Convicted Terrorist Omar Khadr’s Canadian “Oscar” and Other Cultural Oddities

Muslim Terrorist Omar Khadr Receives a Canadian… by Blogwrath

The existence of the Canadian Screen Awards, our country’s version of the Oscars, must be one of the best kept secrets in Canada. So far, I haven’t met a person to admit seeing the show. I caught its latest edition purely by chance, while flipping the channels on a boring Sunday night, dominated by replays of news shows.

There was some element of premonition in what I saw at that show. I guess, that’s the bottom to which the US Academy Awards are sliding. The Oscars have been steadily deteriorating, with excessive politicization and promoting causes that no one, outside of Hollywood and the censorship zones known as universities, is supporting. However, the producers still care about money and viewers and try to keep people interested.

Canada’s cultural elites are above commercialism. Most of their movies are produced with government subsidies and tax breaks, so their commercial success is irrelevant. What matters is the cause they are promoting. The result is a flow of unwatchable movies and TV shows, ranging from boring or irritating social or “queer” opuses, through native-themed programs made at high school level, to Quebec-style oddities that at the end make the viewer ask himself: “What the hell did I see?”

The carefully written jokes of the host Howie Mandel were structured to avoid offending anybody. So, they were patently bland. (If I haven’t seen him before, I would think he is the worst comedian in North America.) Equally bland were the jokes of the presenters.

A lesbian won the Canadian public’s award. I am mentioning her sexual orientation because she made sure to declare the award a win for the “queer” community. This explains who watches that obscure show, especially considering the commercial breaks. Each and every one of them promoted an upcoming documentary about how the comedian Colin Mochrie was thrilled that his daughter “transitioned” into a man (or vice versa, I couldn’t get this right).

The same people who clapped at the revelations of the queer actress, clapped with equal enthusiasm when it was announced that a documentary about Omar Khadr, the convicted Muslim terrorist and murderer, titled “Guantanamo’s Child: Omar Khadr”, won the highest award. Queerness and Islamic extremism don’t mix well, but that doesn’t matter to the brainless Canadian cultural elites. The only thing that matters to them is that both destroy traditional Canada from within.

It was another disgraceful episode of the decline of the Canadian culture. You can see this in the short clip, but the makers of the documentary were well aware of what they were doing. One of them boldly stated that she was not deterred by those who considered the movie “fake news”. The second one thanked the CBC and Al-Jazeera for their help and even called the terrorist Omar Khadr a “lovely Muslim Canadian boy”.

He should have also praised his “lovely family” – a bunch of terrorists, murderers and welfare parasites. This morning, it was reported that Omar has been in intensive care after a 19-hour shoulder surgery. It was done to heal the wounds from fighting against Canada and the West on the side of Muslim terrorism.

During the show, many people repeated Justin Trudeau’s platitude about “diversity as our strength”. It looks like bringing to Canada people who want to destroy us is also part of our wonderful diversity.

Talking of diversity, one of the TV shows that received an award, was the CBC’s “Kim’s Convenience”. It is another mediocre show, depicting the life of a Korean family in Canada that runs a convenience store. The funny part is that the CBC is exploiting here the same stereotypes that it regularly fights from the position of political correctness.

And those real stereotypes are the only source of “humour” in the show. The Korean family runs the stereotypical corner store. They speak with stereotypical funny accent. They react with stereotypical bewilderment to people and events that they don’t understand, etc. etc.

Obviously, when the CBC rallies against “cultural insensitivity” or “cultural appropriation”, they consider themselves exempt from attacks.

