JDL Chanukah Party to Support Blazingcatfur

Free speech in Canada is a rare commodity. Although guaranteed by Trudeau’s Charter, the same politicians who introduced it made sure that it doesn’t go to far beyond the Liberal Party’s agenda.

A certain Canadian lawyer, who shall remain unnamed for obvious reasons (I would identify him as balding and I hope revealing that fact is not considered libel) has started a personal crusade against speech he doesn’t like. Oops, crusade wasn’t the right politically correct term. He started a personal initiative against those who may intentionally or unintentionally offend or inconvenience a certain real or imaginary group of people or make that group think that they might be inconvenienced in the future or the speech in question may suggest that they should have been inconvenienced in the past.

Okay, my clumsy attempt to define the possible charges according to Section 13 of the Human Right Code and the corresponding sections of the Penal Code show how difficult it is to survive under those vague legal “definitions” when your “free” speech doesn’t fit the official agenda.

It is a shame, but with the current laws in Canada everybody can be charged for speaking their mind.

Well, this time that certain lawyer has gone after a prominent Canadian blogger, who is one of those thinking that free speech is still real. He is Blazingcatfur. People like him are representatives of the missing breed of the investigative reporter in Canadian media. Of course the mainstream media in Canada doesn’t need such people, we all live here in a multicultural paradise and every weird behaviour is just a nice piece of the rich tapestry of the multicultural madness.

However, for a very large number of people who pay the taxes that finance multiculturalism and are branded racists if they question the sanity of that situation, it is important to have somebody that can tell the truth.

Silencing people like Blazingcatfur is a travesty that if expanded will bring an end to our values and eventually to our civilization.

If you think that you prefer the traditional Canada as a home to individuals who work together and respect each other, as opposed to turning it into a medieval society, where the social problems are resolved by stoning and cutting off limbs, you may attend an event in support of Blazingcatfur.

It is organized by the Jewish Defense League of Canada and it will take place on December 1 at the Toronto Zionist Centre (788 Marlee Avenue).

There will be good food, a great opportunity to meet Blazingcatfur and make yourself a part of defending something that is bigger than you (and that’s free speech)…

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