Corporate Bums and Temporary Foreign Workers against Canada



One of the few right decisions about the Canadian economy was the recent implementation by the Conservative federal government of time limits for the temporary foreign workers who come to Canada. Starting from April 1, their stay will be fixed at four years – everybody who has exceeded that term will have to leave the country and re-apply a few years later.

I wish I could credit the good will of the Conservatives to support the unemployed Canadian citizens, but alas, this change came only after a big scandal involving corporations and their thirst for cheap labour. A case that brought attention to the situation a few months ago involved the Royal Bank of Canada, one of our largest financial institutions, which concocted a scheme to replace low-level clerks with foreign workers at lower salaries. Of course, everything was perfectly legal and supported by the government laws and policies. That opened a can of worms that still stinks.

Most people in Canada were under the impression that the country imports only skilled workers and specialists, who can’t be found in the country. It suddenly turned out that the policy was a disgusting lie – many businesses and large corporations brought in low-skilled foreign workers to fill positions, for which there are plenty of Canadians with the same qualifications.

Naturally, they didn’t do that out of a desire to elevate Third World people from their poverty – the reasons were more practical and not that noble. The newcomers were expected to work for scab wages, much lower than what the Canadians were expecting. Low labour costs transform into higher profits and more mansions, yachts and pricey cars for the owners and the CEO’s.

One may expect that the trade unions and the lefty “social justice” warriors would be up in arms against that robbery of the Canadian workers. Incredibly, they didn’t react that way. The Left organized numerous protests to try to keep the foreign workers in Canada, oblivious to the fact that the measure hurts the working people. Organizations like “No One Is Illegal” – a collection of demented bums, often quoted by the Toronto Star, who want open borders while considering the Indians supreme masters of Canada (sorry, Turtle Island) – organized noisy protests condemning the callous decision. They conveniently ignored the fact that the large corporations are the ultimate beneficiaries of the status quo.

The CBC journalists jumped on the same bandwagon, trying to make all of us feel guilty:

“A Calgary immigration lawyer says changes to the temporary foreign workers program could affect everyday Albertans as early as this week.

“You might find that your service is diminished. You go to a Tim Hortons and all of sudden your lineup doubles,” said Peter Wong of Caron & Partners LLP.

Wong has dozens of clients who — come Wednesday — could be forced to get on a plane and go home.

“They’re scared; they can’t sleep at night,” said Wong.”

Hand me the tissue, Mr. Wong, I am going to cry! The immigration lawyers are some of the lowest in the profession – the immorality of depriving Canadians from work when foreigners are imported indiscriminately, is beyond their grasp. So that’s how Tim Hortons has become one of the largest food corporations in the world with billionaire owners. Here is a novel idea, Timmy – why don’t you pay normal wages that would attract Canadian people instead of importing all those foreigners? And that’s quite a threat – if we don’t let them in, the waiting lines will double.

And to show the “devastating consequences” of the cold-hearted Conservative decision, the CBC throws in the obligatory sob story:

That will be too late for Michele Quiyan, who works at a fast-food restaurant in Calgary and sends almost her entire paycheque home to her family in Manila every month.

“My son and husband were deeply dreaming about living here, in Canada,” a tearful Quiyan told CBC Calgary.

Her colleague, Alvin Sacluti has been working in the city for nearly eight years and also faces deportation in the next few weeks.

“We are still praying. We are still hopeful,” said Sacluti.

Wong says there are very few options for TFWs like Quiyan and Sacluti, except to apply for another four-year permit and wait to be formally rejected from Ottawa.

He says legally, they do not have to leave the country until they receive that letter.

Surely, Mr. Wong knows how to circumvent the law legally. And why not – the “dreamers” are paying for that. And probably many other parasitic organizations operating in that field are already lobbying Justin Trudeau to let anybody who desires so to stay in Canada.

The idea of a government in a democratic country is to serve and protect its citizens, not to take in everybody who shows up at the door, but, in Justin’s dreamy world, there are no bad people and no one is illegal…

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    I went to the Philippines five years ago and brought over 35 police officers to work her for my security company. We just couldn’t get the right people in Canada. Whenever we put out an ad for new guards, we would get people who couldn’t speak English, people who smelled bad, people who demanded more money than we could afford to pay, people who dictated to us what shifts they wanted to work, and people who demanded every religious holiday off so they could celebrate the “religion of peace. In other words, the so-called “new Canadians” were by and large a useless waste of space who were literally good for nothing. On the other hand, the contract workers I hired were superb. They wore the uniform with pride, learned the job quickly, were available for all shifts at the drop of a hat, and were very well liked by our clients.

    I am now in the process of selling my company while it is still worth something. It is a shame things are going this way, as the contract workers were decent, hard working people who did us all proud, and the “new Canadians” simply wasted our time during interviews. Not good for Canada. Not good at all.

    1. admiwrath says:

      The problem is that Canada has no real immigration policy. I wonder how they pick the 250,000 immigrants that our government “proudly” brings into the country. Jason Kenney even boasted that they brought over 300,000 Muslims (all potential fighters for their pedophile prophet). Probably that number should be reduced drastically to include only those who have proven skills and can adapt, but that requires political will, which is in short supply among the Canadian politicians. They don’t care much about Canada – their main concern is not to offend the useless bagheads and lose their votes.

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