Edith Prickley’s Evil Lesbian Twin Becomes Premier of Ontario


I have no intention of offending the beloved Andrea Martin character from SCTV. Despite of being loud and obnoxious, Edith Prickley was a heavenly angel, compared to the newly-elected leader of the Liberal Party of Ontario Kathleen Wynne.

Aside from being loud and obnoxious, Wynne has more baggage than a Himalayan Sherpa and hides more skeletons in her closet than Jeffrey Dahmer.   She is the symptom of the final self-destruction of Ontario. She illustrates once again the old saying of Karl Marx that similar historical events appear twice –first as a tragedy and the second time as a farce.

Under McGuinty the Liberals squandered our money in a serious and solemn way promising us a great windmill-powered future of mutually-rewarding diversity, while the new face of the Liberal Party brings to the process of squandering the clownish air of a gay parade.



Years ago she declared with a thunder that she was a lesbian, which was her major selling point. (Not that there is anything wrong with that.) That wasn’t enough – as a minister of education and an OISE creature, she wanted to make sure that the Ontario schools are queered to the degree that the Church Street militants want. Introducing curriculum for elementary school students, praising the joys of homosexual sex, was part of the scheme.

She was also actively involved in creating the “Gay and Straight Alliances” (GSA), which are homosexual clubs forced on all public schools in Ontario. Now she will double her efforts to continue that type of gay indoctrination, because she is so “concerned” for the tiny minority of homosexual teens:

She says she feels a special responsibility to young gay people who are looking for the possibility that there might be a more accepting world somewhere. She says it’s important to her that she may be helping people to be less frightened.

Her other crown achievement as an educator was that she fully supported the “mosqueteria” in the Valley Park school. It was ridiculous that a lesbian, who is hated by Muslims, allowed them to have a religious school, which not only violates the secular character of the public schools, but also gives power to the worst religious fanatics to brainwash children. I suppose that when the Muslims fanatics take over, they will let her live a few hours longer than the rest of us. And you don’t need to be a psychic to see that Wynne would never open a homosexual club in that school (Catholic schools are a fair game, because unlike the militant Muslims, Catholics are not going to cut off your head).

Wynne was also a dutiful union slave – she was part of McGuinty’s monumental syphoning of billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money into the deep pockets of the useless teachers and public employees’ unions.

While campaigning for her new position, Wynne didn’t say anything sensible about how she would solve the catastrophic situation of the Ontario finances and economy, brought to their knees because of her government’s “investing” in green schemes and other fantasy projects. Her talk revolved around the tired OISE clichés about inclusiveness, mutual help, and multiculturalism.

Kathleen Wynne is embodiment of all that is wrong with our politically correct society. She is the perfect “progressive” leader to whom reality is not a concern at all. She will lead us to the abyss while we are singing inspirational songs.


The Libranos march in the Toronto gay parade


I wouldn’t have been so pessimistic, if we had some alternatives that are at least partially viable. The “Progressive Conservative” alternative is a joke – the party elite consists of people who wander aimlessly through the Ontario political wilderness, led by Tim Hudak – who managed to lose the last election to one of the worst Ontario premiers and who is probably even more spineless than a slug. The NDP option of Andrea Horvath is even worse and her government would probably become the new haven of the greedy unions.

At the night the convention was taking place at Maple Leaf Gardens, I passed by the area to see a huge union demonstration, which was a clear signal that whether we are broke or not, the unions expect their unfair share of the public pie. The union alligators were happy and noble, while McGuinty was throwing their way big pieces of that pie. There is nothing left now so they are ready to devour the Liberal Party.

At the same time, while opening the convention, Edith Prickley’s evil twin was expressing gratitude that the event was taking place on the land of the Mississauga Indians. She was probably too dumb to know that those Indians sold the land over 200 years ago. Or maybe she is planning to give away Toronto to that Indian tribe. And she didn’t say much about how she was going to handle the union alligators.

But as I said that type of leader always lives in an imaginary reality. Unfortunately, living in such a reality always leads to a very real catastrophe…


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