Caledonia – Cops Protect Lefty Thugs, Arrest 8 Peaceful Protesters


The certified lefty idiots from Caledonia


It happened again – at today’s rally in Caledonia, organized to promote justice and equal treatment of all residents of the town, eight peaceful protesters were arrested by the Ontario Provincial Police. They didn’t do anything wrong, they were those who were harassed by two groups of thugs. Yet the police detained them replaying the situation which occurred at the Al-Quds rally in Toronto last week, where a Jewish man was attacked and his dog kicked by Muslim savages and he was arrested while his attackers remained free.

Among the 8 arrested in Caledonia earlier today was Stuart Laughton from the Hamilton-based Never Again Group, a predominantly  Jewish organization which fights anti-Semitism and promotes tolerance. Stuart came with a few friends to support the rally and ended up in a police van..


Stuart and others are about to board the van


Their presence at the rally didn’t fit the slanderous image of Gary McHale as a “white supremacist”, which the native militants and the lefty dimwits are trying so hard to sell (and some of them got burnt in the court because of that). Obviously, it is beyond obvious that Gary was arrested as well. The same happened to Ted, a guy who came for the first time to the protest.


Gary McHale –arrested again



Ted has been arrested


Like in previous rallies, the goal was to walk down the county road, which crosses the government land now occupied by the militant natives. That area should be accessible by everybody, regardless of race. Previously, OPP grudgingly allowed McHale and his supporters to walk the road, despite the threats from the junkies who live in the only house remaining on that property. Today the junkies were joined by a gang of city lefties (most of them from Toronto) led by the union activist and “scholar” Tom Keefer. It was a sad sight, because most of them had the look of the occupy crowd – wearing filthy clothes and imagining that pushing around people brings an end to the world capitalism (you can see two samples of them in the top picture).

They immediately started to harass and threaten the protesters. The OPP took a cowardly course of action – instead of dealing with the potentially violent leftists, they decided to take away McHale and the others, who definitely wouldn’t resist. Dalton McGuinty, Ontario’s coward-in-chief, would’ve approved that.


Tom Keefer’s gang chats with the police after everybody has been arrested


I was chased by a fat girl in a dirty red dress, who followed me like a small tank whispering “Fucking racist!” and managed to push me. You’ll see this (and many other things) in the video when I finish compiling it.

Another very important point is that before the police allowed only people from one race – natives – to go to that publicly owned area. Today the police went even further – they allowed access to the land to the members of the Keefer gang, a group of extreme leftists. Regardless of what they say, the sad truth is that not only do the OPP maintain racial policing; they also give preferential treatment to militant lefties. Weren’t the police supposed to be politically neutral?


Comrade Tom Keefer’s smirk


Who is Tom Keefer? He is an activist of CUPE, a union which represents the interests of a large number of useless and ignorant bureaucrats (although they may not agree with how the union uses their dues to support native militants). He is also a student at York University, a hotbed of Muslim fanaticism and leftist stupidity, which proudly hosted the anti-Semite George Galloway. From his twisted point of view, the native terrorism in Caledonia is an epic struggle against capitalism:

Since the February 2006 land reclamation near Caledonia, the political resurgence at Six Nations has led the Haudenosaunee Confederacy to create new institutions operating outside of the control of the Canadian state. Backed by direct action, these institutions are making demands on capitalists seeking to develop indigenous lands.

This is from his article “Declaring the Exception Direct Action, Six Nations, and the Struggle in Brantford”. Then he proudly states the economic damage caused by the militant Indians:

According to some sources, Six Nations direct actions have caused over $1.7 billion in economic damage to the local economy since the 2006 reclamation began. In addition to the disruption of the King and Benton site, Six Nations has shut down a $125-millionHydro One expansion in Caledonia, the development of 4,000homes in Caledonia valued at $880 million, the development of 85 townhouses in Hagersville valued at $20 million, a $275-million wind-farm, a Wal-Mart development in Dunnville, and a total of $590 million worth of other developments in Brantford.


It obviously doesn’t occur to him that if the damage continues, there will be no businesses left to cover the welfare cheques of the bums, whom he brings to Caledonia in union buses, and the native junkies, who occupy the land. Logical thinking is not a strong ability among Marxists.

This is the ideology of the thugs that OPP defend and protect.


The Keefer boys taking pictures for their black lists


Another thing the cops chose to ignore was the new signs placed by the native occupiers. As we know, the former real estate development is now government land, which doesn’t belong to the natives, but they put a “no trespassing” sign:



The Haudenosaunee (or Six Nations) have no authority to place that sign in the middle of a county road, which should be open to everybody. Obviously, in McGuinty’s Ontario the native thieves rule supreme. The same is the issue with the large sign at the property promoting the Six Nations tourism (if you don’t mind getting beaten and having your car stolen, that’s the place for you):


Don’t forget to buy a plastic bag of illegal smokes!


As it always happens after the arrests in Caledonia, the friends have to spent long hours at the police station waiting for the release of the arrested. That’s part of the punishment – the idea is that if they are hassled enough, the protesters may not show up the next time.



Gary McHale free again



Mark Vandermaas walks out



Stuart Laughton – out of jail



Ted and Mark


That is not going to work – no matter what the police or the Keefer idiots do, those people are not going to change. Since 2006 they have achieved so much in bringing awareness of the lawlessness in Caledonia, all that with extreme patience and totally peaceful protests. You can bet that they’ll continue until every piece of public land in Caledonia is accessible to everybody, regardless of race or political convictions.


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    hmmmm not moderated for aweek. interesting!

    Thanks so much for your honesty and answering my questions. I see there really are none, and that you are throwing your hate in with racist fanatics.


    as they say silence speaks volumes.

    1. admiwrath says:

      There is no point in answering the questions of lefty idiots like you – such people never listen.

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