Here is an idea – when Omar Khadr gets out of hospital, he can make a cameo appearance at “Kim’s Convenience” and discuss the Koran with the family. It would be another display of diversity. And Justin Trudeau may shed a tear watching the episode…

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Free Speech Activist Eric Brazau Delivers Letter to Mayor John Tory and Visits Masjid Toronto – Free Speech Activist Eric Brazau Delivers Letter to Mayor John Tory and Visits Masjid Toronto

Last Friday, March 10, free speech activist Eric Brazau, with a few supporters, visited Toronto City Hall to deliver a letter to Mayor John Tory about sermons calling for genocide of Jews and other ‘i

Last Friday, March 10, free speech activist Eric Brazau, with a few supporters, visited Toronto City Hall to deliver a letter to Mayor John Tory about sermons calling for genocide of Jews and other “infidels”, posted online by Masjid Toronto. That was a follow-up to a demonstration at the mosque that took place in February and was declared a hate crime. Both Toronto Mayor John Tory and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne condemned the demonstration as “Islamophobic”.


Eric Brazau interviewed by David Menzies


Signs brought by the group (the signs in quotation marks are quotes from the sermons)

In a tweet, Premier Wynne expressed her displeasure with those who dare criticize the extremism of her constituents (her riding is a home of large Muslim population):

A day after the anti-radical Islam demonstration outside Masjid Toronto Mosque on Friday (February 17, 2017) with signs that read “Ban Islam” and “Canadians Against Islamization”, Premier Wynne tweeted the following:

 “There is no place for Islamophobia in Ontario. Thankful for those who stand with the Islamic community against hate.”

    — Kathleen Wynne (@Kathleen_Wynne) February 18, 2017

But then, the genocidal sermons received public attention after being transcribed and published by a few smaller news sites. Canadian mainstream media did their best to cover up the Islam-related incident. Here is a short excerpt from one of the sermons:

“[O Allah!] Give us victory over the disbelieving people… O Allah! Give victory to Islam and raise the standing the Muslims. And humiliate the polytheism and polytheists. O Allah! Give victory (help) to your slaves who believe in the oneness of Allah, O the Lord of the Worlds! O Allah! Give them victory over the criminal people. O Allah! Destroy anyone who killed Muslims. O Allah! Destroy anyone who displaced the sons of the Muslims. O Allah! Count their number; slay them one by one and spare not one of them. O Allah! Purify Al-Aqsa Mosque from the filth of the Jews! O Allah! Purify Al-Aqsa Mosque from the filth of the Jews!

No matter how hard our political whores try to resist any criticism of Islam that tarnishes its image as a “religion of peace”, it is still impossible to find the context in which that Muslim genocidal rant is acceptable. As a result, even several members of the Canadian Parliament (a few of them Muslim) issued a statement against the sermons. However, Tory and Wynne still haven’t condemned those anti-Semitic statements. Brazau’s letter was calling Mayor Tory to take a clear position about the case.


What makes the case even more scandalous is that Eric Brazau is on trial for “hate speech” and “incitement for genocide” over a rant at Toronto’s Dundas Square on the day of the terrorist attacks in Paris in November, 2015. He was arrested and spent nearly a year in jail. He didn’t say anything even remotely close to the sermons. One of Crown’s arguments was that he incited hatred by saying “Muslims killed 500 people in Paris”. He was supposed to qualify the statement as “Muslim extremists” or “Muslim supporters of ISIS”, etc.

In this case, the preachers at Masjid Toronto tell you directly that they want Allah’s help to kill “infidels” and “filthy Jews”. Allah doesn’t have his own squads of angry devils, he uses his followers to destroy his enemies. This is an incitement to genocide and it is as clear as it gets. Yet, at this point none of the preachers, the leaders of the mosque or the worshippers who stood silent were charged with crimes.

The video from the event highlights the most important moments. It begins with a short statement by Brazau at City Hall. Then he is interviewed outside by the journalist David Menzies from Rebel Media.


Eric Brazau tries to deliver the letter to the receptionist

After that, Brazau and his supporters went to the mayor’s office and tried to deliver the letter personally to the mayor. As one could expect, the staffers claimed that he was not in his office. At that moment, the City Hall security guards showed up. They were very polite, but still told the group that they should get out of the area. So, they sent Eric Brazau to the mail room in the basement, since that was the only way to deliver the letter. The mail clerk accepted the letter.

