Islamization: Niqab-Style Muslim Clothes to Be Sold at Toronto’s Eaton Centre

The triumphant march of Islam continues in the rotting country of Canada, thanks to politicians dedicated to helping the Muslim invasion, like Justin Trudeau and Kathleen Wynne. Under the disguise of multiculturalism, the world’s most aggressive cult slowly takes over our major cities.

One of the major spots, where Muslim fanatics preach their poisonous religion, is Toronto’s Dundas Square, right in the heart of the city.

The free booklets distributed there give you a wide spectrum of information about that cult, including how to defeat the infidels (Christians and Jews), how to fight homosexuals and how to beat delicately your wife when she disobeys.


Distributing the popular wife-beating booklet at the Eaton Centre

However, handing out booklets outside is not enough. Islam needs to devour more space to consider itself successful. Soon, Muslims will be taking space in the largest retail outlet in downtown Toronto, the Eaton Centre, which is located right across the small booth ran by the Muslim fanatics.

Beginning at the end of this month, the Eaton Centre will have the dubious honour of selling the ultimate symbol of Muslim oppression – Islamic women’s clothes. We should “thank” for that UNIQLO, the Japanese retailer that recently expanded to Canada. Despite its huge size, the company’s sales are failing in Japan, so they try to adapt to foreign markets.

They value every penny they can get, that’s why they are willing to compromise with even the worst cultures. The article (archived here) in the Toronto Star that described this development, delicately called their new merchandise “modest-wear”:

Uniqlo will debut a line of modest-wear in Canada in February, including hijabs, abayas, and pieces inspired by the baju kurung.

Japanese apparel retailer Uniqlo will debut a line of modest-wear in Canada in February, including hijabs and abayas, the long black dress worn by women in Saudi Arabia, and pieces inspired by the baju kurung, a tunic-and-pants outfit worn widely in South East Asia.

Though further in the article they say that they will not be selling niqabs, the garbage-bag-style dress that covers the whole body, a look at the Saudi abaya shows that it is hard to distinguish from the niqab. A piece to cover the face could easily be added.

There is little difference between abaya and niqab

The collection of oppressive “modest-wear” has been developed by Hana Tajima, obviously, a Japanese designer, but a Muslim convert:

“Japanese apparel retailer Uniqlo will debut a line of modest-wear in Canada in February, including hijabs and abayas, the long black dress worn by women in Saudi Arabia, and pieces inspired by the baju kurung, a tunic-and-pants outfit worn widely in South East Asia.

“It’s really for everybody, but in terms of a more specific demographic, it’s for anyone who sort of wants that more modest aesthetic,” said Hana Tajima, the British designer behind the line.

The collection, for spring and summer 2017, will land at Uniqlo’s two Canadian stores, at Toronto’s Eaton Centre and Yorkdale Mall, on Feb. 24.”

Indeed, considering the tempo of Toronto’s Islamization, those odd outfits soon will be worn by everybody. Kathleen Wynne and Justin Trudeau are already wearing them. The retail experts are confident that the Islamic clothing in Canada is a great idea:

“I think it’s brilliant,” said Maureen Atkinson, senior partner, research insights, J.C. Williams Global retail advisors.

“I think there is a large enough base that it’s a good business decision. I would like to think that most Canadians would support it, but I think there are those who are offended because people don’t dress modestly and they are offended because people do dress modestly.”

She is right, many Canadians will support this atrocity because parts of Toronto already look like Islamabad but with better houses. And if motion 103 that would outlaw criticism of Islam passes the Canadian Parliament, those who are offended by the Taliban outfits, will be forced to like them. Any criticism will be deemed an expression of Islamophobia and thus contradictory to the new Canadian “values” enforced by Justin Trudeau and his Islamist brigades.

It is sad that the once proud and independent country of Canada is being torn and sold piece by piece to every barbaric culture invited here by shameless politicians. The votes of the newcomers are much more important than the slow agony of Canada.

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Canada Welcomes into Its Big Tent a Sadistic Chinese Murderer

Canada just found another way to embarrass itself.

The event that put us again in the spotlight of ridicule was the release of the Chinese murderer Vince Li from the mental institution in Manitoba, where he was held for nearly ten years.

