Eight Peaceful Protesters Arrested in Caledonia (Canadian Flag Still Illegal)


McGuinty's solution for Caledonia's problems


After the last election, the disgraceful policies of Dalton McGuinty’s government in Caledonia are still alive and well – lawlessness rules as usual. Earlier today CANACE (Canadian Advocates for Charter Equity) organized a peaceful protest against the racial policing in Caledonia. Instead of ensuring the free speech rights of the protesters, the OPP arrested eight of them.

As you probably know, at the bottom of the conflict in that town is the illegal occupation by native gangs of a former real estate development. The Ontario government and OPP have refused to resolve the issue and allowed the natives to terrorize the local people for years.

Here is what led to today’s events. A few weeks ago I received an e-mail from Gary McHale (the Director of CANACE):


According to OPP radio transmissions the following just occurred in Caledonia.

Armed robbery of the local KFC whereby the OPP brought in dogs to track down the robber. The dogs lead them to DCE (Douglas Creek Estate – home of the ongoing occupation) whereby the OPP were met by a Native man who told them they could not enter the subdivision – as always the OPP stopped and call off the dogs and left. The OPP are driving up and down the local streets but refuse to enter DCE to get the armed robber.

It was already my intention to call for a rally on Dec. 3, 2011 in Caledonia at the Lion’s Hall at 2 pm. for the 5th year anniversary of the OPP arresting law abiding citizens for carrying Canadian Flags while allowing violent criminal to escape. This event just goes to prove the OPP truly has not changed.

Join me on Dec. 3, 2011 – after speeches on the Lion’s Hall we will March to DCE to raise a Canadian Flag. I will be marching onto DCE and place a Canadian Flag on the light poles – this is completely legal.

Gary McHale”

During the demonstration last summer it looked like things were at least marginally improving. Today it seemed that the OPP have returned to their old ways of double-standard policing. But things were to get even worse than that. A few days later I received another e-mail:

“Remember we have a rally this Saturday at the Lions Hall in Caledonia (at 2 pm.) to remind the OPP, McGuinty and Mayor Hewitt that we will never surrender our freedoms and rights to OPP racial policing policies. We will march to DCE a place a Canadian Flag on DCE.

Gary McHale
Exec. Director of CANACE
Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality

P.S. The OPP has threatened to arrest me if I walk onto DCE – it appears the use of provincially owned land is determined by your Race. Maybe we need to place signs stating “No Whites Allowed enforced by OPP” at the entrance to DCE.”

That didn’t sound optimistic at all. Despite that, we decided to take our chances and join Gary. Shortly after 2 o’clock we arrived at the parking lot, where the protesters and a few journalists had already gathered.


Gary McHale and a few of the others



Gary explains what OPP want to do to us


Before heading to the occupied territory, Gary explained the situation. He received a letter from OPP stating that only “land claimants” (what an idiotic term, there’s no land claim) were allowed in Douglas Creek Estate. Anybody else crossing the borders would be arrested. OPP was definitely determined to get us.

Then Gary said that he would definitely cross the boundary to raise the Canadian flag. It was wrong, in his opinion, to restrict the access to Canadian land based on race.

We carpooled to get to the place. We took Gary into our car. For a certain reason we had to take a longer way, actually that was the itinerary the locals had to follow a few years ago when the Indians dug up trenches across the main roads. He showed us the power station, which was destroyed by the thugs, interrupting the power supply for weeks. He also talked about other problems, like the high car insurance – Caledonia has some of the highest rates in Canada (I’ll let you guess why the insurance companies consider the town dangerous).

Anyway, we finally arrived. There were at least 20 police cars located at several spots along the road.


We are already at the site


A few Indians and a group of police officers were already waiting at the entrance of the illegal occupation (more of both, including a few lefties, arrived later). To make sure that everybody knows that this is not Canada, the “Six Nations” and the “Mohawk Warrior” were flapping over the entrance of “Turtle Island”.


Waiting for us...


Gary explained again what he was going to do.


We are about to cross the road...


Then he gave a short interview to the reporter from Turtle Island News (no more Canada!):


Gary enlightens Turtle Island News


After that we crossed the road with our Canadian flags:


Crossing the road...


We were immediately stopped by the police, who stated that everybody who goes any further would be arrested. The only good thing was that this time they kept the natives behind them – during previous demonstrations they allowed the Indians to attack the protesters (once they beat up Jeff, CANACE’s videographer and caused him permanent brain damage).


No white people allowed inside...


Gary refused to be stopped from entering the territory, which should be accessible to everybody, and the OPP acted upon their threat – they arrested him.


The police lead Gary away


Along with him they arrested a war veteran:


Another one joins Gary


Here they search Gary:


Ready to get into the van


The next one to be arrested was Bonnie:




Then came the turn of Mark Vandermaas:


Mark is arrested as well


While all that was going on, a weird Indian woman in a truck kept yelling curses, adding from time to time praises of the police for arresting those bad people. She was either drunk or high (or both) and I’ll leave it to your imagination to decide how she saved the money to buy that truck:



The ghost of Turtle Island


Here Bonnie is getting handcuffed, while another arrested protester is waiting his turn:




Then they got Doug. The picture of the McGuinty pissing on Caledonia is on his truck (which I can assure you is much older and cheaper than the one the Indian woman drove):


They got Doug...


