Here Is Why Ontario Deserves Bozo McGuinty and His Lesbian Sidekick

A rally was held today at Queen’s Park to oppose the Liberal Party government of Ontario. It was supposed to call attention to their crimes and scandals. Knowing the magnitude of those scandals and their impact on the daily lives of the people of Ontario, it was reasonably to expect that thousands of angry people would show up to make their voices heard.  Many called for a mass protest at the event’s Facebook page (though only 109 confirmed that they’ll attend).


The not-so-massive rally


The event was a total disappointment. Less than 100 people showed up, most of them middle-aged or elderly. The young people, whose jobs were the main casualty of McGuinty’s devastating policies, were nowhere to be seen. And that was about an issue that has affected all of us, not some obscure cause. Even the Muslim fascists, who promote Khomeini, brought last year to their Queen’s Park rally hundreds and hundreds of people.




Yes, Ontario deserves better, if the people cared


I noticed two loons, who show up at almost every public event with big signs calling for Harper’s arrest over Indian genocide (most Idle No More types are certifiably insane). There was also a loud woman, handing out pictures and defending a cause that nobody could figure out.


The loony bin



What the hell is this?!


The speakers talked competently about what the Liberal government did. They covered the green schemes, which made electricity so expensive; the eHealth money waste; the Ornge scam; the cancelled gas plants, which cost us hundreds of millions of dollars.

One of the speakers noted that Conrad Black was convicted in the USA for destroying documents and actually sent to jail, while McGuinty, after destroying government records on a much larger scale, hasn’t been even charged.

I was just standing there, thinking what it would take to make the Ontarians act. McGuinty destroyed Ontario’s economy. He increased taxes with no benefits to anybody other than the usual public employee unions’ parasites. He turned our schools into a fertile ground for homosexual recruiters. And despite all of that, he was re-elected.

His unelected “heir” Kathleen Wynne, continued the same policies and spent her first couple of months shoving her lesbianism down our collective throat. (Maybe because now in Canada any criticism of homosexuals is illegal.) She also blatantly lied by denying her role in the decisions that shaped the McGuinty government’s catastrophic policies.

I have the feeling that nothing short of a burning bush with a thunderous voice or a full-fledged alien invasion is going to wake up the hibernating Ontarians.

Until then the death grip of Bozo McGuinty and his lesbian sidekick on the hearts, minds, and wallets of the dreamy Ontarians is not going to loosen up.

Here is a video from the event:


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  2. Kyle H says:

    Out of curiosity, what does Kathleen Wynne’s sexual preference have to do with anything?

    If you want Ontarians to “wake up,” try not sounding like a complete asshat.

    1. admiwrath says:

      In case you have missed it, she made it an issue during her first few months in office. Wynne is a crook and a liar, who hides behind her lesbianism, because she knows very well that people in Canada are scared to death of criticizing homosexuals (think Bill Whatcott). Try to read more, you idiot.

  3. The Lone Ranger says:

    @Kyle H. Wynne never misses a chance to promote her sexuality. She also supports the shameless campaign by losers & loons to oust Rob Ford from office over a video than no one (except two questionable Toronto Star reporters) has ever seen. Crowdfunding has raised over $200,000 for the release of the video; a princely sum that would tempt any drug dealing low life to part with the incriminating evidence. But so far, no dice.

    Besides, Wynne wants her homo boyfriend friend, George Smitherman to assume the mayors office so he can throw heaps of money at gay pride, build those “essential” bike lanes and party with Kathleen, Olivia, and the “Reverend” Brent Hawkes at the taxpayers expense.

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