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The Grand Dyke of Queen’s Park Wants Another Billion of Your Money

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The gang of crooks known as the Liberal Government of Ontario has come up with another scheme to spend a billion dollars of taxpayers’ money. It turns out that the Pan American Games scheduled to take place in Toronto in 2015 would cost about $2.5 billion, instead of the planned $1.4 billion. Since this is a second-class sporting event, which is not going to attract that many tourists, it will be practically impossible to recover the expenses.

The government tries to present the new waste as a voluntary contribution to the games:

The organizers’ $1.4-billion budget covers core expenses, such as constructing venues and running the Games. But Ontario decided to add a series of other projects at extra cost. These include better venues than would otherwise have been built, such as a new stadium in Hamilton that will host soccer games during Pan Am and serve as the home of the CFL’s Tiger-Cats.

It’s easy to be generous with other people’s money. When the unelected Wynne was granted the Premier’s post by her party, we were bombarded daily with messages from the ecstatic lefty media that the new lesbian will turn a new page in the provincial politics. Instead, now we are stuck with a homosexual version of McGuinty the crook.


Screw the taxpayers!

Of course, they also throw the “social responsibility” mantra in the mix:

The province is also paying for the construction of the West Don Lands neighbourhood near Toronto harbour to serve as the athletes’ village. The buildings used to house competitors will become condominiums, social housing and college dormitories after the Games.

That’s rich – after the athletes leave, we will be stuck with another Regent Park or Parkdale. We will subside bums’ housing so that they can trash the apartments, which then will be fixed by overpaid public employees.

Michael Chan, Wynne’s tourism and sports minister, was furious that the provincial conservatives didn’t support the new rape of the taxpayers:

“They continue to shine a negative light on our local Pan American communities, our competing athletes and para-athletes, over 20,000 volunteers, over 26 new capital and infrastructure projects, and the 250,000 tourists who will be visiting,” he said. “Their party also continues to cut ties and embarrass our province with 41 nations, boycotting our reception last month and spreading unfounded allegations and numbers to the public.”

What a pathetic idiot – so if we don’t agree to flush a billion dollars down the toilet, we are embarrassing our province. His statement made me proud of Tim Hudak, but only for about ten minutes – I realized that no matter how much money the Liberals steal, he is so incompetent that he would never be able to win an election.

If you want to see the future of “our province with 41 nations,” take a day trip to Detroit.


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Rob Ford against Kathleen Wynne’s Gang of Thieves

This week will remain memorable in the heads of the leftards, who started the war against Mayor Rob Ford even before he was elected. The Holy Grail of that war, which its warriors coveted so passionately – the mysterious video showing the Mayor smoking crack – sort-of emerged. Police Chief Blair, after spending tons of money on that investigation, announced that they have discovered a movie, consistent with what the lefty papers were writing about.

However, the video is not showing any crime committed and no charges will be laid. It was a mystery why Blair came up with the announcement, if the find didn’t mean anything from a legal point of view. Is he trying to discredit Ford and open the way to the Mayoral seat to somebody he knows?

Of course, insufficient information would never stop the leftards from celebrating. The Toronto Star announced the event the next day with a front page story. I have seen that size of font only in old newspapers announcing the death of Hitler or the V-Day. I like Ford, but I don’t think that he influences the world to the degree that Hitler did.

In the media orgy of hatred that followed, everybody was calling for Mayor’s resignation (disgracefully, even the Toronto Sun became a part of it). Mayor Ford may have been known to have a good time on St. Patrick’s Day, but in this case he was the only sober person. He refused to resign over non-existent allegations and continued to serve the city.

Unlike the idiots, who run the Canadian media, the people that voted for Ford had a realistic view of the situation. Ford’s popularity surged to 44% after the announcement. That’s because they can see through those stupid games. Ford kept his promises to use effectively the city funds and cut the prices of the services. He kept fighting the useless union thieves – people would never forget that Mayor Miller gave us the stinky summer of 2009, when the City Hall capitulated during the garbage strike.

Most journalists are incapable of comprehending that people want an efficient city and lower taxes. That’s because they only care about the opinions emerging from the gay bars, union rallies and gatherings of welfare bums, who consider themselves artists.

I still wonder what makes Rob Ford eager to continue despite the abuse. A weaker person would’ve quit long time ago after that constant barrage of leftist blackmail, defamation and insults. He is far from perfect, but probably that quirkiness somehow allows him to survive all those horrific attacks.


Nothing fits better the old office slogan “You don’t have to be crazy to work here but it helps!” than the Toronto City Council. It is nothing short of madness to work with councillors, who designate a grass field as a heritage site or bring a whole kindergarten class to a homosexual event.

Just compare how the same journalists treated the Liberal government of Ontario. George Smitherman ran for the Mayor’s office competing with Ford, despite of his addiction to cocaine. The papers never made an issue out of it. Moreover, he was the thief implicated in the infamous eHealth fiasco, which cost the taxpayers about $1 billion. Of course, he didn’t steal the money himself (at least I want to think so), but he paid huge sums of money to people, who didn’t do any work. And that’s still theft.