Then, the group marched to Masjid Toronto. One of the most important moment occurred at the 11:40 mark in the video. Brazau was confronted by an ignorant but aggressive downtown hipster who denied that the mosque did anything wrong. He didn’t know anything about the genocidal sermons and didn’t want to know. He kept rambling how that was his neighbourhood and he didn’t like how Muslims were confronted. Such clueless useful idiots are the best allies of Islamic extremism.


At Masjid Toronto

Naturally, the police were called – one police officer showed up, trying to figure out what was going on. One of the mosque’s staff, a guy with a dreadful henna-dyed beard, came out and tried to start an argument, but the police officer managed to keep both sides at a distance.

Now, we could only wait for a statement from the mayor about the sermons, but don’t hold your breath. He will say nothing. John Tory is not going to offend Muslim extremists who could vote for him in the next election.

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Communists and Islamists Team Up for a Violent Rally in Toronto

Hysterical masked thugs yelling “Fascists!” “Racists!” “Nazi scum!” and other verbal abuse at people holding signs in defense of free speech… “Anti-fascists” physically attacking journalists and other people they don’t agree with… Snatching signs from a free speech rally and violently trashing them in public… Calls for unrestricted Muslim immigration to Canada, while condemning the colonization of “Turtle Island”… – Communists and Islamists Team Up for a Violent Rally in Toronto

Video from the clash of two competing rallies in Toronto on March 4, 2017. On one side were communists, anarchists and Islamists supporting the anti-Islamophobia motion M103 of Trudeau’s government th

That was the experience I had at yesterday’s rallies in front of Toronto City Hall. The larger one was organized by the Communist Party of Canada with the support of various trade unions, extremist leftist groups and Islamists. Their purpose was to defend Justin Trudeau’s policies of appeasing Islamic ideological extremism, best reflected in the proposed motion M103 against “Islamophobia”, which will create legal basis for criminalizing criticism of Islam. At the same time, the participants supported the current lack of control on immigration, especially the tide of unvetted mostly Muslim immigrants entering Manitoba from the USA.

I was late for the rallies, so I didn’t hear the speeches. However, I saw the signs and witnessed the horrible way communists and Islamists treated people who disagreed with them. The speeches were covered in detail, with transcripts, by CIJNews. The speakers demanded abolishment of the legislations addressing Islamic extremism and barbaric cultural practices. They even opposed the war on the Islamic State.

It was enlightening to see that these violent leftists and Islamists were entrusted with promoting and defending the Islamists agenda of Trudeau’s government. Obviously, finding ordinary Canadians to defend it, was an impossible task. His government is so out of touch with Canada, that it is not funny anymore. It was sad that the authorities had to rely on communists, criminals, deviants, welfare bums and other outcasts to force its anti-Canadian agenda on people.

Another odd point here was the alliance between communists, anarchists and Islamists. In any country, taken over by Muslim fanatics, the communists are the first group to go to the gallows. Islam doesn’t like atheists, as history showed after Ayatollah Khomeini’s “revolution” in Iran. It seems that in Canada leftists are either too stupid and ignorant to know that or are paid well enough to destroy Canada on behalf of Islamists.

The second rally was much smaller. It gathered people concerned with the Islamist invasion and transformation of Canada’s culture and institutions. When I arrived, they were already cornered in a small area of Nathan Phillips Square, surrounded by police officers and angry lefties. They protested the Islamist assault on free speech with Canadian flags (in contrast, there was not a single Canadian flag at the Islamist rally).

As you can see in the video, the lefties used their tried tactic of gradually surrounding the “enemy” and advancing with verbal taunts. Their hope was to provoke a physical fight and blame the patriotic Canadians for the disturbance. It was strange to see anarchists call the free speech defenders “racists”, “white supremacists” and “Nazis” when a very large number of them were visible minorities, fed up with the promotion of Islamic supremacy. At certain point, the leftists even snatched several signs from the other rally and violently trashed them, while the police calmly watched.

