Walk with Israel – Toronto 2016

Yesterday the park near Toronto’s Exhibition Place once again became the starting point of the annual Walk with Israel event organized by the UJA Federation. The donations collected through the event go to support various initiatives in Israel, like hospitals, universities, improved youth employment, etc.

More than 20,000 people of various ages, from babies in strollers to the elderly, gathered to take part in the walk. Not only Jews, but also supporters of the Jewish State from many different nationalities and ethnic backgrounds were among them.


The participants gather in the park

walk-with-israel-toronto-2016-2Israel was represented by D.J. Schneeweiss, the Consul General in Toronto. Quite a few of our venerable political leaders showed up for the event. I spotted on the stage Carolyn Bennett, Trudeau’s Minister of Indian affairs and the conservative MP Peter Kent. The provincial luminaries were represented by the Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and the Progressive Conservative Party leader Patrick Brown.


Teflon Wynne and Chief “Islamophobia Nonsense” Saunders are having fun


Grumpy Brown

Some of the politicians delivered very comforting and inspiring speeches about how much they valued Israel. (You can read summaries of those speeches here.) The situation in Canada would have been better, if the speakers used the same zeal to fight the anti-Semitism and blackmail of Israel spread by the Left and the Muslim fanatics. Without such determination, the participation in the Walk looks like another multicultural photo-op to be checked in the plan for winning more votes in the next election.

The politicians didn’t spoil the fun of the huge crowd – as soon as the stage was empty, everybody headed toward the exit to walk again the long 8-km route. In the beginning it looked like the scorching heat was going to make the event difficult, but soon a few clouds mercifully covered the sun. Most participants were carrying Israeli and Canadian flags, some were singing and there was even dancing at many spots.



Bikers for Israel

The attempted spoils didn’t come from the weather, but from the usual suspects who have turned hatred for Israel into a profession. At their usual spot, early in the route, the participants were greeted by the phony rabbis from Neturei Karta. The organization presents itself as the only true Talmudic voice of the world Jewry. The purpose of their activities is to convince everybody that, according to the scriptures, Israel shouldn’t exist. What is now Israel should be “dismantled peacefully,” all Jews must disappear and the land handed over to the “Palestinian Authority”. I hope those kapos are paid well by Soros, the Iranian mullahs or any other anti-Semitic entity, because it was unnerving to see all the curses and other verbal abuse they had to take from the Jews that passed them by. Somehow, Jews didn’t like the plan for their future prepared by the “rabbis” and their Arab masters.

Later the group moved to the starting point of the walk, where, in addition to the ridicule, they had to endure a well-deserved direct confrontation with members of JDL-Canada.


I wonder if these idiots could survive under the “Palestinian Authority”



JDL-Canada vs. Neturei Karta



Another tiny group of protesters included the lefties. The only remarkable thing about them is that the same people show up every year. They are only getting older, yet the message remains the same. All they want is to destroy Israel through economic boycott and military surrender. This year they went further – one of them, a creature of an unidentifiable gender (often seen with Queers Against Israeli Apartheid in the Dyke March), pushed one of the participants in the walk. Naturally, the police did nothing. Chief Saunders became famous recently that we should lay off the “Islamophobia nonsense” when discussing a Muslim terrorist, who stabbed two military officers in Toronto. Obviously, the newest directive of the police is to lay off the “anti-Semitism nonsense”.

walk-with-israel-toronto-2016-leftieswalk-with-israel-toronto-2016-5Still, compared to the thousands who marched in support of Israel, these two tiny groups were almost invisible. However, the ideology they promote is hardly invisible. The consequences of their “work” is already visible in Western Europe where anti-Semitism (that doesn’t even bother to mask itself as “anti-Zionism” anymore) is creating a crisis situation not seen since World War II. And such ideologies pave the road for radical Islam, the larger monster determined to destroy our civilization.

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Meet “Dirty Justin” Trudeau, the Parliament Cop

First of all, I want to apologize profoundly to Clint Eastwood for appropriating his iconic character to describe the actions of an empty-headed guy who now occupies the office of the Prime Minister of Canada due to an inexplicable fluke of fate. Dirty Harry was a hero. He dispensed justice in a corrupt society, where the broken law enforcement failed to stop violent criminals. Dirty Justin is a hysterical kid, who tried to resolve an argument in the Canadian Parliament with actions suitable for a half-witted kindergarten bully.

