Obama’s Sons and Daughters Hunt White People in Milwaukee

Over the weekend, the city of Milwaukee had become the center of the latest wave of black violence directed against whites and their businesses. As we had seen that several times before, the actions of the idiots from Black Lives Matter have probably been stirred by rich white liberals and especially by the filthy little hands of Satan’s only begotten son, George Soros.

That level of destruction is new to Milwaukee. Years ago, the city became world famous due to its most “outstanding” citizen, Jeffrey Dahmer. The quiet young man, who lived in a predominantly black area, had the nasty pastime of killing and dismembering his homosexual lovers. He kept their body parts in plastic containers or in his fridge and even ate some of them. The stench of decomposing human flesh finally gave him up and he was caught. I don’t recall any riots erupting as a reaction to his cannibalism.

After he was convicted, Milwaukee slipped into oblivion once again. But the calm was deceptive. The place, like many other towns, was going through a deep transformation (or should we say fermentation) toward leftism and “social justice”. The driving forces behind it soon clashed with the state government. You probably remember the union unrest and the recall of Governor Scott Walker. Where the leftists become dominant, racial riots would follow inevitably, though with some help from creatures like Soros. The result of that urban fermentation stinks worse than Stilton cheese.

The white cannibal, who killed and ate mostly dark-skinned people, was not enough to cause a riot, but a shooting of a black criminal by a black police officer triggered a mind-blowing unrest. Of course, the glorification of black criminals by Obama’s administration also played its role to cause that reaction.

After the young thug Trayvon Martin was killed while attacking a security guard, President Obama observed that if he had a son, he would look like Travon. That wasn’t just a sentimental remark, it became Obama’s policy. Later he started to promote the criminal gang Black Lives Matter, their leaders regularly visited the White House. Obama’s presumed successor, Hillary Clinton, even invited the mothers of young black criminals killed in confrontation with the police to the Democratic National Convention. The group became known as “Mothers of the Movement”.

When evil politicians absolve black criminals of any responsibility for their actions and blame everything they do on the cruel world of the White Man, it is not hard to predict that the criminals would feel entitled to the goods they steal. And let’s not forget that, just like Detroit and Baltimore, Milwaukee has been ruled for decades by the Democrats, with the predictable catastrophic consequences.

The incident that started the present riots didn’t fit strictly the narrative of racism because, as already mentioned, the black thug was shot and killed by a black officer. The initial report that he was unarmed turned out to be a lie – he had a large gun, stolen along with ammunitions during a previous robbery. It appears he was killed after trying to shoot the officer. On top of that, Sylville Smith had a long rap sheet of various violent crimes and 13 arrests. Several black people were killed in the city the week before, yet none of the activist bothered to question their deaths.

It looks like that truth doesn’t matter anymore, the criminals from Black Lives Matter are ready to loot and set things on fire for any reason. And the looting and destruction started right away:

Video footage shows violent mobs of ‘Black Lives Matter’ rioters targeting white people for brutal beat downs during last night’s unrest in Milwaukee.

The clip shows angry rioters chanting “black power!” before asking “is they white?” as cars slowly drive past.

“Yeah they white!” states someone else, prompting the mob to run towards the vehicle.

“Yeah they white, get their ass!” screams another.

“Hey they beatin’ up every white person!” exclaims another rioter.

“He white – beat his head – bitch!” he adds.

The footage appears to show the mob attacking cars and trying to drag out the drivers.

With the caveman’s English that those folks speak, it is not hard to imagine the dismal quality of the schools in Wisconsin. The riots continued over the weekend and the situation became even worse. Even reporters were beaten and robbed. Governor Walker had to call in the National Guard to prevent the total destruction of the city.


Savagery and destruction in Milwaukee (photo: Fox News)

As it is customary in such cases, the lefty media brought forward the dead guy’s relatives with their “message of peace and reconciliation”. Syville’s sister reportedly called for calm and end of burning down businesses.

However, the media outlets didn’t share the whole message. She pleaded for peace in the black areas but was very much in support of destroying the predominantly white suburbs:

“Burning down shit ain’t gonna help nothing. You’re burning down shit we need in our community. Take that shit to the suburbs. Burn their shit down. We need our shit. We need our weave. I don’t wear it, but we need it.”

Another product of Wisconsin teachers’ union, with enviable proficiency in Ebonics, a language where the word “shit” can express endless nuances of reality.  Another guy tried to express a more philosophical view on the situation, still in Ebonics, but with the surprising lack of the term “shit”:

“It’s sad because you know, this what happened because they not helping the black community, like you know, the rich people they got all this money, and they not like, you know, tryin’ to give us none.”

Still, that’s the basic idea that has kept the black people down – it’s never their fault, everything happens because rich people refuse to share their “shit” with the poor folk.

Syville’s father was more articulate and came closer to revealing the true reasons, maybe because he spent years in jail and, unlike his son, learned something from his ordeals. He got out of jail two months ago and was involved in drug dealing and pimping and definitely didn’t see himself as a role model:

“What are we gonna do now? Everyone playing their part in this city, blaming the white guy or whatever, and we know what they’re doing. Like, already I feel like they should have never OK’d guns in Wisconsin. They already know what our black youth was doing anyway. These young kids gotta realize this is all a game with them. Like they’re playing Monopoly. You young kids falling into their world, what they want you to do. Everything you do is programmed. I had to blame myself for a lot of things too because your hero is your dad and I played a very big part in my family’s role model for them… When they see the wrong role model, this is what you get. They got us killing each other and when they even OK’d them pistols and they OK’d a reason to kill us too. Now somebody got killed reaching for his wallet, but now they can say he got a gun on him and they reached for it. And that’s justifiable.”

It is sad, but there is no solution in sight. The common values of a strong family, faith and self-reliance have been destroyed long time ago by the “progressive” paternalistic government measures created to improve people’s lives by various handouts. The likes of Soros, Obama and Black Lives Matter don’t add anything good. By promoting violence and fake justice, they dig even deeper hole for the black people.

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    What we are seeing now is merely Obama’s true legacy. But blaming “systematic racism” and the legacy of Jim Crow and slavery (all Democrat inventions) rather than face up to their own self-made problems will drive America into utter chaos and complete societal breakdown.

    1. admiwrath says:

      It seems the chaos is already here.

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