The people from the free speech rally and journalists from the wrong media (like Rebel Media) were harassed and threatened. You will see how one of the participants was physically attacked, which prompted the police to detain the masked attacker. That was unusual, because the police usually ignore those violent anarchists in the name of “social peace”.

The video will give you the idea about the danger to Canada posed by those extremist groups. We are at risk of losing the country because of the constant attacks on our laws and traditions. The sharia law, de facto pushed on us by leftists and Islamists, would turn Canada into one of the failed Muslim countries that live under the Islamic law.

Here are a few photos, which tell the story of the rallies.

The free speech rally:



Surrounded by police “for their own good”


Sandra Solomon speaks at the free speech rally


David Menzies from Rebel Media tries to reason with the psychos

The other side made some hilarious points. “No Bans on Stolen Land” – an expression of supreme stupidity. If they are concerned about the land stolen from Indians, they should self-deport and not allow new Muslim colonizers on the stolen land.


Related: “Your White Ancestors Are Immigrants on Stolen Land”, a sign held by a pale white guy. He should also self-deport to rectify that “injustice”.  “Migration Is Natural. No Ban on Stolen Land! KKKanada” – another verse from the same stupid songbook.


“Smash Racism! Fight for Socialism! – Bolshevik Tendency” and “Only Socialist Revolution Can End Sexism and Racism – International Bolshevik Tendency”. Another bunch of loons who still push the lost cause of Lenin and Trotsky.


Toronto red fascists fighting imaginary fascism:


The Communist Party of Canada is ready to lead us to our bright future under Comrade Trudeau:


“Socialist Action” from the Fourth International, another Trotskyist gang.



Ali Mallah, a constant presence at the Al-Quds anti-Semitic rallies


The man with the pussy hat


The man in the flannel mask


It was hard to miss Mr. Syed Hussan, a Muslim supremacist, leader of the No One Is Illegal group, which promotes unrestricted Muslim and other immigration. At a Toronto rally, last month, he openly advocated for Muslim takeover of factories and farms and destruction of the Canadian way of life (the speech with video and transcript can be found here).

toronto-islam-and-free-speech-rallies-2017-10Lefty fascists trash free speech signs:


The police detain a violent anarchist after he committed an assault:


A police horse’s critique of the Islamist propaganda pamphlets:


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Mordechai Kedar Discusses Muslim Immigration to Europe and Its Impact on Jewish Communities

Dr. Mordechai Kedar, who teaches at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, was the keynote speaker at the Israel Advocacy Training in Toronto. The event was held by Hasbara Fellowship Canada on February 26, 2017. The video covers his presentation and a few answers of questions from the audience. Dr. Kedar talked about Muslim immigration to Europe during the last few years. The influx of so many people with different culture in such a short time is a real challenge, for which Europe is not prepared. It is not just about the radical elements who get involved in terrorism. This new culture brings profound changes to the European societies, making them more like the countries from where the immigrants came. The changes have negative impact on the Jewish communities and make their future in Europe problematic.

Israel Advocacy Training in Toronto with Dr. Mordechai Kedar

On February 26, 2017, I attended the fourth annual Israel Advocacy Training Workshop in Toronto. The goal of the event is to educate Jewish and non-Jewish supporters of Israel on how to confront the rising tide of blackmail, which, under the guise of “criticism of Zionism”, inevitably turns into ordinary anti-Semitism. The latter affects not only Israeli businesses, but also Jewish individuals in Canada, and what’s even worse, students at Canadian universities.

