The Grand Dyke of Queen’s Park Wants Another Billion of Your Money

The gang of crooks known as the Liberal Government of Ontario has come up with another scheme to spend a billion dollars of taxpayers’ money. It turns out that the Pan American Games scheduled to take place in Toronto in 2015 would cost about $2.5 billion, instead of the planned $1.4 billion. Since this is a second-class sporting event, which is not going to attract that many tourists, it will be practically impossible to recover the expenses.

The government tries to present the new waste as a voluntary contribution to the games:

The organizers’ $1.4-billion budget covers core expenses, such as constructing venues and running the Games. But Ontario decided to add a series of other projects at extra cost. These include better venues than would otherwise have been built, such as a new stadium in Hamilton that will host soccer games during Pan Am and serve as the home of the CFL’s Tiger-Cats.

It’s easy to be generous with other people’s money. When the unelected Wynne was granted the Premier’s post by her party, we were bombarded daily with messages from the ecstatic lefty media that the new lesbian will turn a new page in the provincial politics. Instead, now we are stuck with a homosexual version of McGuinty the crook.


Screw the taxpayers!

Of course, they also throw the “social responsibility” mantra in the mix:

The province is also paying for the construction of the West Don Lands neighbourhood near Toronto harbour to serve as the athletes’ village. The buildings used to house competitors will become condominiums, social housing and college dormitories after the Games.

That’s rich – after the athletes leave, we will be stuck with another Regent Park or Parkdale. We will subside bums’ housing so that they can trash the apartments, which then will be fixed by overpaid public employees.

Michael Chan, Wynne’s tourism and sports minister, was furious that the provincial conservatives didn’t support the new rape of the taxpayers:

“They continue to shine a negative light on our local Pan American communities, our competing athletes and para-athletes, over 20,000 volunteers, over 26 new capital and infrastructure projects, and the 250,000 tourists who will be visiting,” he said. “Their party also continues to cut ties and embarrass our province with 41 nations, boycotting our reception last month and spreading unfounded allegations and numbers to the public.”

What a pathetic idiot – so if we don’t agree to flush a billion dollars down the toilet, we are embarrassing our province. His statement made me proud of Tim Hudak, but only for about ten minutes – I realized that no matter how much money the Liberals steal, he is so incompetent that he would never be able to win an election.

If you want to see the future of “our province with 41 nations,” take a day trip to Detroit.


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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Detroit today, Greece tomorrow. Isn’t it amazing that criminals like Dalton McGuinty can put Ontario in so much debt ($1.3 million per day and growing), yet is allowed to resign and disappear? And the left has the gall to keep demonizing Sarah Palin, who turned Alaska’s corrupt political system and embarrassing debt load around in one term, transforming the state and leaving it with a $12 billion surplus?

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