Japanese Summer Festival in Ontario

The pictures below were taken at a Japanese festival that we attended last month. It’s an annual event taking place every summer in Mississauga, near Toronto. The festival was a nice distraction from the political events that I usually go to.

The fun went on for nearly a day, attracting thousands of people. It amazing to see so many fans of Japan from different nationalities. Some of them even wore traditional Japanese kimonos. The festival had everything – Japanese food, sake and plum wine, kimono fashion review, dances, taiko drum performances, and even a few very nice dogs.

The photos show little bit of everything…


Thousands of people attended the event


Fans of Japan from different nations



Soap stand – Japanese products sometimes have strange names


Cooking Japanese yakitori


The sake stand


As it often happens in Canada, weird people pop up at most events

And this is the performance of the traditional Japanese taiko drummers. The Japanese are not the only nationality prcticing this art.

japanese-festival-mississauga-july-2016-taiko-drums-1japanese-festival-mississauga-july-2016-taiko-drums-7The kimono review:


And that was a dance that was supposed to include everybody at the festival:

japanese-festival-mississauga-july-2016-dance-2japanese-festival-mississauga-july-2016-dance-3japanese-festival-mississauga-july-2016-dance-5japanese-festival-mississauga-july-2016-dance-7And, finally, two nice and friendly dogs we met at the festival:

japanese-festival-mississauga-july-2016-dog-1japanese-festival-mississauga-july-2016-dog-2© 2016 Blogwrath.com

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Nice! I am visiting Japan next April. Any advice?

    1. admiwrath says:

      It will be good to have a Japanese friend who can help you get around because most Japanese don’t speak English. You can use a Western debit card only at the ATM’s of the Postal Bank and only during business hours (most of them are locked after that). The money exchange could be difficult. Banks can refuse foreign currency that is not in perfect shape. The Japanese food is not that expensive, especially in the supermarkets. Alcohol is taxed very moderately. For example, at many smaller stores you can find Johnny Walker Red Label for about $10 per 0.7 L bottle. There are quite a few other things that should be mentioned but I will do it later.

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