Vince became world famous after his escapades on a Greyhound bus in Manitoba. It was 2008 when he boarded the bus and one of the passengers, the 22-year old Tim McLean, a student returning home from his summer carnival job, smiled at him and asked him how he was doing. His friendly demeanor convinced Vince to sit next to him, thus sealing Tim’s fate.

Nobody on the bus knew that Vince Li was a violent schizophrenic who carried a large knife in his bag. The voices in his head (supposedly God was talking to him) told him that Tim was about to murder him, if Vince didn’t kill him first. He took out the knife and stabbed Tim in abdomen, slowly gutting him. The screams of the victim terrified the other passengers and the driver stopped the bus.


Vince Li, the pride of multicultural Canada

Disgracefully, nobody tried to help Tim. They all ran away, leaving the sadistic murderer to finish off his target. The arrival of the police didn’t change anything. Instead of shooting the criminal on the spot, the officers just stood there, negotiating with him. Probably, as a part of that communication, Vince cut off Tim’s head and showed it to the police. He also ate some of his body parts.

The police did a spectacularly lousy job handling the situation. All they did, was to “suffer”. The experience was so traumatic for some of them, that one of the first responders, Corporal Ken Barker, continued to suffer long after the incident. In 2014, he died by suicide. Maybe he could have lived longer and with a clear conscience, if he remembered that he had a gun and used it to kill the murderous cannibal.

Vince Li was a typical product of our immigration system, which is even more lousy than our police. He was allowed to immigrate from China, even though he was a violent schizophrenic. He was even allowed to become Canadian citizen. The media didn’t want to criticize him for committing that atrocity, after all he was Chinese and his victim was white. If it were the other way around, we would’ve been bombarded for months with whining about the Canadian racism.

What happened after the murder, was even worse. Vince the Cannibal was found not guilty for the reason of insanity. He was committed to a mental institution in Manitoba and assigned a whole medical team to deal with his problems.

In a normal country, the perpetrator of such a horrific act would spend the rest of his life in a place for the criminally insane (and probably in China the treatment will be the same).

However, Canada is not a normal country. Here even the convicted Muslim terrorists are protected and can’t lose their citizenship, thanks to our imbecilic Prime Minister. But it would be unfair to blame only Justin Trudeau for the preferential treatment. The Supreme Court is also culpable:

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled in 1999 that a review board must order an absolute discharge if a person doesn’t pose a significant threat to public safety.

So, all bleeding hearts, politicians, medics and advocates for the “mentally ill”, started to work hard to get Vince released by proving that he is not a threat.

While the Chinese cannibal was showered in attention, his victim was totally forgotten. The only person, who tried to fight for justice, was Tim’s mother, Carol de Delley. That was another disgraceful story – she was ignored by politicians and media and ridiculed by the progressives for trying to disrupt the rehabilitation of the foreign murderer.

The government wheels began to spin shortly after Vince Li was locked up, mobilizing everybody who wanted to see him roam the streets again.

On February 22, 2016, just about a year ago, he was given his first chance to leave the institution:

“A man who beheaded a fellow passenger on a Greyhound bus in Manitoba has changed his name and wants to leave his group home to live independently.

Vince Li appeared before a Criminal Code Review Board on Monday under the new name of Will Baker.”

I guess choosing a new Anglo-Saxon name was a major step in the cannibal’s rehabilitation. The same article explains how he was gradually re-introduced into the community:

Baker was originally kept in a secure wing at the Selkirk Mental Health Centre, but the board has granted him increasing freedoms starting with supervised walks on the hospital grounds and eventually escorted trips to nearby communities.

He won the right to live in a group home last year.

His medical team is now asking the review board to let Baker live on his own, albeit with several conditions that would include daily monitoring to ensure he continues to take his anti-psychotic medication.

And I am 100% sure that neither the communities, nor the tenants in the group home were told what a dangerous psychopath walks among them. Canada has great privacy laws, especially if you are a criminal. All of that didn’t bother in the least the courts:

Crown attorney Brian Sharpe said Baker would continue to be monitored “for the foreseeable future” and did not object to the request for independent living.

“There have been no issues. He’s described in positive terms by the staff,” Sharpe told the hearing.

“As far as I can tell, he’s done everything that’s been asked of him.”

Needless to say, the cheerful Mr. Sharpe doesn’t live in an apartment building or a group home and couldn’t care less what the Manitoba Hannibal Lecter could do to the tenants living there.

