Desmond Tutu and Amy Biehl, or the Racist Taxman and the Dead White Fool


Desmond Tutu after the speech (from the South African newspaper)


It is sad when a person outlives his own legend. Once the undisputed hero of all self-hating Westerners, now Archbishop Desmond Tutu reveals in most of his public appearances that he is a few cards short of a deck.

It’s probably his age – at 80 senility might have hit him. I read that Nelson Mandela is affected by the same condition, but at least the people around him keep him home thus saving his dignity.

On the other hand, Tutu is left to roam free and make a total ass out of himself. He has been involved in numerous weird lefty causes (like the global warming hoax). He also became the darling of the anti-Semites with his bashing of Israel and support for the Palestinian terrorists.

I have always tried to ignore him as a pathetic old man, who doesn’t know what he is doing anymore. However, a recent appearance of his has caught my attention. That was reported by a South African newspaper (h/t BCF).

At a book launch, where he was supposed to deliver a prepared speech, he made a few unusual proposals.

First of all, he wanted a “wealth” tax to be imposed on all white South Africans. As you probably remember, he was the head of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), which was supposed to “heal” the “wounds” of the apartheid.

“Tutu did not say how he wished the tax to be implemented, but said he hoped whites themselves would “agitate” for it to be imposed upon them.” So he hopes that the whites will give their money voluntarily (if they don’t, Tutu can always use the Zimbabwean “methods of persuasion’).

He revealed at the launch that the idea was not new. It came up during the TRC meetings:

There were many in the white community who were ready for this (at the time of the TRC process). It could be quite piffling, maybe 1 percent of their stock exchange holdings. It’s nothing. But it could have helped… maybe building new homes, and that would have been an extraordinary symbol of their readiness.

No matter how you twist the idea, charging only a particular race with a certain tax is nothing but racism – pure and simple. I never heard about the scheme before, but it shows that Mandela’s people were not shying away from introducing their own racism.

The esteemed Archbishop also tried to sneak in the race card into his explanation for the high crime in South Africa. The vicious crime rate is a direct result from the apartheid-induced “self-hate”. That’s a nice one – it takes the blame away from the total incompetence of Mandela’s party.

Those consequences affect even the black-on-black crime. Tutu said:

When you suffer from self-hate you project it on to those who look like you and so we have so-called black-on-black violence, where the victim of a hijacking is shot even when she has surrendered her car keys.

It gets even more entertaining – he blamed even littering on apartheid:

The disgrace of littering… is not a function of poverty. Our parents were poor but our surroundings were scrupulously clean because apartheid had not yet done its pernicious work. This “work”, this eventual impact of apartheid’s policies, had left black South Africans feeling: “I am nothing, I am rubbish and so it does not matter that I live among all this rubbish which reflects what I think of myself.

What an “empowering” statement – with Tutu’s help you can justify even your laziness to clean up the filth you live in.

But wait, there is more – even reckless driving is OK, since it was caused by the apartheid “wounds”:

We show it how we drive recklessly, inconsiderately, aggressively… because deep down we are angry and so the appalling carnage on our roads during the holidays… horrendous statistics we just accept.  We are wounded.

It is sad to read that. It shows the total political and moral bankruptcy of the ANC movement. Do you remember the times when Mandela was lauded as some kind of a messiah supposed to lead Africa out of the swamp?

Even then the whole thing was a scam. The ANC propaganda machine skilfully played the white guilt in the rich Western countries to derive generous financial support for its terrorist activities. The people, who were able the see the truth back then, were silent, otherwise they would’ve been cursed for blasphemy against the “saintly” Mandela.

Even the communist countries were involved in the racket. I remember the South African functionaries housed there as “students”, who were constantly raising funds for their “struggle” and passing petitions to save their terrorists from the gallows. Make no mistake – they didn’t plan to build a prosperous South Africa. Their goal was to replicate the communist system, with the same repression and confiscation of wealth.

In their twisted minds they didn’t plan to work for the country’s prosperity – all they needed to do was to confiscate white people’s wealth. Robert Mugabe believed in that fantasy and after his thugs took away the farms from the whites, he was left to hold the bag.

Unfortunately for them, the communist world collapsed before ANC’s terrorists could grab the power. So they had to compromise by pretending that they are democrats.

However, Tutu’s speech shows that even in the transitional period supposed to bring peace, Mandela’s people were planning to establish their own reversed racism.

Later on, many qualified white people were pushed out of their government positions and replaced with incompetent party activists.  Now they are even talking about nationalizing the mining industry (that would spell the end of South Africa).