He was handled with kids’ gloves, because of his homosexuality – his win would’ve been a huge victory for the gay bar lobby. Ford wasn’t supposed to win – he was always pictured as a “homophobic” brute. Yet the voters decided otherwise.

Father McGuinty and the rest of his gang also got away. When the current Dyke-in-Chief took over McGuinty’s position, the journalists kept hammering every day for months how wonderful it is that now we have a lesbian Premier, who will turn a new page in the history of Ontario. It only turned out that Wynne was the same crook, only with a different sexual orientation.

Nobody wanted to remember that as an Education Minister she worked hard on introducing a sex curriculum with a heavy homosexual bias. Her sidekick in the Ministry, Ben Levin, who helped design it, turned out to be (allegedly) a pedophile, who was arrested earlier this year for producing child pornography. Where was the journalistic outrage over that?

But Kathleen Wynne was just warming up – her lustre of a pure lesbian was too thin to hide the McGuinty’s filth that covered her. She tried to distance herself from the gas plant cancellation scandal, which cost the taxpayers another $1 billion. She lied she didn’t know anything about the cancellation and her bureaucrats shredded documents and e-mails, but they couldn’t hide the truth. Wynne and many others from McGuinty’s government should be in jail for theft and deception, but they are not even charged. It’s great to be a lesbian in Ontario.

Wynne is supported by Andrea Horwath, another despicable character, who acts as an accomplice to keep a corrupt government in power for the selfish interest of her own party, the NDP.

None of these junkies, perverts and other shady characters, who have cost the Ontario taxpayers billions of dollars, has ever been asked to resign by our corrupt media. On the other hand, Rob Ford, who has never stolen anything and has always had the interests of the taxpayers as a top priority, is hounded by those corrupt journalists.


Olivia Chow energizes her tranny base

The media push as an alternative Olivia Chow, who has shown time after time that she is fiscally irresponsible. She and her husband Whorehouse Jack even ripped off the city by living in a subsidised housing while being city councillors. But that’s exactly what the media want – it is better to have a tax and spend Mayor, who would keep the gay parades well-funded, instead of somebody, who would constantly remind us that if we don’t cut spending, we are going bankrupt.

I wonder for how much longer our dysfunctional province would manage to survive.

© 2013

Here Is Why Ontario Deserves Bozo McGuinty and His Lesbian Sidekick

A rally was held today at Queen’s Park to oppose the Liberal Party government of Ontario. It was supposed to call attention to their crimes and scandals. Knowing the magnitude of those scandals and their impact on the daily lives of the people of Ontario, it was reasonably to expect that thousands of angry people would show up to make their voices heard.  Many called for a mass protest at the event’s Facebook page (though only 109 confirmed that they’ll attend).


The not-so-massive rally


The event was a total disappointment. Less than 100 people showed up, most of them middle-aged or elderly. The young people, whose jobs were the main casualty of McGuinty’s devastating policies, were nowhere to be seen. And that was about an issue that has affected all of us, not some obscure cause. Even the Muslim fascists, who promote Khomeini, brought last year to their Queen’s Park rally hundreds and hundreds of people.




Yes, Ontario deserves better, if the people cared


I noticed two loons, who show up at almost every public event with big signs calling for Harper’s arrest over Indian genocide (most Idle No More types are certifiably insane). There was also a loud woman, handing out pictures and defending a cause that nobody could figure out.


The loony bin



What the hell is this?!


The speakers talked competently about what the Liberal government did. They covered the green schemes, which made electricity so expensive; the eHealth money waste; the Ornge scam; the cancelled gas plants, which cost us hundreds of millions of dollars.

One of the speakers noted that Conrad Black was convicted in the USA for destroying documents and actually sent to jail, while McGuinty, after destroying government records on a much larger scale, hasn’t been even charged.

I was just standing there, thinking what it would take to make the Ontarians act. McGuinty destroyed Ontario’s economy. He increased taxes with no benefits to anybody other than the usual public employee unions’ parasites. He turned our schools into a fertile ground for homosexual recruiters. And despite all of that, he was re-elected.

His unelected “heir” Kathleen Wynne, continued the same policies and spent her first couple of months shoving her lesbianism down our collective throat. (Maybe because now in Canada any criticism of homosexuals is illegal.) She also blatantly lied by denying her role in the decisions that shaped the McGuinty government’s catastrophic policies.

I have the feeling that nothing short of a burning bush with a thunderous voice or a full-fledged alien invasion is going to wake up the hibernating Ontarians.

Until then the death grip of Bozo McGuinty and his lesbian sidekick on the hearts, minds, and wallets of the dreamy Ontarians is not going to loosen up.

Here is a video from the event:


© 2013

Edith Prickley’s Evil Lesbian Twin Becomes Premier of Ontario


I have no intention of offending the beloved Andrea Martin character from SCTV. Despite of being loud and obnoxious, Edith Prickley was a heavenly angel, compared to the newly-elected leader of the Liberal Party of Ontario Kathleen Wynne.

Aside from being loud and obnoxious, Wynne has more baggage than a Himalayan Sherpa and hides more skeletons in her closet than Jeffrey Dahmer.   She is the symptom of the final self-destruction of Ontario. She illustrates once again the old saying of Karl Marx that similar historical events appear twice –first as a tragedy and the second time as a farce.

