It’s official! We already have the first sharia-compliant decision in Canada. Last week a judge in Calgary set free a devout Muslim woman who strangled to death her “promiscious” and unrully 14-year old daughter.

Aset Magomadova came to Canada in 2004 with her daughter, son, and sister. She was sponsored as a refugee by Canadian organizations, among which was the Anglican Church, in settled in Calgary. They arrived from Chechnya, where the local Muslim militants have been fighting with the Russian government for many years. Continue reading


After several months spent in detention and under house arrest in Switzerland, Roman Polanski was released. The Swiss government refused to extradite him to the USA. This ended the long hunt for the famous film director, which the US authorities started 32 years ago. Hopefully that will close the bizarre case, which has been dragged for such a long time.

In 1977 Polanski was accused of raping the then 13-year old Samantha Geimer in the house of Jack Nicholson in Los Angeles. The director was alone with her for a photo shoot. For the record, there is no doubt that what he did was horrible, inexcusable and despicable. However, the way the US authorities treated this case made everything look really strange. Continue reading


Few days ago a court in Tokyo convicted one of the most notorious eco-terrorists in the world, the New Zealander Peter Bethune. He was found guilty of obstructing a mission conducted by Japanese whalers in the Antarctic Ocean. This “wonderful” whale savior was also found guilty of assault, because he threw several bottles of rancid butter at the whalers, which caused bad chemical burns to three of the Japanese sailors.

At the trial, Bethune didn’t quite live up to his image of a tough guy determine to destroy the Japanese whaling fleet. He mumbled and looked disoriented, and during his closing statement he even shed few tears while apologizing for what he did, trying to convince the court that he didn’t intend to harm anybody.

His hypocrisy probably worked, because the judge was more than lenient to him. He could have gotten up to 15 years jail for his crimes, but they let him go with two-year sentence suspended for five years, so he didn’t do any jail time and was promptly deported.

Of course, all this would have been a mildly curious case of a lone loon, if Bethune were acting alone, but unfortunately, he was a member of a large organization, which sent him to do his evil deeds. He is a member of Sea Shepherd, a bunch of misfits, who self-proclaimed themselves to be the world’s ultimate defenders of whales. In their twisted (or bribed) minds the oceans’ whale population is so threatened by extinction, that in very near future they will all disappear. So in order to avoid that, they are ready to go as far as they can to confront anybody who tries to hunt whales. Continue reading

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