Black Obama Voter Beats a Young White Mother with Her Child Watching

With George Zimmerman’s trial ending with a result the black racists didn’t like, their supporters in the White House – Barry the Kenyan Bisexual and Eric “My People” Holder have called in subtle way for actions that would limit the ability of the non-ghetto people to defend themselves. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, the two civil rights movement clowns, are about to turn the message into calls for violence hoping to bring even more government money into the pockets of people who have never worked.

The video shows a black guy, who came from the same scummy underclass, which Trayvon Martin and his beloved whale Rachel Jeantel represent. Although the incident happened before the trial (in late June), it illustrates very well the “ethics” and the “values” of those black racists. The brutality of that home invasion could be a surprise only to the most stupid victims of the delusion of political correctness. This subhuman underclass is the demographics that supports Barry and his gang of tax-grabbing activists.

Giving more power to those animals, while mistreating all other people (regardless of their colour) who actually work, will eventually cause the total collapse of our society.

In 1920’s Washington Phillips, one of my favourite black gospel singers, recorded 16 songs among which was a tribute to his parents:

I used to have a real good mother and a father

And they certainly stood the test

Now, they are, are in bright glory

And I know their souls are at rest.

They laid a good example for me

They taught me how to pray

Now, I’m a-truly converted

And I’m walking in the narrow way.

I am sure his parents achieved everything through their own labour. They didn’t have the generous welfare state, which lets most ghetto people go through life without lifting their finger. The black people in the last century had as an inspiration Washington Phillips, a pure soul.

Today they have Al Sharpton, a repulsive and ignorant crook with no morals and ambitions other than filling his pocket with other people’s money – mostly by extortion and inciting violence.

The results of that shift are very obvious in the video.

You can read the background of this horrible story here.

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