Under McGuinty the Liberals squandered our money in a serious and solemn way promising us a great windmill-powered future of mutually-rewarding diversity, while the new face of the Liberal Party brings to the process of squandering the clownish air of a gay parade.



Years ago she declared with a thunder that she was a lesbian, which was her major selling point. (Not that there is anything wrong with that.) That wasn’t enough – as a minister of education and an OISE creature, she wanted to make sure that the Ontario schools are queered to the degree that the Church Street militants want. Introducing curriculum for elementary school students, praising the joys of homosexual sex, was part of the scheme.

She was also actively involved in creating the “Gay and Straight Alliances” (GSA), which are homosexual clubs forced on all public schools in Ontario. Now she will double her efforts to continue that type of gay indoctrination, because she is so “concerned” for the tiny minority of homosexual teens:

She says she feels a special responsibility to young gay people who are looking for the possibility that there might be a more accepting world somewhere. She says it’s important to her that she may be helping people to be less frightened.

Her other crown achievement as an educator was that she fully supported the “mosqueteria” in the Valley Park school. It was ridiculous that a lesbian, who is hated by Muslims, allowed them to have a religious school, which not only violates the secular character of the public schools, but also gives power to the worst religious fanatics to brainwash children. I suppose that when the Muslims fanatics take over, they will let her live a few hours longer than the rest of us. And you don’t need to be a psychic to see that Wynne would never open a homosexual club in that school (Catholic schools are a fair game, because unlike the militant Muslims, Catholics are not going to cut off your head).

Wynne was also a dutiful union slave – she was part of McGuinty’s monumental syphoning of billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money into the deep pockets of the useless teachers and public employees’ unions.

While campaigning for her new position, Wynne didn’t say anything sensible about how she would solve the catastrophic situation of the Ontario finances and economy, brought to their knees because of her government’s “investing” in green schemes and other fantasy projects. Her talk revolved around the tired OISE clichés about inclusiveness, mutual help, and multiculturalism.

Kathleen Wynne is embodiment of all that is wrong with our politically correct society. She is the perfect “progressive” leader to whom reality is not a concern at all. She will lead us to the abyss while we are singing inspirational songs.


The Libranos march in the Toronto gay parade


I wouldn’t have been so pessimistic, if we had some alternatives that are at least partially viable. The “Progressive Conservative” alternative is a joke – the party elite consists of people who wander aimlessly through the Ontario political wilderness, led by Tim Hudak – who managed to lose the last election to one of the worst Ontario premiers and who is probably even more spineless than a slug. The NDP option of Andrea Horvath is even worse and her government would probably become the new haven of the greedy unions.

At the night the convention was taking place at Maple Leaf Gardens, I passed by the area to see a huge union demonstration, which was a clear signal that whether we are broke or not, the unions expect their unfair share of the public pie. The union alligators were happy and noble, while McGuinty was throwing their way big pieces of that pie. There is nothing left now so they are ready to devour the Liberal Party.

At the same time, while opening the convention, Edith Prickley’s evil twin was expressing gratitude that the event was taking place on the land of the Mississauga Indians. She was probably too dumb to know that those Indians sold the land over 200 years ago. Or maybe she is planning to give away Toronto to that Indian tribe. And she didn’t say much about how she was going to handle the union alligators.

But as I said that type of leader always lives in an imaginary reality. Unfortunately, living in such a reality always leads to a very real catastrophe…


© 2013


School Tranny Washrooms – the Legacy of Barbo and Daltonia


A few weeks ago the Premier of Ontario Dalton McGuinty resigned. It was nice to hear that one of the most despicable Canadian politicians is finally out of office. We will be calculating for years to come the massive damage he caused to our province. The billions lost through businesses leaving due to his green energy schemes… The eHealth scam… The surrender to the Indian terrorists in Caledonia, and so on, and so on… Dalton’s sidekick, the chief of the Ontario Human Rights Commission Barbara Hall is also about to leave her position. In this post I want to pinpoint the joint contribution of Barbo and Daltonia to the demise of Ontario.

Other than the devastating financial and social policies, which (at least theoretically) could be repaired with a better fiscal policy, both of them would keep the dubious fame as the couple, which managed to destroy the values in Ontario.

The attack against the traditional school system and family will be difficult to repair. Under the disguise of creating “fairness”, MacGuinty and Hall started a massive social engineering experiment, which expanded significantly the influence of questionable special interest groups on the educational system, despite the protests of the parents.

One of their crown achievements was the “tranny law”, which supposedly provided more rights to the “transgender” people. Pushed by the NDP MPP Cherri DiNovo, the law passed, because the cowardly politicians of Ontario (including the Conservatives) are too scared to be called “bigots” if they try to question any stupid idea offered by the special interest groups.

Thus the law created a new protected group without defining who is included in that group. A “transgendered” person in the traditional clinical sense of the word is somebody who has gone through a sex-change operation. But that definition was too rational for Barbo and Daltonia.