You may already know what happened yesterday in the House of Commons, but let me explain it again to those who are still in the dark. Its members were still debating the controversial law about assisted suicide. The opposition wanted to introduce a few points in it to guarantee that incapacitated or confused people would not be tricked or coerced into ending their lives.

Of course, Trudeau and his Liberals wanted the law approved in its original form. And that made sense. Getting rid of useless old people at the hands of Dr. Mengele’s soulmates will help the government to redirect the funds they have diligently paid into throughout their lives to the semi-literate Muslim “refugees”, a highly-valued group that will be grateful and vote for the Liberal Party for life.

Questioning the nuisance points about saving human lives is not something that Trudeau’s party would approve of. A small group of MPs from different parties appeared to be arguing fiercely on the floor. Like in a Terminator movie, a command flashed in Trudeau’s little brain: “Talking too much! Engage!” Dirty Justin had no other choice but to deliver the overdue justice.

He rose from his chair and headed toward the dissenters with a determined walk. Dirty Justin silenced them quickly showing that no one should mess with him: “Get the fuck out of the way!” He took charge immediately by grabbing a Conservative MP by the arm (none other but the party whip Gord Brown). While dragging him away, Dirty Justin managed to elbow a female NDP in the chest.


The poor socialist was so shocked and distressed that she had to leave the chambers to recuperate and missed a vote. Last year his media lackeys praised Justin as one of the greatest feminists for staffing his government with 50% women, because “it was 2015”. This year feminist numero uno assaulted a woman in front of the nation. Was it because now is 2016?

You can see this in the videos below. There are too of them, just in case, because unflattering news about “progressive” politicians like Trudeau and Obama often disappear.

The confrontation that followed after the incident finally justified Thomas Mulcair’s nickname “Angry Tom”. The NDP leader was so furious about what Dirty Justin did that it seemed he was going to engage him in a fistfight. The realization that he has gone too far activated another flashing command in parliament cop’s brain: “Abort! Abort! Abort!” Few noticed in the commotion Stephen Harper standing far behind and laughing.

His mode quickly switched from Dirty Justin to his usual “empty-suit” persona. Shortly after everything ended, we were treated to another one of his “uuh-err-uh-ummm-aah” apologies, which was even more painful to watch. He repeated it again this morning.

As one could expect, the ass-kissing media and Justin’s online trolls started to create excuses for his obnoxious behaviour. They presented him again as a reasonable person caught in the heat of his passion for justice. They even tried to justify the assault on the Quebec NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau, the woman he elbowed. In the feminazi world St. Justin is right even when he assaults women. Imagine if Stephen Harper had ever done something even remotely similar. Canada’s media maggots would drag him through the mud for years.

What Justin Trudeau did was an inexcusable assault against at least two people. According to the Canadian law, even unwanted touching could constitute assault. He went far beyond that when he grabbed Gord Brown by the arm and dragged him away against his will. And hitting somebody, as he did to Ruth Ellen Brosseau, is a textbook definition of an assault. If he did that in brawl with his buddies in a gay bar, he could’ve gone away with it. But here we saw him doing in the Federal Parliament of Canada.

Such brawls are common in the legislatures of countries like Taiwan, South Korea or Ukraine, but they never happened in Canada before. Remember? Canada is supposed to be that compassionate, nice, gullible and peaceful country, where we are supposed to love each other to death.

Now, thanks to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Canada has joined the ranks of countries where a few fists and elbows are considered a viable addition to the tools of parliamentary debate. Another dubious achievement that we owe to him…

We should probably blame it on that brat’s spoiled upbringing. Papa and Mama Trudeau taught him early on that little Justin can achieve anything he puts his mind to, especially if he adds to the mix his temper tantrums. Having such an immature person as a national leader is nothing to be proud of. Yesterday he manhandled members of the parliament, tomorrow it would be our turn.


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How UNESCO Turns Culture into Dirty Politics – from Israel to Japan

The Organization of the United Nations illustrates perfectly how good but utopian intentions crash and burn when faced with reality. Established after World War II to build a better world, the UN eventually turned into a quagmire of corruption controlled by Muslim fanatics and backward dictatorships. The same situation dominates its cultural arm, UNESCO, which was supposed to preserve and support the world’s cultural heritage, yet the final result was a tool for bullying countries disliked by the majority through distortion of history.

