The Ontario Government and the Wind Energy Cover Up – a Movie Presentation




The Canadian Patriotic Society is proud to invite you to the community screening of a 2014 documentary “Down Wind” at Agincourt Public Library (155 Bonis Ave, Kennedy & Sheppard) in Scarborough on Tuesday, January 20th from 7 to 9:30 pm. The event is free for students and $10 for the general public. Please see attached flyer for more details. Here is the official trailer for the documentary:

“Down Wind” uncovers the devastating real life consequences on Ontarians especially those living in rural communities suffering from Wind Turbine Syndrome, having their homes and land devalued, and their very way of life threatened if not altogether destroyed.  It also examines the economic ill effects of wind turbine mega projects that drive Ontario’s manufacturing sector out of province.

You will also learn about the uphill struggle of people in rural Ontario now banding together to push back against the government’s draconian measures, high powered Bay street lawyers and wind turbine corporations.

After the screening, two activists, Sherri Lange (CEO, North American Platform Against Wind Power) and Jessica Annis (President, Toronto Landowners Association) will speak and respond to questions from the audience.

Wind Turbine Questions:
* Why does Ontario have the highest energy costs in all of North America due to wind turbines?
* Why were the research results and expert advice against the turbines not taken into account?
* How can the Provincial government legally impose the Green Energy Act that supersedes 21 acts at local municipal level? Don’t we live in democracy?
* Is Wind Energy really green?

The Canadian Patriotic Society ( is a grassroots Scarborough group which stands for genuinely conservative values including smaller government, personal responsibility, freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, individual human rights and rule of law.

We hope you can attend this event. Please spread the word.


Shobhna Kapoor, Founder
Canadian Patriotic Society


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