Finally, the big day arrived in early February, 2017:

A schizophrenic man who was found not criminally responsible for beheading and cannibalizing a fellow passenger on a Greyhound bus was granted an absolute discharge Friday.

That means he will no longer be subject to any conditions or monitoring to ensure he takes his medication.

Tim McLean’s mother was devastated but nobody in the mainstream media cares about the victims of violent crimes. The criminal is always the real victim. What matters to the journalists is the opinion of people, who would do anything to make the murderer look attractive:

Baker’s defenders include Chris Summerville, executive director of the Manitoba Schizophrenia Society, who has met and worked with him over the years.

“He is no longer a violent person,” Summerville said.

“I will say, yes, he absolutely understands that he has to (take his medication) and has a desire to live a responsible, moral life and never succumb to psychotic episodes and not to hurt anybody ever again.”

Now, I would like you to stop for a moment and re-read the last two quotes from the article. They don’t even claim that Vince/Will was cured. He is as crazy as he has always been and just a few pills stand between him and his next murderous spree. All the courts and the schizophrenia society have is a promise that the Chinese cannibal is aware that he must take his medications regularly.

If the voices in his head tell him to stop, the disaster will strike. We are not talking a person who thinks he is Napoleon, we have here a violent murderer. Such cases almost always end tragically when the old urges inevitably come to the surface.

The Canadian government and the doctors are gambling with people’s lives. They just hope that nothing would happen and couldn’t care less if it does. And why not? Chances are no one of them will suffer the wrath of the Chinese murderer, his victims will become those who never knew who he was.

Regardless of what he is, the government welcomes him on our behalf.

Canadians are constantly betrayed by their government. Whether it is a schizophrenic cannibal or potential Muslim terrorists from Syria, we are expected to keep quiet and be happy that our tax dollars pay for the upkeep of people who would gladly kill us.

During the last federal election campaign, Justin Trudeau refused to strip terrorists from their Canadian citizenship and famously stated that “a Canadian is a Canadian, is a Canadian”. Now he has added a cannibal into our big Canadian tent.

© 2017

Red Fascists Storm an Event with Ezra Levant at the University of Toronto – Lefty Extremists Storm an Event with Ezra Levant in Toronto

This week will be remembered with a series of event that embarrassed some of the best-known universities in North America. It started with the Milo Yiannopoulos’ attempt to speak at the University of California at Berkeley, which was cancelled after violent anarchists trashed businesses and public buildings. That was followed by an assault on Gavin McInnes’ event at NYU.

Today, it was the University of Toronto’s turn to show that psychopathic lefties have the upper hand when deciding who can speak. An event, which included the media personality and founder of The Rebel Media Ezra Levant, was stormed by a deranged crowd, which managed to interrupt it.

It happened at the Toronto Action Forum, organized by – a student organization promoting free speech and political activism. Levant was the last one of a few distinguished speakers who spoke on various issues regarding current politics, economics and free speech. Prof. Jordan Peterson, Prof. Janice Fiamengo, Anthony Furey, and several economists.

Even though the organizers received a few threats via Facebook, the forum started and proceeded smoothly. It was sold out completely and the participants enjoyed the discussion panels.

Things changed drastically after Ezra Levant arrived at about 5 p.m. As soon as he took the microphone, we heard screams from the hallway. It turned out that a crowd of “social justice warriors” stormed the building and occupied the hallway, blocking both main exits.

We were trapped for a while and nobody was allowed to exit. Obviously, the campus security couldn’t handle those savages and we had to wait for the police. Then, one of the invaders pulled the fire alarm. Ezra was determined to continue his presentation, but the police came in urging everybody to leave. They promised that as soon as the Fire Marshall determined that there is no fire, we will be allowed back in.

We left the building and Ezra continued his speech without microphone. The red fascists kept screaming and shouting on the other side, but were unable to do any damage. Unlike the US, in Toronto, the police took them seriously – over 20 officers showed up and kept them under control.

While the police acted properly and kept the order, the university administration didn’t miss the chance to show its cowardice. While Ezra was speaking, one of the organizers approached Ezra and said that the administration cancelled the event and we had to disperse. Once again, censorship by the vile and violent lefties was enforced with the help of one of the major Canadian universities.