It is not by chance that UNESCO’s boss is Irina Bokova, the product of a corrupt high-ranking communist family from Bulgaria. As a high official in charge of the press in the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party, her father Georgi Bokov was instrumental in exterminating free speech. He was even allegedly involved in the murder of the popular conservative journalist Rajko Aleksiev in the early years of the dictatorship. His privileged daughter took full advantage of her position to study and work in the West – opportunities that were denied to the talented people with a modest background.

Under her leadership UNESCO became as corrupt as any of the dictatorships it defends. Some of the developed countries are routinely harassed by the United Nations and that negativity takes even worse forms when UNESCO does it by attacking their culture and heritage. A consistent target of that attitude is Israel. The Arabs, who want to wipe out the Jewish state militarily, also want to erase its history through the tools provided by the world cultural organization.

The latest in the string of such attacks was draft resolution 19 adopted in April of this year by UNESCO’s Executive Board. Israel’s Foreign Ministry reacted negatively to the document, stating that it “aims to transform the Israeli-Palestinian conflict into a religious confrontation and its adoption is a disgrace.” And they were justified in their position. The resolution dealt with Temple Mount, the holiest site of Judaism, and listed several blatantly false accusations while ignoring several thousand years of history. In its original version it contained the line that UNESCO “affirms that the Buraq Plaza is an integral part of al-Aksa Mosque/ al-Haram al-Sharif.” Buraq Plaza is what the Arabs call the place around the Western Wall. The document naturally was introduced by Arab states, which pressured the other members.  After protests that line was removed but the remaining text wasn’t much better. Only US, Germany, United Kingdom, Estonia, Netherlands and the Czech Republic voted against it.

The Muslim claims to the site come from the Koran (Sura 17:1), which narrates how Muhammad was flown at night to Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa, the mosque located on Temple Mount. The only problem was that it didn’t exist at the time (year 620). The “prophet” didn’t use a flying carpet but rode a nightmarish creature, a human-donkey hybrid with wings called Buraq. That explains the name of the place in the Arab tradition.

The truth, based on extensive historical records and archeological discoveries, is that Temple Mount was the place were once the Second Temple stood. After the Romans destroyed it in 70 A.D., the remaining wall gradually became the most revered site of worship in Judaism, known as the “Western Wall” (Kotel ha-Ma’aravi) or as it is popularly called, the “Wailing Wall”.

This is how UNESCO’s blackmail works. The Muslim claims based on the ramblings of the demented lunatic Muhammad trump thousands of years of real Jewish history.


The Western Wall – the Al-Aqsa mosque is at top right

It’s not an accident that in paragraph 5 the resolution calls for a ban of the archeological excavations of Jerusalem. The discovery of more Jewish artifacts may contradict the story of Crazy Mo and his flying humanoid donkey. Then the screed demands stop of the “storming” of the mosque by “Israeli right-wing extremists and uniformed forces” while neglecting to mention that everybody who goes there is met by the screaming rabid veiled harpies and rocks thrown by equally rabid Arab kids. On many days the Jews are not allowed any access to Temple Mount. The police patrol the site to maintain some semblance of order.

It gets even better – the resolution brings up a Jewish conspiracy, in which, according to UNESCO, the devious Jews plant fake Jewish graves near the mosque and convert “many Islamic and Byzantine remains into the so-called Jewish ritual baths.” No word that those have been there long before the Arabs arrived. Under the Jordanian occupation until 1967 many Jewish graves (especially on Mount Olive) were used as urinals by the Muslim anti-Semites and the synagogues in East Jerusalem were turned into sheep and goat pens (see “Jerusalem: Illustrated History Atlas” by Martin Gilbert, p. 101-102). The resolution condemns even the decision to build a two-line cable car system in East Jerusalem – apparently the Arabs will be more comfortable commuting on camels.

It goes on and on, even turning the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron and Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem into Muslim sites, though the Koran doesn’t tell us whether Mo and his talking donkey friend reached those lands.

The trend of sloppiness and outright malice permeates most of the programs and activities of UNESCO.  Such is the case with their Memory of the World Register, which is supposed to preserve the documental heritage of the world and includes Magna Carta, the diary of Anne Frank and other significant records.