Mark has been already handcuffed:


Mark is handcuffed


Turtle Island News is watching with delight:



Doug is being searched:


Doug, are you hiding anything?


A total of eight protesters were arrested (I didn’t get the pictures of all of them). The last of the arrested is about to be pushed into the van:


The van is almost ready to leave


Now everybody is happy – the people, who naively thought that the laws of Canada apply to everybody, have been arrested; the Indian gang, which lives there for free, with water and power paid by the government, is assured that nobody is going to disturb their occupation; OPP (or whoever controls them) has shown once again that they don’t give a damn about the most elementary rights of the Canadians. And above all – no Canadian flags were allowed in Turtle Island!


The territory is still Canadian flag free...


“So what did we learn today?” That’s the question Jerry Springer often asks in the end of his show.

I don’t think that we learned anything – the situation in Caledonia is worse than the bizarre reality of a Jerry Springer show.

What happened today just confirmed what we have known all along – we live under one of the most incompetent and useless governments in Ontario’s history. I have no doubt that even in Kazakhstan or Congo a situation like the one in Caledonia would’ve been resolved better.

If the police were allowed to arrest and charge with trespassing the first few Indians, who showed up at the development five years ago, everything would’ve been long forgotten. Instead, McGuinty, in the spirit of Inspector Clouseau, set into motion a chain of events, which allowed an Indian criminal gang to take control over the town, cause horrible damage to properties, beat and abuse Caledonia’s citizens – and to top it off, the taxpayers had to pay over $36,000,000 for all that.

That’s not a surprise if you consider that McGuinty’s other projects – building windmills, destroying the economy, and imposing homosexual indoctrination in the elementary schools – are the same type of a magnificent disaster.

After his win in the provincial election (facilitated by his gay cheerleaders and the parasitic unions) it’s very unlikely that anyone of those, who caused that injustice, would be investigated and brought to court in foreseeable future.

Dear fellow Ontarians, do you really need to see our province completely destroyed before electing somebody who can really think?


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  1. Thks so much for coming to Caledonia to cover this event. Much appreciated! Love the photos! Regards, Mark Vandermaas

  2. […] Eyewitness account, photos: Before heading to the occupied territory, Gary explained the situation. He received a letter from OPP stating that only “land claimants” (what an idiotic term, there’s no land claim) were allowed in Douglas Creek Estate. Anybody else crossing the borders would be arrested. OPP was definitely determined to get us. […]

  3. The Gentile says:

    Great coverage. I like the McGuinty-Calvin morphism. That KFC story didn’t get much coverage. I see the OPP are still under political orders. They should be called the OPPP – Ontario Provincial Political Police.

  4. john says:

    I agree with you 100%, but, as comrade Lenin said: What is to be done?

    Any suggestions?

  5. Susan says:

    Sorry folks, I did NOT vote for McGuinty and was very disappointed to see him get elected once again. Most of his support came from the Toronto area, if you looked at the election results. Maybe, send some of your stories to the new SUN NEWS network. You need media coverage to get people to realise that you are basically being held hostage and this network will talk about things that others are afraid to.


  6. […] more information with pictures and video about what had happened in Caledonia. GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", "1"); […]

  7. The Lone Ranger says:

    Wonderful coverage as usual, Admiwrath. This whole thing makes my blood boil, but typically, when lefty politicians “try’ to run (but end up ruining) things, this is what happens. The Mohawk savages know they can get away with this. Oh, for a premier than has some balls!

    1. admiwrath says:

      I hope that the new scandal in the northern Ontario reserve would finally force people to see how pathetic the Indian Act is.

  8. Diary, January 11, 2012

    What a litany of Outrage is the Tale of Caledonia!

    Aboriginals occupy the Land. They require Citizens to obtain Passports, and show them at Checkpoints. There are Threats and Intimidation.

    The Police protect the Occupiers, and warn the Citizens.

    The Province buys disputed Land from those who possess it in good Faith, according to the Laws of the Province, for Fifteen Million Dollars.

    The Province pays Citizens who embark on a Lawsuit–because of Damages the Province did nothing to prevent–in the Amount of Twenty Million Dollars.

    A Couple trapped in their Home sue for Seven Million Dollars, and the Province pays them an undisclosed Amount to go away and refrain from further Comment.

    One of the Occupiers assaults and nearly murders a Builder in a Home he is building for his Daughter, then, pleading favoured aboriginal Status, receives a Sentence of Two Years in Prison.

    Those who march in Protest at the Miscarriage of Justice on County Roads are arrested for Trespass.

    An X-Ray Investigation of Premier McGuinty and the common Earthworm, conducted at Hamilton General Hospital, reveals the Backbone of the Earthworm to be significantly more sturdy and robust than that of the Premier. Doctors express Dismay, but have no Solution for advanced moral Osteoporosis. Injections of Common Sense deemed too little, too late.

    Dr. Idel Dreimer

  9. […] Blogwrath has more pics and an excellent write up on the latest travesty of Justice – Caledonia Style perpetrated by the criminal McGuinty government. […]

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