Conference on Political Islam’s Effects: Polygamy, Niqab, and Honor Killing

A Conference on the effect of globalization of political Islam on women’s rights, in question with polygamy, neqab and honor killing took place in Toronto today, organized by the International Campaign Against Sharia’s Court in Canada. The speakers raised disturbing issues about blatant violations of individual rights in Canada in the name of multiculturalism and freedom of religion.


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Man Wearing a Black Burka Robs TD Bank

Associate Press reported that on Tuesday, August 11, a man wearing a burka robbed a TD Bank branch located in Silver Spring, MD.

He entered the branch shortly after 4 p.m. His face was covered with long black burka. The intruder showed a gun and demanded money, speaking with what the police described as “a Middle Eastern accent.”

When he got his money, he left in a silver car, most likely a Chevrolet.

As of now, he still has not been caught.

Who could have thought that somebody in a burka could rob a bank?????

Muslim Terrorists Kill 8 Medics in Afghanistan

Just another mass murder in Afghanistan… Yesterday ten members of a medical group were shot in cold blood by Muslim fanatics in Afghanistan. Six of them were from the USA, one from Germany, and one from Great Britain. Two Afghani interpreters were also killed.

The organization, which sent them there (International Assistance Mission) stated that their task was to provide eye treatment to people in remote villages. The Taliban, who took responsibility for the murders, claimed that they killed them because they were “spying for the Americans” and “preaching Christianity.” Continue reading

Halal Great Britain

It has been reported  that starting from September thousands of school children in the Harrow area of London will be forced to eat only halal meat at school. That despite of the protests of many parents…

Supposedly, this is one of the most diverse ethnically communities in Great Britain. The sources state that the population is just under 50% Christian, 20% Hindu, 7% Muslim, and 6% Jewish. Continue reading

Your Friendly Multicultural Exploiter

Recently Toronto Star ran a story about the labour conditions in Toronto’s Chinatown. Their main example was a woman, who came from China in 2006. Apparently, she didn’t start work until this year, because she was raising two young children. She didn’t speak any English, so her only option was working in Chinatown.

She found a job at a manicure salon, but then was asked to pay $400 deposit for the privilege to work there. On top of that she agreed to work seven days a week, ten hours a day and receive for that $25 daily wage. Eventually, she had to leave the job due to exhaustion.  Continue reading