You can see most of what happened in the movie.



Prof. Jordan Peterson


Ezra Levant has just arrived


Ezra speaks outside

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Vulgar Women from Toronto March against Donald Trump

Canada’s lefties see our southern neighbours as unkempt hicks who can’t match the high sophistication of the dwellers of the Great White North. Unfortunately, the reality shows that the lefties in both countries share the same strange and irrational behaviour. The reactions to Donald Trump’s victory demonstrated that once again.

Yesterday’s women’s march against Trump was supposed to show the moral superiority of women who didn’t bother to vote but took the streets to whine and complain without any clear purpose. In the USA that protest probably has some justification because The Donald is now their President. However, it was hard to make sense of the march in Toronto.

Trump’s policies have absolutely no bearing on the life in Canada, other than the fact that an improved US economy will devastate Canada, crippled by high electricity prices, regulations, and upcoming carbon taxes. But the women in the march were not concerned about the economy. When there is a rally against unfair taxes or government mismanagement in Canada, it attracts hundreds at most.


Yesterday’s march attracted tens of thousands who, judging from their signs, were in competition to use the foulest possible language. You will see that in the photos below. It was hard to take seriously the declared message of “compassion” and “hope” when the participants did their best to sound like harbour hookers. One of their signs summarized the event’s meaning: “The Psychopaths have arrived”.

toronto-women-anti-trump-march-2699% of the participants were the typical white “progressives” from Toronto’s downtown core. Other than the foulmouthed women, the event was attended by quite a few girly guys and even girlier husbands and boyfriends, who were probably dragged there under the threat to be left out in the doghouse. The abundance of representatives of the parasitic public employees’ unions, the useless social justice organizations and even different communist factions, left little doubt that the long arm of the Nazi apprentice George Soros had made it possible to get so many lefty idiots in one place.


Still, Canada is a dull country and the speakers at the march couldn’t match the flamboyant lefty leaders we see in the USA. In Washington, D.C., the march was led by the epic psychopath Ashley Judd, who projected her sick sex fantasies on Donald Trump, implying attraction to his own daughter. Madonna boldly stated that she wanted to blow up the White House. And I am not sure, if she had delivered on her promise to give blowjobs to all who voted for Crooked Hillary.

Toronto’s speakers were modest – mostly leaders of obscure social justice organizations that are still generously financed by the corrupt provincial government in Ontario. The one that stood out was Ausma Malik, a school trustee, who boasted that she became the first hijab-wearing woman to take a public office in Canada after a vicious racist campaign against her. She was lying about the campaign, trying to blackmail the people who tried to point out her participation in event supporting Hezbollah.

What made the event even more disgusting, was that many of those vulgar women brought their children. Not only were the children exposed to obscene signs and chants, but some of them were also forced to carry those signs. I saw a young boy declaring proudly that “the future is female”. Are they going to neuter him in that future? Another young boy (sorry, I have no picture) carried a sign on his neck: “Hey, Trump, do you know what genderqueer is?” And then, a few little girls made their point with: “Feminism is my favourite F- word” and “Dump on Trump”. Obviously, for those people, public child abuse is not a big deal.

toronto-women-anti-trump-march-4-childrentoronto-women-anti-trump-march-24-childrenProbably because of such “progressive” parents, now we have in Ontario a perverse sex-ed curriculum prepared under the watchful eye of the convicted pedophile Prof. Ben Levin.

Here are the pictures from the march. Since I am often accused of having “hate speech” in the blog, I am not going to spell out the signs of those vulgar idiots. Let them speak for themselves.


I hope the kid doesn’t know how to read



Trump will eat Village Idiot Trudeau alive



Trump will eat Village Idiot Trudeau alive

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A Day at the Toronto Zoo

Here are a few pictures from a day spent recently at the Toronto Zoo. We visited it shortly after the first birthday of the two baby pandas, which are currently the Zoo’s main attraction. A nice distraction from the political vortex that has engulfed the politics both in the USA and Canada.


Multicultural acquarium


Flirting baboons


The chameleon can’t hide


Mr. Panda eats bamboo leaves


Mrs. Panda does the same


Mr, & Mrs. Panda’s daughter sleeps


The magnificent lion


Lion’s wives at play


Gorilla lovebirds


A tense cheetah


The vegetarian polar bear

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