They decided to go with the very liberal interpretation that if you think that you’re a man and you have a vagina, there is no problem – Barbo would consider you a man. Having a penis, but liking to wear dresses? No problem either – you’re a woman!

And that’s not a joke – that human rights insanity had serious consequences for many people in Ontario, as we will see later.

It is incomprehensible that politicians would throw out of the window basic principles of the biological science to accommodate a group of mentally disturbed individuals. That has always been the case in totalitarian societies – like Hitler’s weird racial theories or Lysenko’s delusional concepts of acquired inheritance.

It’s hard to believe that in Canada, a Western democratic country, under the pressure from ignorant politicians we can discard valid scientific facts in the name of some “voodoo science” (actually we had a brief brush with something that weird called “repressed memory syndrome”). What they are trying to do is to legitimize a serious condition known in psychiatry as Gender Identity Disorder.

There is an excellent book by Kenneth Zucker that deals with that disorder, titled Gender Identity Disorder and Psychosexual Problems in Children and Adolescents

It is a very interesting scholarly book, which shows that the sufferers are unfortunate mentally ill people, often product of a difficult childhood, and they definitely need help. Result of meticulous research of hundreds of cases, based on interviews with children, parents and other people involved, it is a well-written scholarly work.

Yet, as I said already, all that scientific research is meaningless in socialist Ontario. A raging tranny left an angry comment in the review section condemning the book as “homophobic”. Just like in a communist country, a psychotic ideology turns the reality upside down.

Instead of getting help, the people with gender identity disorder are told that it’s OK to be crazy. They have suicidal thoughts and depression not because of their mental condition, but because some “bigots” refuse to admit that a hairy guy the size of Andre the Giant could be a woman.

Of course, there is no law against being crazy – the trannies can dress any way they want, walk the streets, work any job they are qualified for and gather freely in gay bars or any other places where they socialize. The trouble starts when the government gets involved. And it’s even worse if that foolishness is forced on children, the way Barbo and Daltonia did it.

Recently the Toronto District School Board was ordered by the OHRC to allow “transgendered” people to use the washrooms of the gender they feel they belong to, regardless of the possession or lack of a penis of vagina. The only criteria governing their choice would be their own opinion, which cannot be questioned by the authorities. That means that a hairy, balding and fat dude can freely use the girls’ washroom, if he thinks he is a woman.

You may find it hard to believe, but that’s the truth – supposedly sane people in the government follow the mentally ill. This gives endless opportunities to perverts and pedophiles – now every pedophile caught in a school washroom could claim that he is a woman and will be untouchable. If he is arrested, he can claim that his rights of a “transgendered woman” have been violated.

We will probably soon see rapes as a result. In their attempts to “protect” the feelings of a group of mentally ill people, who are a tiny fraction of 1%, the government idiots are more than willing to endanger the safety and the lives of thousands of children.

We need to add to that the homosexual curriculum that was forced on the elementary schools with the purpose to introduce the joys of gay sex. The homosexuals will even expand their presence in the form of Gay Straight Alliances, which are mandatory even in the Catholic schools disguised as tools to fight bullying.

And as if that is not enough, those perverts are even trying to confuse the kids even more by forcing them to question their sex. There is a whole list of required “children’s” books, which deal with boys who love to wear skirts or admire their homosexual uncle and girls who at an early age “question their gender”. I don’t see any benefits for the kids in this miseducation other than grooming them for sinister purposes. Their extensive knowledge of gay sex and gender confusion would desensitize them when a pedophile approaches them. And the parents are not allowed to question that monstrosity…

The trannies and the gays claim that all that is done in the name of peace and mutual understanding, but of course that’s a lie – with Barbo and Daltonia firmly behind them, they expect you to comply, or else… After I covered the tranny parade earlier this year, I received my usual dose of threats and “F” word messages. Some of my “fans” stated their position in an almost gentle way, like the girl who thought that my problems came from the fact that my parents didn’t expose me to homosexuality:

“Wow, Its really amazing how you can look at all these people and only see hate. I pray that you learn to accept that these ‘freaks’ as you so elegantly put it (And yes that is now a hate crime… ) as being human beings just like yourself.

The parents of the children there obviously agree that accepting and embracing our differences makes for a world united against hate and intolerance. Maybe if your parents had exposed you in a healthy way to the LGBT community, you would be able to see all these people full of PRIDE, JOY and LOVE for ALL.”

It’s quite a schizophrenic message – on one hand, she claims her people are full of “joy and love for all”, and on the other hand she threatens me that expressing my opinion is a “hate crime”. And yes, what a splendid idea is to expose your children to homosexuality in a “healthy way.”

If you think that’s enough, I will disappoint you and yell like a salesman – wait, there’s more!

The latest development in this mad play came again following an OHRC decision, the Ontario government now allows those who think they are men or women to change their birth certificates to reflect their imaginary gender (again regardless of penis or vagina possession).  And you don’t even need a sex change operation.

Soon that would find its way into the passports, making Canada a laughing stock of the most countries of the world, which don’t accept that craziness.

Welcome to Ontario, the first tranny province in the world, where insanity rules!

© 2012

School Homosexualization in Ontario – Straight from Queen’s Park

Davina: get the gay alliances into the Catholic schools!