Though one may expect that the experience with the Holocaust in the West had forever changed people’s minds about anti-Semitism, it looks like things are only getting worse. The influx of huge numbers of mostly Muslim immigrants in Europe (and also in Canada) creates a situation, where governments and various organizations are afraid to confront the ideological extremism of the newcomers in the name of “keeping the peace”. That allows hatred for the Jews to flourish in Europe. In Canada, the mainstream media turns a blind eye on that hatred, as it was the case with the recent cover up of the genocidal Muslim sermons at Masjid Toronto that called for physical extermination of Jews and other infidels.

The event, organized by Hasbara Fellowships Canada, aims at alerting people about these problems and providing tools for solutions. The event included 15 presentations in three locations, so it was impossible to attend all of them. They covered various topics: the Balfour Declaration as a key to Israel advocacy; how to get apathetic people to be involved in advocacy; inspiring Zionism in kids, etc.

I will say a few words about the presentations I attended. Jeff Ansell (from Jeff Ansell & Associates), an expert in public communications, delivered a crash course in public speaking. He emphasized the importance of confident communication, which makes the points of Israel advocacy more convincing. He also brought up our attention to an often-overlooked aspect of advocacy. The opponents of Israel don’t rely on facts, throwing facts at them is not going to sway their minds. A much more effective way is to add emotions when arguing with them.

Jeff Ansell

The presentation of the immigration lawyer Guidy Mamann (Mamann, Sandaluk & Kingwell LLP) dealt with a controversial topic: “Walls, Immigration & Trump’s Refugee Ban: What It Means for Israel Advocates”. The new President of the USA ran on the platform of fixing the neglected immigration problems in the USA. Building a wall at the southern border to stop the illegals from coming in, was one of his promises.

Guidy Mamann

These measures have some unexpected consequences for Canada. Illegals who fear deportation, turn their attention to Canada and try to cross the border, as it is the case in Manitoba. Our country and the USA have a safe third-country agreement, which prevents failed refugees in one country to re-apply in the other. Unfortunately, this applies only at official border crossings, where the immigrants could be immediately returned to the US immigration officers. At the unguarded spots, like in Manitoba, it is impossible to determine where those people came from, so the RCMP is obligated by law to take them in. After that, their situation must be examined by Canadian courts.

At this point, the majorities of them are Muslims from the northern states, but later we have to be prepared for Mexicans and Central Americans. A theoretical doomsday scenario outlined by Mr. Mamann was the cancellation of the third-country agreement by Donald Trump. That would force Canada to take all potential refugees from the USA, thus allowing Trump to get rid of about a million immigrants at no cost.

Currently, Canada’s Refugee Board can handle no more than 12,000 refugee determination cases per year. If several hundred thousand enter Canada, that will be an economic disaster. Though most of them could be rejected, it will take years for their cases to go through the courts. And during the waiting period, they will be entitled to welfare payments, healthcare support better than that for Canadians, schooling, etc. We will witness social unrest like in Europe and the Jews will be affected negatively.

Another interesting presentation was delivered by Dr. David Nitkin (from Canadians for the Rule of Law) on the topic: “Legal Action, not Words: Lawfare as a Solution”. Over the last few years, we have seen more aggressive actions by Muslim extremists in Canada. It’s not just violence, but also campaigns to influence or change Canadian institutions to make them more sharia-compliant. Clueless politicians help that process – Prime Minister Trudeau has visited radical mosques, the Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne went to a mosque, covered up and sat in the back with the second-class women. Such actions encourage Muslim extremists and allow them to claim that even politicians of Canada submit to Islam, thus making ordinary Muslims, who want to escape extremism, even more fearful.

David Nitkin

Many of those organizations are sponsored by extremist countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran. The reluctance of politicians to get involved has led to grass-root initiatives to use courts against Muslim extremists and their sponsors, resulting in “lawfare”. This is a tool that uses the courts to fight Islamists and their politically correct Western supporters. Organizations like the Lawfare Project (USA), Shurat Ha Din (Israel), Canadians for the Rule of Law (Canada) are involved in it. They are not-for-profit organizations, which, among other activities, go after countries, banks and organizations sponsoring terrorism to seek justice for the victims. The best-known of them, Shurat Ha Din, has been successful in blocking terror funding; seize assets of Iran, Syria, Hamas and North Korea in US courts for specific cases of terrorism; act successfully against Chinese banks for processing transactions for terrorists, etc.

