Zimmerman 1 – Kenyan White House Racist 0

When I came back home tonight it was very late, so I didn’t expect to hear the Zimmerman verdict while I was eating my dinner. I had to prolong it like a Spaniard in order to hear, after the jury conclusion, the opinions of all involved sides. Frankly, I didn’t expect that verdict, because I have lost my trust in the American judicial system long time ago.


The fact that a few people found the courage to defend the truth, gives us some hope that maybe some morality and decency has remained within the hearts of the Americans.

Despite the massive pressure by the Kenyan racist in the White House, who used all his power to influence the prosecution and the judge and convict the “White Hispanic”, it looks like rationality still exists. Barak Obama, the voice of the welfare parasites, black racists and Marxist freeloaders is still in office. The Zimmerman verdict is still a tiny victory against the welfare state octopus that Obama represents.

Now the black freeloaders from NAACP are calling for the Racist-in-Chief Eric Holder to start a federal case against Zimmerman and spit on the decision of the jury. Nothing new here – since the times of Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and now Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, all the black masses relied on was extortion and riots to extort even more money. And I am sure that those parasites may try to kill him.

America is at crossroads – is it going to return to its roots of self-reliance? Or is it going to follow the way of the despicable crook in the White House, whose only way of domination is to force people attack each other?

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Nice t justice for a change. The Martin family have been profiting quite nicely from their waste-of-space son’s death. Shortly after the media interest in this case exploded, The Martin family hired a publicity company, trademarked Trayvon’s hoodie photo, and went tot Europe to raise even more money under the disguise of “justice for Trayvon.” I imagine they’re raking it in by now, with Trayvon “gangsta nigga” image now becoming as popular as Che Guevara’s.

    All we are waiting on now is the riots, during which mainly white people will be targeted. George Zimmerman, on the other hand, will have to go into hiding and possibly even have to leave the USA for his own safety, which if damnable if it ever happens.

    1. admiwrath says:

      I am still waiting for the riots. I don’t think that Sharpton and Obama’s henchmen would miss such an opportunity to scare the majority.

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