Yesterday I went to Queen’s Park (the location of the Ontario Parliament building) to cover a rally organized by the Ontario GSA Coalition, an organization, which is trying to push the so-called “Gay-Straight Alliances” on our schools.

According to some of the websites, which promoted the event, they expected several hundred people to attend, but the turnout was low – most likely well below 100.


The GSA crowd


Before going into details about the rally itself, let me give you some background. It will help you understand why that initiative is so bizarre.

I learned about the event from an e-mail sent to me by the Centre for Inquiry. Years ago, that was an organization supposed to promote free thinking and rationalism. Later they deteriorated into becoming one of the numerous lefty groups, which support strange fringe causes. Last year, after the Mosqueteria scandal erupted at Valley Park Middle school, it took CFI’s director Justin Trottier over a month to make a statement about the case.

While Justin is reluctant to condemn the Islamic school invasion, he and his colleagues have no problem bashing the Catholic schools. In the e-mail they wrote:

“RIGHT NOW the fundamental rights of students are being violated in Ontario.

Catholic schools are denying students the right to form Gay-Straight Alliance groups (GSAs)

This denies LGBT students the right to create groups which work to:

  1. Create safe environments in schools for      students to support each other and learn about homophobia, transphobia,      and other oppressions,
  2. Educate the school community about      homophobia, transphobia, gender identity, and sexual orientation issues,      and
  3. Fight discrimination, harassment, and      violence in schools.

Research shows three-quarters of LGBTQ students feel unsafe at school and that GSA clubs are one part of the solution. Supporting GSAs is not treating one group differently. Those who oppose GSAs are guilty of doing just that.”

Before CFI was a place where you could listen to and debate with witty and creative people (like Dr. Robert Buckman, John Robert Colombo, etc.) – now you see them talking about “transphobia”, “gender identity” and other weird concepts, which make sense only within the walls of OISE. And now they want to force the Catholic schools to accept homosexual organizations.

I am well aware of the potential wrath of the militant gay lobby when I discuss those issues. That’s why I always put in the text my standard disclaimer: I have absolutely nothing against homosexuals, provided they keep their sexual activities within bedrooms, bathhouses, gay bar toilets or other confined spaces and don’t make children part of those activities.

And this is the problem here – GSA’s are organizations, which will be promoted among children, and “learning about homophobia” would inevitably include “education” about gay sex.

Further down in the message, CFI quoted some of the opponents of GSA, probably with the purpose to show what unenlightened bigots they are:

“Here’s what the opponents of the Bill are saying

“I was bullied in school. I don’t believe sexual orientation is a cause of bullying.”- Rabbi Mendel Kaplan

“This Bill 13 smacks of social engineering. As a mom I don’t want my children taught there are six genders.” -Kim Galvao (Chair of Concerned Catholic Parents of Ontario)

“This is limiting Catholic schools to teach Catholic doctrine. Catholic schools are against gay-straight alliances.” -Dominic Tse (Senoir Pastor Chinese Community Church)

“Are our children second class? This creates a tiered system… This Bill 13 embraces the teaching of a radical sex ed.” -Charles McVety (President, Canada Family Action Coalition)

“Many congregations rent space in schools for their Sun worship. Bill is a Trojan horse to promote an agenda. Has nothing to do w bullying.” -Rondo Thomas (Executive Director of the Evangelical Association)”

What is wrong with a mother who says that she is disturbed by the concept of “six genders”? Apparently CFI has abandoned the scientific thinking and accepts as gospel the “gender identity” ramblings of mentally disturbed people.

Ironically, two of the people, quoted as “enemies” of the anti-bulling bill, are themselves victims of homosexual bullying. The Jewish community knows quite well how Rabbi Kaplan was dragged through the mud for months for expressing his religion’s views on homosexuality. Dr. Charles McVety went through a similar ordeal for the same reason – his TV show was censored and eventually cancelled. It takes quite a nerve to attack two religious leaders on the bullying issue, when they have been silenced by the mighty gays.

After reading the enemy quotes, I was left with the eerie feeling that something is missing. Of course! Where is the Islamic opinion?

I happen to remember the statement on homosexuality of Abdullah Hakim Quick, a prominent Canadian imam and Islamic scholar:

“They said, what is the Islamic position on “homosexuality”? And I told them: Put my name in the paper. The punishment is death. And I’m not going to change this religion.”

The quote is much worse than any other in the list and it is very well known, but it is not included and no other Muslim opinions are included either. Why is that? The reason is actually very simple – Rabbi Kaplan and Dr. McVety are a very easy target. What can a Rabbi do to you? The worst thing he can do is to curse you in Yiddish. And the Christian Minister can say something similar, but he still won’t go beyond words.

At the same time, a Muslim barbarian has a wide array of tools, which could put you in your rightful place if you don’t behave – he can shoot you; he can bomb you; he can set you on fire; he can spray acid in your face. The possibilities are endless… None of the CFI cowards, Justin and his buddies, would take the risk of enraging a bearded savage.

