Anti-White Racism in Edmonton

The city government in Edmonton has started a campaign to eradicate racism (H/T Blazingcatfur) with the active participation of the Human Rights Commission of Alberta.

One may think that the noble goal of that enterprise will be to target all forms of racism. However, when you read carefully the materials published online, it is very clear that the campaign targets mostly the white people. The racism is seen as something that only whites practice.

Probably in Alberta they still have few rednecks, who don’t feel guilty over something that somebody in the USA may or may not have done few hundred years ago.

Here is what they said to the stubborn white people:

“Racial “whiteness” is many things, but one of its consistent qualities is power. As people granted unearned privileges by our own whiteness, and as people who have likely harmed non-white people with our own whiteness, it’s our moral and ethical duty to find ways to combat racism.”

It’s clear and simple – if you are white, you are guilty.

And here is how one of those people reacted (although he is not exactly a redneck):


To be fair and honest, I should say that after few angry letters and e-mails, the organizers removed that idiotic text. Yes, there are still few people left in Canada who won’t let anybody walk all over them.

Still, many other anti-racist recommendations are still on the side. One of the important ways to fight racism is through proper pictures:

Visuals. The pictures and other visual representations in our homes should truly be multiracial. Children learn a lot from what they see in their home environment.

Since that requirement is not likely to go away, I wholeheartedly decided to comply with it. Here is the multiracial, multicultural, extremely politically correct poster that now hangs in my living room:


Is it diverse enough? It has them all: Charles Manson, Bob Rae, Mao, Obama, Lizzie Borden, Osama, Jeremiah Wright, Shoko Asahara, Jack Layton, Nancy Pelosi, etc. etc.

I hope it will save me from the Human Rights Police.

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