What the Zimmerman Case Is Really About

The trial against George Zimmerman over the murder of the wannabe “gangsta-nigga” thug Trayvon Martin still continues. Sultan Knish has provided a great analysis of what really is going on:

The Zimmerman case is about many things, but it isn’t about George Zimmerman, an Hispanic Obama supporter who campaigned against police brutality only to find himself plucked up by the hand of Big Brother to play the villainous white racist in the latest episode of liberal political reality television.

Zimmerman is the latest Bernie Goetz; another wholly unlikely cult figure who currently campaigns for vegetarian lunches in public schools and squirrel rescue. It’s not that the two men had anything particularly in common. Unlike Goetz, it is very unlikely that Zimmerman jumped the gun, so to speak, but they both fill a similar niche. They represent the embattled lower half of the middle class.

To understand the Zimmerman case, you have to live in a neighborhood that has just enough property values to keep you paying the mortgage and just enough proximity to dangerous territories to make you feel like you’re living on the frontier.


See the rest at: http://sultanknish.blogspot.ca/2013/07/wrong-side-of-street.html#sthash.LcOpA5NV.dpuf


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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    This trial was flawed from the start. From the outset of the actual shooting, George Zimmerman has been portrayed by the liberal media as a racist murder of an innocent young black teenager. However, Martin was a juvenile criminal that had been suspended twice in the same year of the shooting for offenses that should have gotten him arrested; once for getting caught with a burglary tool and a dozen items of female jewelry, the second time for getting caught with marijuana and a marijuana pipe.

    However, the press have gone all out after Zimmerman’s blood, portraying him as a racist, trigger happy “white” Hispanic. Little, if anything, has been written about the racial animosity surrounding this case, whipped up by Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson. And let’s not to mention the $10,000 bounty put up by the leader of the New Black Panther Party, Hashim Nzinga (real name Robert Barisford Brown)for Zimmerman’s capture. Perhaps even more ridiculous, if not sad, is the prosecutions ‘star witness’, the loud, uneducated and hostile Rachel Jeantile. Of Haitian descent who grew up speaking Creole and Spanish, this 19 year-old waste of air and did nothing but embarrass every black person in the USA the second she opened her mouth. Her barefaced lies and her claim that Martin’s description of Zimmerman as a “cracker” when she asked who was following him was not racial, even though it is widely accepted as a racially derogatory term. But what is missing here is the fact that George Zimmerman DID NOT break the law. The case rests on whether or not Zimmerman shot martin based on his skin color, and the race whores are working this case overtime on social media. I lived in Florida for a few months to help out a friend with his new travel business and considered buying a handgun for home defence. The Broward County Sheriff I spoke to even advised me that if I confronted an intruder in my home, to “make sure they’re dead when you shoot them. Otherwise they’ll come back looking for you or they’ll sue you. if you kill them there is only your side of the story.” I didn’t even need an excuse to shoot someone dead in my Florida home. All they had to do was break in and get caught. Then “bang!” One dead intruder, no matter what they were doing on my property. And what did it take to buy a gun in Florida? The price of the weapon and a current Florida state driver’s license. That’s all, folks! I didn’t buy the gun and was back in Canada after four months.

    The real problem concerning young black men dying in the USA is often conveniently overlooked by the likes of Sharpton & Jackson. According to a study conducted by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, between 1976 and 2011 there were 279,384 black murder victims, which means that 262,621 were murdered by other blacks, resulting in the 94 percent figure.

    Even though blacks make-up only 13 percent of the nation’s population, they account for more than 50 percent of homicide victims. This is an ‘inconvenient truth’ for the race baiters. They prefer to paint black people as victims of racism, which is why many of them are poor, involved in crime, live off welfare & food stamps, and have over 70% of their kids out of wedlock. Just for the record, Al Sharpton earns over $180,000 per year and has a net worth of $5,379,150. Jesse Jackson who somehow got rich when managing not-for-profit companies, and is worth a cool $10 million. I don’t see or hear these “reverends” preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, or giving up their wealth for the poor. They are too busy looking for racist bogeymen behind every bush and turning what should have been a straight-forward case of an intruder being shot, into a racist crime, while ignoring the 7,000+ young black men murdered every year in the USA at the hands of other young black men.

    The truth is indeed just too ‘inconvenient.’

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