Black and Lefty Racists Lynch George Zimmerman

By the time I am writing this, I am sure that everybody in North America knows that in a Florida town a person named George Zimmerman shot and killed another person named Trayvon Martin. I am not going into a guessing game about who is guilty in this case. That’s up to the courts to decide (if they are still independent).

This article deals mostly with way the US government, mainstream media and assorted activists tried to use the case to impose their twisted agenda on all of us. Right in the beginning I would like to firmly state that at the bottom of that agenda lies simple racism.

Obama was supposed to be post-racial, hopey, unifying president, but he has proven time after time that he is either an incompetent idiot who tries to divide the country or a skilful leftist on a mission to completely destroy it.

When the incident was first reported, the media and the race hustlers salivated over the opportunities – imagine, somebody called Zimmerman shot a young chap with the first name Trayvon. Zimmerman implies a very white person, possibly German, or maybe even Jewish (the latter is even better for the media). And the victim’s name definitely implies a black guy (mostly blacks choose such weird made-up names for their children).

According to the preliminary information, Zimmerman was not arrested after the shooting – a dream scenario for the media, showing that a white guy got away.

When the first picture came out – it was a mug shot from a previous arrest – it turned out that Zimmerman wasn’t white at all. In fact, despite his name, he looked very brown, he was Hispanic.


Zimmerman - darker than expected


That caused some cracks to the perfect racist crime, but not for long. As soon as the old racist idiot Al Sharpton showed up to help Trayvon’s family benefit in the best way from the situation, suddenly the racial determination was corrected – it was announced that Zimmerman was a “White Hispanic”. That is a totally new race, but it doesn’t really matter when big money is at stake.

The correction came from the fact that Zimmerman’s father was white. I am not sure if I can follow the complex logic of Al Sharpton’s style of racism, because from their point of view Barack Obama should be classified as “White Black” or “White African” so we basically don’t have a black President.

The issue is so complicated that only a specialist like Dr. Mengele or other authority from the old South Africa would be able to resolve it.

On the other hand, from the very beginning, the “victim’s” family and the media started showing a very old picture of his, in which he looked like an angelic creature that fell from heaven.

It was contrasted with the mean-looking Zimmerman:

The angel and the villain


However, that was not enough – George still looked too dark, too ethnic and didn’t fit the white villain paradigm. Thanks to the miracle of Photoshop, some progressive souls made him look whiter. With the change of his face colour and the background he is supposed to look like nasty white guy:

Is this white enough for you?


Doesn’t he strike you as more evil now? So when you pair him with Trayvon again, you can create much more powerful rage and indignation:


The evil Zimmerman and the even more cherubic Trayvon


As you can expect, the other side is not sleeping either. After an easy search they uncovered Trayvon’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, with a few pictures. Here is one of them:



It looks like that Zimmerman didn’t deal with a cherubic kid –  by the time he met him, the kid has already turned into a nasty gangsta type, going under the name NO_LIMIT_NIGGA (on his Twitter account). And another one:

More of the same...


But that huge guy (already 6’3”) hardly could fit Al Sharpton’s narrative of the innocent violated kid. So you are not going to see that picture juxtaposed with Zimmerman’s.

And the “tolerant” left racists are going even more extreme:

The son of Adolf Hitler


Can you believe that? The neighbourhood watchman Zimmerman turns out to be the last reincarnation of a line of villains, which includes Adolf Hitler and Timothy McVeigh. Only in the twisted minds of the lazy ghetto blacks and their leaders Al and Jesse it is possible to make such a statement. But that’s not a surprise either – in that layer of society robbery and extortion are the easiest sources of income.

The whole case shows what a disgusting racist shithole America has become under Obama’s leadership. People are willing to turn a Hispanic into a white guy just to “prove” their case of “hate” crime.

At the same time, every hate crime committed by blacks on whites is conveniently ignored. Just a two weeks ago a white schoolboy was set on fire by two of his black classmates. Did you hear old Al talk about it? A few years ago Christina Eilman, a mentally disturbed person, was arrested by the Chicago police and instead of sending her to a mental institution, they released her into a high-crime black area. Then she was raped by a black gang an thrown out from the seventh floor of an apartment building.

Christina Eilman


By some miracle she survived but remained paralyzed and in need of constant care. Guess how much the rapists paid for that – you guessed right – ZERO. And I won’t even go into the black on black crime. Every day dozens of blacks, many (unlike Trayvon) really small innocent children get killed by stray bullets, drive-by shootings or direct violence, but the gang of racist idiots – Obama, Sharpton, and Jackson – don’t give a damn, because you can’t make money from the welfare black criminals.

We really live in a messed up world…

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