And the last point they were making in the message was about Bill 13, so I had to check it out and here is what I found quoted on the Ontario Parliament site:

“Bill 13 2011

An Act to amend the Education Act with respect to bullying and other matters

The people of Ontario and the Legislative Assembly:

… Believe that students need to be equipped with the knowledge, skills, attitude and values to engage the world and others critically, which means developing a critical consciousness that allows them to take action on making their schools and communities more equitable and inclusive for all people, including LGBTTIQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, transsexual, two-spirited, intersexed, queer and questioning) people;”

It is funny that McGuinty and his stooges adhere to the idiotic gay terminology (maybe the spirit of Smitherman is still floating around the building). The homosexual alphabet soup describing the queer universe had a few more letters added to it. What in the world does “questioning” mean? Is that some kind of an insecure homosexual or a tranny, who at any moment may return to his/her/its original state? And what’s the difference between “gay” and “queer”? Wasn’t it supposed to be the same thing? Maybe if Justin Trottier has kept the humanistic and rational nature of his organization, he could’ve given me the answer.

So CFI was one of the major forces behind the GSA drive. However, the rest of the organizers and speakers were even more remarkable. For example, the unions were there as well, like the Canadian Autoworkers union and its queer division (with the rainbow flags in the picture):


The queer unions...


Correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t the unions created to defend the labour interests of their members? After all, that’s how they make their money – from collecting members’ dues. Instead they are fighting transphobia.

The main speaker was Fred Hahn, the president of the notorious CUPE Ontario.


Comrade Fred Hahn


He kept rambling about how important was to get that anti-bullying bill going. From his words it appeared like the only purpose in the lives of his union’s 50,000 members is to get that law passed.

The fiery union rhetoric of Comrade Hahn paled when compared with the quiet, but vile passion of the next speaker. That was Davina Hader, the tranny whom McGuinty handpicked to deal with the stubborn resistance of the Catholic schools to his government’s intention to destroy them.


Davina with Martine Stonehouse


When Davina was appointed a few months ago to take a major part in our Premier’s campaign to ensure homosexual diversity in Ontario’s education, he/she/it was quoted as saying:

“The problem the Liberals have been up against with regard to GSAs is the separate school board,” Hader says. “Boards have been saying ministry policies are not enforceable because Catholic schools have special rights. Well, they can’t use that card anymore. This is a push for equality in education right across the board. With this we are teaching the people at the top, and they’re going to have to listen. It will be mandated as part of their curriculum. They won’t have a choice. Queer youth are being bullied and some are killing themselves, this is something that will go a long way to help our youth and effectively change the way the next generation looks at queer people.”

(h/t BCF)

What a feisty tranny – those damn Catholics won’t have any right to be different and would be forced to listen. The speech at the rally wasn’t that different. He/she/it stated that Bill 13 has already past second reading. Additionally, Davina has already been working on including the “gender identity” in Ontario’s Human Rights Act.

Then we heard three more speakers – students, who were going to be the foot soldiers, destined to implement the homosexual alliances in Ontario’s schools.


Even more speakers


Although the crowd wasn’t that big, the people showed clearly what they stood for:


Too bad he is not on the run...


It’s nice to have the Sexual Intellectuals on the Run in the forefront of the fight against what’s left of the Christian religion in our country. I am curious how those pansies are going to introduce their point of view in Muslim schools.

And of course, there was no way to avoid the lie that promoting homosexuality in schools would make everything in them fine and dandy:


Care to provide any proof?


And I had no idea that GSA’s are simply an innocent support group (it looks like the sex club option would be more appropriate):


It's more like a residential sex club...


Take a look at the next picture:


It's all Catholics' fault!


It is clear that the tiny “right-wing” phrase was added after the sign was completed and somebody noticed that saying “Catholics don’t like gays” might not be the best generalization they can come up with.

And I am not sure how safe would this hijab girl would be after attending a gay rally:


Hijabs and gays - what is her imam going to say?


It was an interesting experience to observe all those people –the deluded, the Marxists, the freaks – and think how they are united by the frightening idea of destroying the world around them. The scariest part is the ease with which they are ready to ruin traditions and ideas that have sustained our civilization for hundreds of years.

Morality doesn’t mean anything anymore – the most important part is to get rid of all institutions that maintain it. They make it look like those gay alliances are just innocent kids’ groups, while in reality they are opening the floodgates to more destruction, because the groups will need homosexual councillors and guides, who, once inside the Catholic schools, would start to erode them methodically.

Recently that repulsive faggot Dan Savage (he called himself a faggot in his column years ago, so that’s good enough for me) attacked religion and the Bible in particular during an appearance at a high school. There is no reason to think that anything different would happen here when the perverts who run the gay parade take control over the GSA’s. Then we may see the TNT men in schools:


Coming soon to a Catholic school near you...


Or trannies that are even uglier than Davina:


Meet your new trans-sensitivity counselor...


There is nothing easier to break and destroy…


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McGuinty Hires a Tranny Terminator to Fight Heterosexuals


McGuinty's tranny terminator


Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty’s jihad against the traditional Canadian values has entered a new phase. As a part of enforcing the homosexual agenda in the public schools, he has enlisted the help of the whole queer community (h/t BCF).