It sounds good, but the organization could spoil even such a noble cause by catering to various dictatorships. Last year the People’s Republic of China added documents on the so-called Nanjing Massacre to the Register. The documents are still kept secret. The problem is that the event is a subject to bitter dispute between China and Japan. There is very little information about what exactly happened, whether it was a clash between the armies of Japan and the Chinese nationalists of Chiang Kai-shek or deliberate Japanese assault. The evidence about 300,000 slaughtered civilians is anecdotal and doesn’t explain why under Japanese occupation Nanjing’s population consistently increased. The issue of the event was never raised before the 1990’s when China became a substantial economic power and started to use the past to discredit its competitor Japan.

The Chinese side never provided any reliable documents, but that didn’t stop it from spreading shameless propaganda against Japan through its Confucius Institute and numerous phony “grass-root” organizations financed by the Chinese Communist Party. Regardless of what the truth is, this is a dispute that should be resolved between China and Japan before starting any initiatives. But that’s not how UNESCO works – they jump to defend communists China, even though Japan is its largest financial donor. Over the decades after the war Japan changed into an exemplary democratic country, while China remains a brutal dictatorship, which mistreats its citizens and threatens militarily many of its neighbours.

That makes you think: if something controversial like the “Nanjing Massacre” could be added, why doesn’t UNESCO do the same for well-documented events? What about the bombing of Dresden, which needlessly killed over 130,000 civilians? Or the nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? If we want to keep it close to the topic, a good addition will be the genocide in Tibet, which China occupied in 1959 and then managed to kill about 1 million people. Maybe the 50 million Chinese who perished during the Great Leap in 1957, the Cultural Revolution in 1967, “re-educational” camps and many other social experiments conducted by the Chinese communists also should be included in UNESCO’s Register.

Such a rational approach would be too difficult to implement by the incompetent bureaucrats of UNESCO. That’s why mostly insignificant and questionable events are included in the Register, which makes a mockery of Magna Carta and Anne Frank’s diary. Just one example – we see at the top of the listings the Asian-African Conference of 1955. Its archives became “documentary heritage submitted by Indonesia and recommended for inclusion in the Memory of the World Register in 2015.”

UNESCO tells us that the conference was a great event, which promoted peace and “anti-imperialism”:

The Asian-African Conference (AAC) Archives is a set of documents, pictures and films related to the Conference held in Bandung, Indonesia, from 18 to 24 April 1955. The conference was the first international assembly of Asian-African nations, aimed to promote world peace and cooperation, and freedom from colonialism and imperialism. The Conference was attended by 29 Asian and African countries.

So far, so good, but if we look more carefully at the picture chosen to represent the event in the listing, we are unpleasantly surprised.


We see in conversation Zhou Enlai and Mufti Amin al-Husseini. Zhou was the loyal henchman of Chairman Mao, deeply involved in all atrocities committed by the communist party. The notorious Mufti of Jerusalem, presented as the leader of “the observer delegation from Palestine,” was one of the most virulent anti-Semites of his time.


The anti-Semitic Mufti chats with the communist butcher Zhou Enlai

The Muslim cleric incited numerous bloody riots against the Jews in the Mandate for Palestine. The Mufti was closely associated with Adolf Hitler. He hoped that the Nazi regime would help him get rid of the Jews for good. Al-Husseini recruited Muslim military units (mostly Bosnians) in Europe, which helped the Nazis to capture and deport local Jews to the death camp. After the war he had to go hiding to avoid prosecution.

The Mufti chats with his friend Adolf Hitler

The Mufti chats with his friend Adolf Hitler

Only UNESCO can promote an event where these two repugnant characters played major role as an event for peace and cooperation.

Obviously, the normal countries can’t get a break in the world of the UN and UNESCO. A country must be disorderly or a dictatorship to be left alone. The last ridiculous example includes again Japan.

The UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women included as a major criticism in a draft of a report “criticism of Japan’s male-only Imperial succession.” It is unbelievable that they found that to be one of the main “faults” of Japan. Naturally, it slipped from their minds that in the barbaric kingdom of Saudi Arabia no woman could ever be a queen. Besides, no woman could be a driver, leave her home without her owner, pardon me, husband, or occupy a government position.

They have to thank for that the old pedophile Muhammad (his last wife was 6 years old), who after coming back from Temple Mount on his horrific mule, established laws that still treat Muslim women as chattel. In Japan the situation is completely different, but that doesn’t matter to the UN. The important thing is that Japan may do some complaining and stop, while Saudi Arabia can send somebody to blow up the UN building or behead the whole Women’s Committee.

Isn’t it time to shut down such useless and harmful organization, which are good only at stealing money?


