The Gas Plant Criminals of Queen’s Park

Canadians generally have high regard for their politicians. And they are right for the most part – the politicians in our land stay within the frames of the law, despite the occasional transgression like Jean Chretien’s sponsorship scandal, which is almost always forgotten. So far, we haven’t had anything of the magnitude of Kenya Barry, the first US affirmative action president, and his merry gang of progressive Chicago gangsters turned politicians. Their blatant disregard for the Constitution and the laws seems very improbable to be copied in Canada, although the newly-minted Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau promises to become a new Obama with all negative consequences.

However, the latest political developments in Ontario show that our provincial leaders don’t shy away from practices that are the norm in South America or Eastern Europe. The lagging scandal with the closed gas plants in the Oakville area has resurfaced again.


Considering the fact that the media in Ontario would do anything to make that scandal disappear from the public memory, its stubborn presence shows that it is an event unlike anything we have seen before. Started as a “goodwill” gesture to the local voters, who were unhappy to have those gas plants in a residential area, the cancellation was considered a smart move to keep the liberal MPP seats at the “low” price of a few millions of dollars (and stealing those millions from somebody else’s pocket is not a big deal, at least in Ontario).

Apparently the ignorance of the Liberal politicians in all economic matters prevented them from estimating the real costs, which mushroomed to over $1 billion. The Ontario taxpayers were supposed to swallow that as well – as they did after the eHealth scandal, which also cost about $1 billion. Not only wasn’t anybody punished for that crime, but the voters also re-elected the McGuinty government. Moreover, the “architect” of the scandal George Smitherman was supported by most of the media in the 2010 mayoral election as some kind of a homosexual messiah, who will miraculously transform Toronto.

It was clear that the gas plants case was something more serious, because the provincial government started acting in a suspicious and erratic way. Dalton McGuinty, the Father of Ontario, suddenly resigned and after a short inter-party election charade, a new helmsman (or should I say helmswoman) took over. There was nothing new here – Kathleen Wynne belonged to McGuinty’s inner circle. Thanks to her hard work as an education minister, we were blessed with a new sex education program that normalizes perversion (developed under the wise guidance of the alleged pedophile and her close associate, Benjamin Levin).

Again, we were bombarded by the media daily with promises that the new lesbian messiah will bring new, higher standards to the office of the Premier. And we were duped again… Instead of the noble lesbian saviour, we got a McGuinty in drag.

When the investigation of the gas plants cancellation started, it turned out that most of the electronic documents (mostly e-mails) related to the case have been deleted. Not just deleted, but wiped out of the Premier’s office computers in a professional way. That made the Privacy Commissioner of Ontario Dr. Ann Cavoukian to sound alarm and accuse the perpetrators of violating the law.

Just a few days ago the unbearable Liberal stench from Queen’s Park reached such proportions that no amount of media Febreze could make it go away. New shocking court documents revealed the details of the alleged crimes committed by the Liberals, involving Dalton McGuinty’s chief of staff David Livingston:

Provincial police allege in unsealed court documents that they believe David Livingston gave an outside tech expert — the boyfriend of a senior staffer — access to 24 computers in the premier’s office.

According to the documents, Livingston sought high-level access to the computers to “wipe clean the hard drives” after McGuinty resigned amid controversy over the costly cancellation of two gas plants.

It’s alleged that during the transition period to Wynne’s administration, Livingston arranged for his executive assistant Wendy Wai to have special access to desktops in the premier’s office, even though she had little knowledge of computers.

Police believe Peter Faist, who wasn’t a government employee, was the person who actually accessed the 24 computers using Wai’s administrative privileges, including Miller’s, Livingston’s and other staffers.

Faist, who police believe is the partner of former deputy chief of staff Laura Miller, was never officially hired by the government and did not undergo the required security screening, the documents say.

According to two staffers in the premier’s office, Faist accessed their computers a few days before Wynne was sworn in, saying he was getting them ready for the next government, police say.

The staffers said they couldn’t log into their computers after Faist left and called IT staff, who said it was clear that system files had been deleted, police allege.


When the Toronto Star traced the infamous Rob Ford video, in which the poor sap was allegedly smoking crack cocaine in his free time, they lauded that “achievement” as the Toronto Watergate. Here we have something worse than Nixon’s Watergate – let’s see how the media are going to treat those revelations. The Ontario government violated every principle of ethics and many laws. Nixon erased 20 minutes from an audio tape and his staff blamed it on his secretary’s accidentally slipping.

Here the Liberal crooks allowed a shady character to enter the Premier’s office and completely erase the hard drives of 24 computers. Could it get any worse than that? Yes, it could.

The next day after the revelations, both top Libranos went into damage control. Wynne put on her most outraged face and at a press conference claimed that she never authorized those actions and didn’t know anything. McGuinty chimed in later with the same claim – he never knew nothin’.

The two scumbags are either too stupid or think that the average voter is ignorant enough to swallow those lies as well. There is nothing more credible than assuring the public that the devious chief of staff hatched a sinister scheme on his own, involving in the process many other people, except Wynne and McGuinty. After being elected three times despite their incompetence, it’s no wonder that the two “leaders” think they could fool the public one more time.

No surprise here – the criminals always try to save their skins. However, the most disgusting part of the scandal is that another politician is willing to support them in their crime.

The provincial NDP leader Andrea Horwath is more than willing to support the criminal Liberal government:

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath said she finds it “unbelievable” that Wynne didn’t know about what was going on in the premier’s office. But she wouldn’t rule out propping up the Liberals by supporting their budget, as her party has done for the past two years.

So she will stand behind the criminals and help them rob Ontario from even more money. That is as low as it can get. But Horwath doesn’t do that for free. There is something for her in that budget – she knows that she will get tons of money to fund useless programs for the parasites and the unions that vote for her party. Ever since Comrade Bob Rae almost ruined Ontario while being a Premier, the NDP socialists have been busy stealing whatever they can from us.

If after all that the Ontarians don’t rise against Wynne and McGuinty and the rest of the provincial Libranos, they fully deserve all disasters that are coming their way.


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