction site. If the police were allowed to do their job that day, i.e. to arrest and charge the trespassers, everything would’ve been forgotten long time ago.

Instead, McGuinty initiated a downward spiral of compromise and abuse, which caused terror and suffering to hundreds of people. Then he tried to buy his way out with millions of the taxpayers’ money.

That horrible man can’t run a fast food joint, how can we trust him with the government???

Of course, there are also other participants in that disgrace. Did the Six Nations distance themselves from the criminals, who occupied Caledonia? Probably not, because they used their flag and I am not aware of any official statement of the band council about the incident. They have some tough questions to face – they can’t accomplish their goals through violence (even with McGuinty’s support).

As of OPP, they also have some tough issues to face. I understand that they are to follow to orders from the government, but I don’t think that any of the officers expected when they joined the police force that those orders would put them in a situation where they should not interfere when crimes are being committed.

I can’t imagine that nobody raised the issue of the unfairness of that policy during their daily briefings. I also can’t imagine that none of them had the conscience to oppose that injustice. Maybe many of them are willing to tell the truth, but McGuinty’s repressive policy is stopping them.

McGuinty is a disgrace that should be voted out. What he did is treason. He betrayed the most elementary principles of democracy. He betrayed the people who entrusted him with running the government.

This is one of those rare cases, where a full judicial inquiry is needed to prevent repeating such terror in the future. But with him in power, such an inquiry would be impossible – he will try to everything up or buy his way out with even more of the taxpayers’ money.

We have no other choice – McGuinty must go…

© 2011

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    McGuinty is the biggest disaster to hit Ontario since Bob Rae. People should not be so surprised by this, as both individuals are cut from the same socialist cloth. I remember the bleak old days in the 1990’s when Rae ran the province into the ground. I was a new arrival in Canada, settling at first in Toronto where my wife had family. Unemployment was high, decent jobs were scarce and all there was available was security guard work, telemarketing or delivering pizzas. I chose to enter the security field and starting working nine days after arriving in the country. And so I hunkered down, earning $10.50 an hour, toughing it out until better times came along. Eventually they did, with Rae being ungraciously booted out of office by Mike Harris (oh, happy days).

    Today, I live in Alberta, but Ontario has seemingly stepped back into the past by about 18 years, thanks to Dalton McGuinty, who has revived the Peoples Republic of Ontario. In addition to increasing spending by 80%, quadrupling the debt, doubling the deficit losing over 500,000 job losses in what is now a have-not province – McGuinty wants to impose a carbon tax. He even had the gall to criticize former Ontario finance minister Ernie Eves for having a 5 billion dollar deficit, while he (McGuinty) is running a 25 billion dollar deficit. But, our deranged socialist demagogue isn’t finished yet. He is STILL thinking of a carbon tax.

    Frankly I’m surprised that Premier Pinnochio doesn’t have a conk so long after all those lies he’s been feeding us, he can walk into a room without his nose colliding with the wall. The man is so heartless that in May 2010 he shelled out over $750,000 tax dollars to hire Barton’s McKinsey & Company, one of the most expensive consulting firms in the world, to find ways in which the Liberal government could slash millions of dollars out of front-line pharmacy care. Also in May 2010, Ontario electricity rates increased by 12%. This rate increase, when combined with the HST and other hidden fees, now costs Ontario families an additional $350 per year. And this on top of a $3 billion HST tax hike.

    The cowardly way in which McGuinty has handled the Caledonia debacle has surely sealed his fate. Time to get rid of this champagne socialist once and for all.

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