Canadian Transvestite Forces

Strange are the ways in which the Canadian Army works.

When you look at what its commanders promote, you may think that they have resolved all the tasks they have in defending our country and there are few marginal issues to be looked after. Two months ago they invested serious effort into promoting the non-existent Muslim contributions during the Islamic History Months. And that happened in times when our country is at war with the Islamic fundamentalists.

Now a new “pressing” issue has been addressed. The army issued a new policy that details how it should accommodate the transsexual and transvestite troops. Even the activists, who are staunch supporters of such a policy, admit that very few of the tiny Canadian Army fall into those two categories.

The policy promises privacy, respect and understanding to those who are confused about their sexuality. Forgive me for saying that, but such considerations are more fitting in a Victorian all-girl finishing school, where the girls have all the time they need to question their complicated feelings.

The last I checked, the army is an institution that is supposed to defend us from enemies, who try to destroy us. It may not be the best place for a sensitive transvestite who is struggling to define his or her complicated attitude toward sexuality.

Somehow I don’t see the Muslim savages that the army is fighting in Afghanistan as appreciative of those “complex” issues. The army has always been, still is, and always will be a rough environment, where the consequences of your actions are a matter of life and death. No amount of wishful politically correct thinking is going to change that. Such delusions will actually give an enormous advantage to the enemies of the West, who are not shackled by any type of political correctness.

Did the government solve all the problems of the soldiers who come back wounded and maimed? How about showing compassion and helping the family of those who have been killed? Should the transvestite accommodation really be at the top of the current army agenda?  I don’t need to give you an answer; everybody can see that most of that hasn’t been resolved.

Actually, that has been tried before (although only in TV Land). Is this the scary future of our army?

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