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Jews Kicked Out of a Syrian “Peace and Democracy” Rally in Toronto

Yesterday, on May Day, in a small space in downtown Toronto we witnessed again our city’s political diversity, which Justin Trudeau always finds so fascinating. On Dundas Square an assorted multitude of socialists, plain communists, communists (Marxist-Leninists), Bolsheviks, Iranian revolutionaries, Maoists, fans of the terrorist Kurdish Worker’s Party, etc., came out with their colourful banners to demand a communist revolution in Canada. A few hundred meters to the south, at the Old City Hall, a large group of noisy Syrians demanded peace and democracy in their country (and that wasn’t Canada). Not far from them, in front of Toronto City Hall, a smaller rally opposed campus anti-Semitism in Canada.


The Syrian rally


Signs against the fighting in Aleppo

After the Jewish rally finished, a few students passed by the Syrians and decided to join their rally to show support. After all, the demands revolved around peace and justice, values that all Canadians supposedly share. Besides, Israel has been the only country in the region, which did its best to stay out of the conflict.


Jews attempt to join the Syrian rally

The attempt turned into another illustration of the old proverb that no good deed remains unpunished. As soon as they noticed the Jews, the organizers took care of the situation by kicking them out. You can see in the video below how a woman shows up right away to tell the invading do-gooders that they are not wanted because their presence is against the “mandate” of the rally.

Then other people swarm the Jews and they are escorted out of the rally area. I probably need to give some credit to the Syrians for trying to adopt the famous Canadian politeness. The Jews were kicked out with a cheerful smile, while normally such an action could involve fists and knives.

It wasn’t a surprise to see something like that happen. Trudeau’s government has flooded Canada with tens of thousands of Syrian freeloaders who will cost us billions in the near future. An unknown number of gullible Canadians has contributed their money to finance that madness. An organization I belong to, with quite a few Jewish members, has pestered me for months for a donation to sponsor a Syrian Muslim family. Bringing in so many people who hate Jews defies reason. Those newcomers have no intention to integrate.

We spoke with some of the participants in the rally. They were against Assad, ISIS (though they considered it a minor threat), Israel, and the Americans. They wanted peace but had no idea who can bring it and under what conditions. When a friend suggested that the young Syrian men flooding Europe should stay in their country and fight for freedom, a hijab woman became agitated and accused her of ignorance. She clarified that those were very poor people who had no weapons and couldn’t fight. But holding signs and kicking out Jewish supporters won’t help either.

The disastrous immigration policies of Trudeau’s government will ensure that the Syrians will bring with them all of their problems. In a recent interview the Immigration Minister McCallum admitted that most Syrian “refugees” speak neither English no French, have little or no education, while their families are very big. Even the mainstream press reports that our limited resources allocated to help Canadians in need have to be re-directed to finance thousands of unemployable Syrians.

It is only a matter of time to see the diversity cherished by Justin Trudeau turn into open hostility and fights against Canada.


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JDL-Canada Confronts the Anti-Semite Ken O’Keefe

It seems that in the newly-minted “inclusive” Canada of Justin Trudeau things are turning upside down – criticism of extremist views is condemned, while extremism is tolerated. A united front of the old Muslim fanatic Syed Soharwardy and a few gullible rabbis tried to ban a Calgary talk by the prominent scholar and critic of radical Islam Robert Spencer. At the same time, in Toronto we “enjoyed” the appearance of Ken O’Keefe, a textbook case of an anti-Semite who hates Jews and wants Israel destroyed. There were no official protests against him. His talks were widely promoted and hosted by important venues, the “Palestinian” club Beit Zatoun and the University of Toronto. The only organization that had the guts to confront him was JDL-Canada.


Ken O’Keefe arrives at Beit Zatoun

ken o'keefe in torontoUnlike the armchair anti-Semites who are satisfied to trash Jews and Israel online, O’Keefe adds to the usual cocktail of Jewish conspiracies his resolve to physically attack his enemies. Beit Zatoun promoted his “achievements” on the event’s page:

His style of activism is characterized by his involvement in disarming two Israeli commandos as nine of his fellow Mavi Marmara passengers were executed. The Israeli military later claimed O’Keefe was a “terrorist operative of Hamas.” O’Keefe has repeatedly stated that Israeli Mossad and its assets, along with traitorous elements within the USA, are directly responsible for the “false flag” 9/11 attacks.