Mr. Nitkin emphasized that these lawfare groups need extensive popular support to continue their work. Islamic extremism and terrorism, with their anti-Semitic activities, require constant flow of money to be successful. Stopping that flow through the courts will curtail those activities.

The National Director of Hasbara Fellowships Canada – Robert Walker – also made a presentation, dedicated to the shameful reality of campus anti-Semitism in Canada: “2016 in Israel Advocacy on Campus: A Top 10 List”.

Robert Walker

His main observation was that the crude anti-Semitism of the past is transforming into a more sophisticated movement. While in the past students were shocked by mock walls and checkpoints on campus, now the anti-Semites focus on taking over student organizations and moulding them according to their views. The recent defeats of BDS motions at Canadian universities create a false feeling of security. Some people still live with the old ideas – a major donor to York University noted recently that when he was growing up in Montreal, he was sometimes attacked with rocks for looking Jewish, so he thought that Jewish students now had much better life. Such people simply cannot see how anti-Semitism has adapted to the new realities. One of the examples Mr. Walker provided, was the walk-out from a Ryerson University discussion about introducing Holocaust Education Week. The President of the student union (a Muslim) orchestrated the walk-out by text messaging to ensure that there was no quorum for the motion. In the past, such people were careful not to attack the Holocaust, but now they find ways to do so in covert ways.

Another presentation tried to answer the question: Is a Muslim Reform Possible? It was delivered by Suhail Raza, a reform-minded Muslim, husband of the brave activist Raheel Raza (founder of Muslims Facing Tomorrow).

Suhail Raza

Mr. Raza admitted that a reform in Islam was possible, though very difficult. A possible way to do so was to re-interpret the Islamic scriptures. He said that new interpretations of the Koran were out of the question, due to the resistance of most Muslims, who consider the book unchangeable. New concepts could emerge, according to him, by re-evaluating the Hadiths, testimonies about the life and views of Muhammad, which don’t have the same authority as the Koran. Such concepts would include gender equality, re-evaluating the principle of jihad as outdated, declaring sharia law man-made and other similar profound changes.

Despite his good intentions, I don’t see how Mr. Raza’s vision could be put into practice. The resistance to any changes in Muslim theology is overwhelming. During the Q&A session, he admitted that his organization is small, it has no presence at the universities and is even blocked from access to the government by people like Omar Alghabra, a hard-line Muslim adviser of Justin Trudeau.

The event concluded with the talk of the keynote speaker Dr. Mordechai Kedar. He is one of the most prominent Israeli experts on Islam and Islamic extremism, with a vast knowledge of the problems in the Middle East.

Robert Walker introduces Mordechai Kedar

The focus of his talk was the mass Muslim immigration to Europe. Politicians and ordinary people are blissfully unaware of what is actually going on.  They think that we are dealing with the usual movement of people looking for better life. The reality is that what is happening is Hijra – invading of foreign countries in order to impose gradually Muslim rules. The Hijra, the travel of Muhammad from Mecca to Medina to conquer it, is considered the most important event in Islam, it is year one in the Muslim chronology. Muslim societies are tribal and people in them avoid moving out, unless they have the plans to take over foreign territories. That is the process we are witnessing now in Europe and the same could happen in Canada.

The whole presentation of Dr. Kedar can be seen in the uploaded video.

As usual, the workshop provided plenty of useful information, but at the same time made it clear that things are difficult. We must not Ignore the negative trends and delude ourselves that Justin Trudeau’s meaningless ramblings about “diversity” have any link to reality.


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Could Muslims Invoke the Blasphemy Section of Canada’s Criminal Code?