The latest reinforcement includes a real tranny, whose task is to do the practical bullying against the stubborn school authorities, who think that in McGuinty’s Ontario freedom of thought means something.

Xtra, Toronto’s gay bar and homosexual hookers’ directory, proudly reports that Davina Hader has been put in charge of doing McGunty’s dirty work on forcing the Catholic schools to accept indoctrination in the joys of homosexual sex and turning their students into confused gay-ready wrecks. I don’t know since when it is acceptable to hire people with gender-identity disorder to control our public school system.

Hader is going directly against the Catholic School Board, determined to destroy it. He/she/it is quoted as saying:

“Boards have been saying ministry policies are not enforceable because Catholic schools have special rights. Well, they can’t use that card anymore. This is a push for equality in education right across the board. With this we are teaching the people at the top, and they’re going to have to listen. It will be mandated as part of their curriculum. They won’t have a choice.”

So that’s it folks, the ugly tranny says that the new curriculum leaves those stubborn heterosexuals out of any choice. And you must listen (there is no choice about that as well), otherwise the queer police is going to get you.

He/she/it concludes:

“Queer youth are being bullied and some are killing themselves. This is something that will go a long way to help our youth and effectively change the way the next generation looks at queer people.”

That’s another batch of blatant lies. There is no proof that homosexuals at school kill themselves more often than other students. The only “proof” is that the queer propaganda blows out of proportion any such suicide to create the false impression that the homosexuals are in danger. And of course, their solution is to force all kids to accept homosexuality as a wonderful lifestyle choice. Everybody, who protests is a bully, who deserves the wrath of the human rights commissions.

And now just a piece of friendly PR advise for Dalton McGuinty – it is very unlikely you’ll get enthusiastic public support for your gay indoctrination cause by hiring Mr./Mrs./Ms./Miss Hader. Unfortunately, a white man never makes a good tranny. He will always look butt-ugly and the psychological research has proven time after time that people tend to trust better-looking people.

That is valid even more in your case, where you want to impose a sinister agenda. You would be immensely more successful, if you hire a Thai or Filipino ladyboy. They look much more attractive – such a spokesman/spokeswoman/spokesperson could make the process of turning our schools into gay clubs look almost painless and fabulous.

I hope Xtra gets on board with that fabulous proposal…


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Ontario’s Third Suicide Attempt

In Kurt Vonnegut’s novel Timequake, Kilgore Trout, the author’s alter ego, says that the two world wars were unsuccessful attempts of the western civilization to commit suicide.

This statement has an eerie resemblance with what happened in Ontario last week. It looks like the Canadian provinces are also capable of committing suicide.

Case in point is that one of the most incompetent and destructive politicians in the history of the province managed to win re-election, even though about everybody expected him to crash and burn. The success had very little to do with his ability to run a smart campaign.

He was helped to a great degree by the spineless leader of the “Progressive Conservative” Party Tim Hudak. Instead of using McGuinty’s disastrous performance to offer a clear alternative, supposed to save the province, Tim decided to emulate the Brussels pansies, who are destroying Europe in their own original way. The tactic is simple – don’t offend any special interest group, no matter how bizarre it is, but feel free to ignore the silent majority, which pays the taxes, because they are civilized enough not to complain.

Faced with the choice between two liberals, the silent majority decided to stay away and didn’t vote. As a result, only 47% of the Ontarians bothered to go to the polls, the lowest percentage ever. With the help of the union thugs, welfare freeloaders and the privileged minorities, McGuinty managed to cling to power.

However, even under those circumstances he lost 17 parliamentary seats. That fact doesn’t seem to bother him; he is determined to continue with his destructive policies, no matter what.

So we are faced with another four years of that madness. According to one of Marx’s laws of dialectics, doctrine to which many of McGuinty’s supporters subscribe , the law of the passage of quantitative changes into qualitative changes, when enough amounts of something are piled up, they eventually bring change in the quality. Over his previous two terms, McGuinty had the chance to pile up enough bad seeds, which would bring the destruction of our province in the next four years.

He will definitely continue his windmill crusade, designed to force on Ontario costly and inefficient alternative power sources. The Green Knight Dalton McGuinty and his trusty sidekick David Suzuki would not stop until they make the price of electricity so high that every business would leave the province. And they would merrily continue to give away billions of the taxpayers’ money to South Korean corporations, which promise to make the cloudy Ontario a major producer of solar energy.

The victory also means that the government crimes in Caledonia will remained unpunished. It is very unlikely that anything would be investigated. If the victims complain about the violation of their civil rights, our esteemed Premier would most likely throw another few millions of dollars their way, stolen from the overtaxed Ontarians. At the same time the message to every native criminal gang is that they can occupy whatever land they want and the government is going to pay them for that.

As everybody knows, education is McGuinty’s pet peeve. In case you think he really wants to make the Ontario kids more intelligent and competitive, I’ll need to ground you. In his twisted world, shaped by the OISE racists and the teachers’ unions, improving education means placing it under the control of the special interest groups.

