The Pussification of Canada – Raffi vs. Don Cherry

It’s not easy to be Don Cherry. Other than being constantly harassed by his politically correct employer CBC, last month he became a major target of the united transvestite forces, which objected to him receiving a degree from the Canadian military college.

Now those flamboyant attackers have been joined by a powerful reinforcement. I am talking about Raffi, the guy who brands himself the “children’s troubadour”.

He added his voice to the squeaky homosexual chorus, which demands the demise of Cherry and his program. Raffi said:

“He sounds and acts like a bully. That’s not fun and it’s not a good example for the kids who are watching…In this day and age of all the hockey violence, we should be putting a stop to this…there’s absolutely no call for this guy to demean anybody who isn’t into the violence. That’s just really stupid on any level…his act is uncivil and doesn’t belong on our public broadcaster.”

That is the pathetic whining of an effeminate man (despite the beard), to whom anything beyond curling looks like a horrible violence.

I should admit that until the last year I knew very little about him. I remember, years ago, seeing one of his albums in a Columbia House catalogue (do you remember those?) and on the cover he was shown holding a banana as if it was a phone receiver. Weird… At the time I thought he was an Arab.

He actually attracted my attention earlier this year when he endorsed the Canadian boat to Gaza – the pet project of the anti-Semitic Canadian Left. I decided to poke around and find out more about him. For starters, I tried listening to one of his songs on YouTube, but couldn’t take more than 20 seconds of it.

The most astonishing fact that I discovered was that Raffi’s last name was Cavoukian. He wasn’t an Arab, but an Armenian. His family came from Canada from Egypt (he was even born in Cairo). If you are even faintly familiar with history, you may know that one of the worst genocides of the XX century was committed by the Muslim Turks against the Armenians – nearly 1.5 million were killed in 1915. That’s why so many escaped to other countries (like Egypt).

It’s beyond belief that an Armenian will endorse a Muslim terrorist gang, but that’s Raffi’s level. That pathetic lad is ready to endorse any disgusting cause to add another 15 minutes to his fading fame.

It looks like he is the idiot in the family – the others seem decent people. His father and brother are well-known portrait photographers. His sister Ann Cavoukian is Ontario’s Privacy Commissioner. I am curious what her opinion about her dumb brother’s support for Hamas is (but we probably will never know).

It gets even worse – Raffi is closely associated with the old enviro-swindler David Suzuki. They co-wrote in 1992 (with Suzuki’s wife) the so-called Declaration of Interdependence: A Pledge to Planet Earth. It’s a disturbing piece (from psychiatric point of view), in which Suzuki sees himself like some kind of a new Thomas Jefferson, who would restore the harmony among all the species on Earth. Unfortunately, the global warming scam wasn’t developed at the time, so they had to limit the scare mongering just to the ozone layer hole.

It looks like now Raffi has decided to jump on the homosexual bullying wagon – that is expected to be the next big time campaign in Ontario, which they hope to spread all over Canada. It’s a big project, which aims at destroying everything that prevents turning the Canadian boys into effeminate pansies. And besides, with cottage industry that would spring around the issue, Raffi is sure to make quite a few extra bucks.

The game of hockey and people like Don Cherry are the perfect target – they must be blackmailed and discredited. It looks like the final goal is to make boys think that they are unrealized trannies.

And there’s another point to Raffi’s story – you see that his activities are quite diverse. They include Hamas support, anti-Israeli activities, environmentalism, and now a fight against what little masculinity still remains in Canada. However, at the basis of all that lies just one goal – the destruction of our values and our society, which are supposed to be replaced by frightening social experiments imposed on us by “enlightened” artists and clueless liberal arts graduates.

The Western society has never been under such destructive pressure from within. It’s up to us to confront such evil hacks like Raffi, Suzuki and their army of mindless zombies.

© 2011

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  1. mick says:

    Your one twisted, effd up dude.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Sorry for hurting your feelings. I didn’t know hairy Raffi was such a big item among the Pennsylvania gays.

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