Just a few years ago, blasphemy laws in the West were considered a laughable relic from an oppressive society. Leftists and conservatives alike agreed that people’s opinions about religion should be kept private and the government had no business in snooping into people’s heads.

Things started changing after Islam burst into the Western political scene and demanded its own place. That development was hard to ignore because Islam is a totalitarian cult, which from its inception has transformed and ruined countries by terror and violence. Christianity needed about 300 years to walk the way from the missionary travels of St. Apostol Paul to the first Christian country, Armenia. Islam to conquered huge territories within just a few decades, led by the sadistic warmonger Muhammad and his henchmen.

Now, we are under enormous pressure to restore the blasphemy laws but only to protect Islam. The so-called “Istanbul process”, initiated by the 57 Islamic states, members of the United Nations, has as its goal criminalizing the criticism of Islam. It was supported by Hillary Clinton while she served in Obama’s administration. And who could forget Obama’s ominous words at the UN that those who slander the prophet of Islam have no future?

However, this time it’s the conservatives who are alarmed, while the lefties pretend that nothing is happening.

The latest blow on free speech came from Denmark, where a man was charged with blasphemy for burning a Koran (archived here):

A man who filmed himself burning the Quran has become the first person to be charged under Denmark’s blasphemy law in 46 years.

The 42-year-old filmed himself burning a copy of Islam’s holy book in his back yard in December 2015. He then posted the video on the anti-Islamic Facebook group, “Yes to freedom – no to Islam” along with the words, “Consider your neighbour: it stinks when it burns.”

Danish prosecutor Jan Reckendorff announced his decision to bring charges in a press statement issued on Wednesday afternoon.

“It is the prosecution’s view that circumstances involving the burning of holy books such as the Bible and the Quran can in certain cases be a violation of the blasphemy clause, which covers public scorn or mockery of religion.”

Nice touch of deception: “…books such as the Bible and the Quran…” Everybody and his uncle knows that burning a Bible will never bring up such a reaction. The authorities will be even happy to see it happening.

In Canada, the process of criminalization of criticism of Islam is promoted at full speed. There is a motion pending in the Federal Parliament, M103, which singles out for condemnation “Islamophobia”, defined as an irrational fear of Islam, even though the fear of Muslim barbarism is completely rational. Last week, Ontario’s provincial parliament passed unanimously a similar motion (archived here).

According to the reports, the votes for it were 81 to 0. The legislature has 107 members, meaning that 26 chose not to show up. Regardless of their motives, it is safe to say that all of them were cowards. There was not a single man or a woman to stand up and say that he or she was not going to support the witch hunts against critics of Muslim totalitarianism.

And the chief coward is Patrick Brown, the leader of the Progressive-Conservative Party, who went with the flow:

Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown said Ontario’s legislature “unequivocally opposes Islamophobia.”

“Islamophobia is real and we have to condemn it unreservedly,” he said.

That sounded exactly like his statement from the last year that “climate change is real”. After jumping on the global warming scam wagon, he went even further to support the predatory carbon tax. There is no difference between him and the other two parties.

The fear of the “Islamophobia” motions comes from the possibility that their promoters will introduce new laws criminalizing criticism of Islam. However, we already have the laws that Muslims will exploit to force their cult. They have been very successful using the Human Rights Code. A few years ago, the ISNA mosque in Mississauga, run by an organization whose charity status was revoked for financing foreign Muslim extremism, started a case claiming that not allowing its visitors to park for free on a nearby property is religious discrimination. That is the well-known “Parking jihad” favourite bullying tactic in Great Britain.

What is even worse, in Canada’s Criminal Code we have a section specifically condemning blasphemy:

Criminal Code (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-46), Blasphemous Libel


296 (1) Every one who publishes a blasphemous libel is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years.

Question of fact

(2) It is a question of fact whether or not any matter that is published is a blasphemous libel.