Ken’s over-arching goal is to promote realistic World Citizenship. He will reveal more details about that. Find his weblog at Ken’s original marine conservation work has been somewhat overshadowed by his non-violent, but fully confrontational work for human rights.  O’Keefe is a published author and lecturer who now holds Irish, Hawaiian and Palestinian citizenship, but his ultimate allegiance is to his “entire human family” and “Planet Earth.”

Impressive resume, if you are applying for Waffen SS. A few years ago he renounced his US citizenship, but he seems to have compensated for that by acquiring the imaginary citizenships of Hawaii, “Palestine” and the World. Let’s hope that next year he adds to his collection passports of the Inter-Galactic Federation and the Klingon Empire.

While many people like him try to find some acceptable form for expressing their offensive views, O’Keefe is not shy to declare his disgust for the Jews and their state in a blunt and open way. A few years ago he was one of the keynote speakers at the Israeli Apartheid Week in London, where he stated:

“If Israel is inherently a racist, apartheid state, then I want no part of it. Israel has no place in this world and it must, in its current form, if you want me to use some inflammatory language, be destroyed.

“The Jewish state is acting on behalf of the Jewish people. You [the Jewish people], like the Nazis, now have a special obligation. The decent Germans of World War Two, what did they do when the Nazis came to power and instituted their policies? Did they do enough to stop the Nazis? No, they didn’t.

“What are the Jewish people doing right now? Are you doing enough to stop your racist, apartheid, genocidal state?”

You can’t say it more clear than that – to him the Jews are the new Nazis. His zeal has been highly appreciated by the terrorists from Hamas and along with the “Palestinian” citizenship, he was also awarded with the “key to Gaza”.

o'keefe-hamasBut that’s not all. Last year he had the opportunity to share his views on the imminent death of Zionism with his fellow anti-Semites from the London Forum. In the description of the video with his talk they didn’t miss the chance to mention that he appeared on the radio show of the infamous KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, for which he was criticized by “the Marxist-Jewish cliques”.

ken-o'keefe-london-forum-videoIt is hard to find more obvious example of double standard and hypocrisy. The University of Toronto cheerfully provides platform for the offensive views of O’Keefe, while organizations like men’s rights groups have to struggle to get recognition. Robert Spencer has never said or done anything that even remotely resembles the rants of the anti-Semite O’Keefe, yet he has to fight for the right to speak in Canada.

As I said, JDL-Canada was the only group that confronted him at his first event at Beit Zatoun on Thursday. About 30 people showed up, met by heavy police presence.

jdl-canada-confronts-ken-o'keefe-2jdl-canada-confronts-ken-okeefe-3The protest was peaceful. The police made sure that the fans of the prominent anti-Semite had an unobstructed access to the building. The thoughts and feelings of the protesters were expressed in a short speech of the Director of JDL-Canada Meir Weinstein.

jdl-canada-confronts-ken-okeefe-4Things became more complicated when Ken O’Keefe showed up shortly before 7 p.m. While he was walking on the sidewalk, several protesters rushed to confront him. The police were quick to interfere and separated both sides. They grabbed O’Keefe to escort him to the door, which he for some reason didn’t like. He even yelled at the police. You can see that moment in the video below.

Near the end of the footage you can also see Hussan from No One Is Illegal, who came to enjoy the event. This is a strange organization, which claims that only Indians have sovereignty over Canada, but at the same time wants to open the borders to anyone who wants to settle down here. It’s a schizophrenic view, but that’s how the lefties think. The fact that Hussan came to support an anti-Semitic event tells you all you want to know about such leftist groups.

O’Keefe’s talk at the University of Toronto showed the sad state of the higher education in Toronto. A student who attended the event shared with me her impressions. The friend of Hamas managed to attract about 500 people in the large auditorium. O’Keefe’s showed that he meant everything mentioned above. Jews were the conspirators behind the total control of the media and the financial system of the world. He pictured Israel as the major enemy of mankind that must be destroyed. Nobody objected to his views. The audience wasn’t limited to the usual ragtag crowd that desires a new world revolution. It included well-dressed educated people. And all of them clapped enthusiastically.

Years ago that crowd always made sure that they hid behind the slogan of “anti-Zionism” when attacking Jews. Now they don’t feel they need to do it anymore. Anti-Semitism is turning mainstream and O’Keefe’s popularity is one of the proofs of that trend.

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