There is open hostility, which tries to exclude whites from the public life. You can find facts and information about those atrocities at Orwellian Culture, where
the pictures below were published:


A South African black racist manifesto



Whites are only tourists in South Africa (even though they pay your welfare)


Yet nobody seems to notice that deterioration, because there are more than enough useful white idiots trying to keep Mandela’s fake halo intact with staples and glue.

Do you remember Amy Biehl? She was a white American girl inspired by South African blacks’ fight against apartheid to the point that she went there to help them. In the summer of 1993, after driving a few friends to the township where they lived, she was attacked by a black “revolutionary” mob of over 80 people.

They dragged her out of her car. Her head was smashed with rocks and she was stabbed repeatedly until dead. The authorities arrested 4 people they believed did most of the damage and sentenced them to a jail term.

Such atrocities against white people were common at the time. A month before Amy’s murder, four armed black terrorists invaded The Saint James Church in Kenilworth, Cape Town. During the massacrethat followed, 11 members of the congregation were killed and 58 wounded. The perpetrators were also caught and sentenced to long jail terms.

Yet in 1998, after spending only 5 years in prison, the criminals guilty for both crimes were given amnesty and freed (along with many others). We have to “thank” for that TRC and its chairman, Archbishop Tutu. He has blood on his hands, because most of those criminals started offending again. Shortly after their release, two of Amy’s killers committed rapes and went into hiding.

In Amy’s case, there was an additional horrifying twist. Her parents, who were self-hating lefties just like her, pleaded for the release of her killers. Her father shook hands with them and blamed the whole thing on the apartheid.

A few years later, Linda Biehl, Amy’s mother, established a foundation in South Africa in her daughter’s honour.

As an act of her own private “reconciliation”, she hired the two remaining killers of her daughter to work for the charity. Not only that, she got very close to the
criminals, they were and still are like family to her:

Easy and Ntobeko are fascinating, and I really do love them. They have given me so much… It was like an adoption. That kind of broke the barrier. These were just children who didn’t have a chance to have a childhood.

So here we have it – the ultimate Darwin Award, the most psychopathic family I have ever seen.

It’s bad enough that Amy’s killers and the four men who killed 11 people were set free after doing only five years. Mandela and Tutu sent a clear message that white people’s lives were worth nothing. What’s even worse is that there are white idiots, who suffered directly from black crime, yet they cheer their blood-thirsty idols.

No wonder Tutu feels so bold in his anticipation of the whites-only tax. With people like the Biehls as supporters, he, Mandela or Zuma can introduce whatever discriminatory or disastrous policy they want and they’ll be praised for it.

And of course, it would never occur to them that they’ll achieve much more for the country, if they are treating everybody the same way.

There’s not much good in the future of South Africa…

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    “As an act of her own private “reconciliation”, she hired the two remaining killers of her daughter to work for the charity. Not only that, she got very close to the criminals, they were and still are like family to her.”

    Blimey, I wonder if they will ever find a “stupid white liberal” gene? Imagine the number of abortions that would skyrocket as a result. Gays should be careful about insisting on there being a “gay gene.” If THAT is ever identified, then guess whose babies will be aborted first? But still…

    I never cease to be amazed at the sheer stupidity of white, self-hating liberals. How do these people ever get through life? If two lowbrow thugs ever killed any one of my children, I swear right now Admirath, they would never see a prison cell. My army training will see to it.

    Briefly on desmond Tutu, he once stated that if Apartheid was not “dismantled soon,” blacks would attack white schoolchildren and black maids would poison their white employers coffee. Yes, he really said that. Some church leader, huh?

    However, South Africa is going rather badly. The ANC has become an overt, racist demagoguery run by imbeciles of the worst kind. Their totally incompetent handling of the economy that has cost over one million black jobs is now being blamed on the whites. Indeed, the ANC now blame whites, coloureds and Asians for the country’s slow demise. Even the leader of the ANC Youth League, Julius Malema, is now promising to nationalize all major industries, including the banking system (when he becomes President), and to kick out the whites for “what they did to us.”

    Excuse me Julius, but it was the whites who built a first-world nation out of bush & rock, and handed the lot over to YOUR kind. The sins of Apartheid aside, Malema was a fat eight-year-old kid when Apartheid ended. He now earns 20,000 Rand a month, but lives a millionaire lifestyle in a luxury home with a fleet of expensive cars. He wears designer clothes and jewel studded watches, all paid for by his crooked business deals that are ingonred by the corrupt ANC leadership . And he wants to expel the whites, the very people who make up only 8% of the nation’s population yet pay the most taxes?

    South Africa is on its way to becoming the new Zimbabwe. Malema has the support of millions of young, angry blacks who are unemployed and living in poverty. Once he becomes the new Mugabe, South Africa will be well and truly finished.

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