(3) No person shall be convicted of an offence under this section for expressing in good faith and in decent language, or attempting to establish by argument used in good faith and conveyed in decent language, an opinion on a religious subject.

This is a classic witch hunt premise, with ambiguous language. Who is to say what “good faith” and “decent language” are? To Muslims, any criticism of their cult is a show of bad faith. The text immediately excludes from protection satire, which always drives most Muslims into a state of animal rage.  Let’s not forget the case of the Danish cartoons of Muhammad in 2005. Besides, it is impossible to describe in “decent language” the excesses of Islam – especially their “Prophet”, with his taste for sex with little girls and the orgy of violence and genocide that his followers unleashed on the world.

The archaic section 296, which should have been abolished long time ago, is the perfect stepping stone for Muslims to start prosecuting and jailing their enemies. And our corrupt judicial system will be more than willing to assist them.

Even before this section is invoked, it is clear that Islam already receives excessive “protection”. I can give you two examples.

A few years ago, it was revealed that Yasir Naqvi, an Ontario Liberal MPP, endorsed a book by a Muslim author advocating wife beating (archived here).

It was a scandalous revelation. No member of the legislature should defend such views, even though in Islam wife beating is a favourite method to straighten out an unruly woman. Islam is a deeply misogynist cult. Mr. Naqvi’s defense was that he didn’t read the book but still sent a supportive letter to the author.

That defense made him look even worse in the eyes of normal people – he proved himself to be sloppy and careless in his judgment. However, his party stood behind him, because, according to the Liberals, a Muslim can do no wrong. The party’s chief, Kathleen Wynne, said that his explanation was good enough for her. The worst part was that this guy, despite his poor judgment, made a career in the judicial system of Ontario. He became corrections’ minister and now he is the Attorney General of Ontario. I wonder, if he still makes decisions without reading the materials.

The other example is Tarek Fatah, a journalist who has opposed Muslim extremism for decades. He believes that Islam can be reformed from the inside. Despite his bravery, his efforts have brought no significant results other than proving that Islam is an extremist movement.

In 2011, while in hospital battling cancer, Mr. Fatah received death threats, which he reported. The police and a few unidentified officers made sure that the threats were downplayed. No actual investigation was conducted.

His life became even worse recently, when he went to India to research a new book and managed to get a contract for 13 TV shows on the issue of religion. His straightforward approach earned him a big following – reportedly, tens of millions tuned in to watch him. However, the touchy Muslims were also part of that crowd.

In the best debate traditions of Islam, when Muslims have no rational arguments against their critics, they become hysterical an resort to looting and death threats:

One group has filed a court case demanding the show be cancelled, calling it a threat to communal peace, another asked the elections commission to take similar action, suggesting the show is a ploy to fuel Hindu nationalism, while petitions have pressed sponsors to drop the program.

More viscerally, an infuriated critic put a bounty on the Canadian’s head, while one of his own guests suggested on air that he be decapitated.

A local imam promised to pay a few hundred bucks to any Muslims willing to behead Tarek. Something tells me that Islamic reforms don’t work, because now the prominent Canadian is a virtual prisoner in Delhi, afraid to go out and face his Muslim “cultural critics”. Of course, the National Post finds a way to blame Tarek Fatah and not his enemies for the horrible situation:

He has arguably evolved into a more inflammatory critic, appearing regularly on The Rebel — sometimes called Canada’s Breitbart News — applauding Donald Trump’s proposed travel ban on seven Muslim countries and supporting the debunked theory that a Muslim was involved in shooting six members of a Quebec-city mosque last month.

It’s always the right-wingers’ fault…

So, here we have the tale of two Muslims. One of them endorses something outrageously opposed to the Canadian values and gets promoted into a spectacular career. The other one naively believes that Islam can be made to respect Canadian values and is forced to go into hiding to avoid beheading.

Islam and its suppression of criticism thrive in Canada and our courts are on their way to force the blasphemy ban not only on rogue Muslims, but on all of us.

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