A major educational improvement is considered making elementary school students knowledgeable about the joys of homosexual sex. They will be able at an early age to question their sexual identity. They’ll be taught that for a boy, wearing a tutu and playing with dolls is the ultimate form of gender liberation.

But that will apply only to the secular schools and the Catholic schools, where he wants to force the gay-straight alliances. For the rest Dalton has other plans – he would generously allow Muslim fanatics to take over, like they did in the Valley Park Middle School.

Since Muslims and homosexuals relate to each other like matter to anti-matter, he would have to create two separate school boards to accommodate them. What about TDSB becoming Muslim School Board and the Catholic School  Board becoming Gay School Board? Ain’t that a grand idea? As of the silent majority… well, who cares about them?

Talking of gays, under McGuinty we will have another four years of generous financial support for the Toronto Gay Parade, where in the name of diversity, you can enjoy hairy lesbians, queer anti-Semites, and naked old perverts proudly flaunting their penises in front of children. All courtesy of the Ontario taxpayer!

The Muslims may not like the gay parades, but of course, there is something for them in McGuinty’s grab bag as well. They will get another four years of special privileges, courtesy of Barbara Hall and her fascist Human Rights Commission.  Other than suppressing free speech, Barbara takes special care of her Muslim friends.

A few months ago, she issued a stern warning to all landlords and other people who place rental ads, not to place any requirements related to sex, religion, sexual orientation, race, etc. It was just revealed that there were many ads in Toronto placed by Muslims stating that they only rent to other Muslims. When confronted about that, the OHRC flatly refused to take any measures.

Due to that “helpful” woman, the Islamization of Ontario will continue. What better way to form Muslim ghettoes just like in Europe? The Muslims will be able to take over apartment buildings one by one. Barbara is on her way to winning another shiny clock from the CASMO anti-Semites for her achievements.

At the same time, one of the few organizations, which openly confront anti-Semitism, JDL-Canada is blackmailed and harassed by the police. Why not? It is more important to accommodate the Islamic barbarism.

The picture will become complete when we add to it the public union parasites, who receive generous allowances from McGuinty. In fact, he enlisted their help for this election. Since they delivered, he will give them the fat raises he promised, paid with money stolen again from the Ontario taxpayers.

The German philosopher Georg W.F. Hegel once said that every country deserves the government it has. Unfortunately, that fully applies to the conditions in Ontario. How can rational parents abdicate their responsibility and allow their children to be indoctrinated into perversion by the public schools? How can people abandon the values that built this great country and surrender the control to a medieval murderous cult?

Obviously, with people like McGuinty and Hudak, who don’t give a rat’s ass about the opinions of the folks paying for their social experiments, we’ll be lucky if the province doesn’t go bankrupt within the next three years.

Isn’t it time we woke up from our slumber and create a new political party, which will support our traditional values? Never mind, the sound of the Ontario economy crashing to the ground is going to wake up us anyway.

Rejoice o ye faithful, the suicide of Ontario is unraveling according to schedule.

© 2011

Treason – How Dalton McGuinty Abandoned Caledonia

In just a couple of days, the Ontarians are about to head to the polls to determine who is going to rule the province for the next four years. The McGuinty government has been criticized over many issues by its opponents – ranging from the dismal condition of the economy through the green energy disaster to imposing the gay agenda in the elementary schools.

Yet it looks strange that one of the worst abuses of power committed by that government is hardly ever mentioned during the election campaign. I am talking about the Caledonia case, which seems to be absent from the platforms of the both opposition parties. It also fell off the radar of the mainstream media.

For many months, McGuinty and his cronies encouraged total lawlessness in that small town by allowing a mob of armed native thugs to terrorize the local people. The gang occupied a large building site on the false premise that it was a burial ground (it never was).

The worst part was that the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) was instructed not to interfere. That left the peaceful taxpayers of Caledonia at the mercy of a criminal gang. It is hard to believe that a democratically elected government in a democratic Western country can treat its citizens in such a despicable way.

There are two functions of a government that are much more important than redistributing wealth and taking care of special interest groups. These are protecting its citizens from foreign threats and maintaining order within the country. That’s the initial covenant between the citizens and the rulers. Of course, defense from foreign invasion is a federal obligation, but the provincial government still has the duty to maintain order according to the law. McGuinty failed spectacularly on that issue.

 What happened in Caledonia is McGuinty’s worst crime, which deserves special investigation. If he manages to stay in power, the cover up would continue.

The events developed over the years like a bad farce. In the beginning, the government and the media fiercely denied that anything wrong was going on. The Indian criminals were presented as peaceful Earth worshipers making their point.

It took a lot of relentless work, conducted by the local people (organized by Gary McHale and Mark Vandermaas) to get the truth about the events out. That got the attention of a few bloggers and eventually the journalist Christie Blatchford got involved. She wrote a book about what really happened (titled Helpless), a frightening account of violence and betrayal.

Everybody involved in revealing the truth was intimidated, blackmailed or sued by government functionaries, union thugs and crazy lefties.

When they saw that they could get away with it, the natives tried similar occupations in other parts of Ontario. They even tried to occupy part of Toronto’s High Park following the same scheme – the burial ground hoax. Despite the fact that initially they were supported by the police, the public outcry forced them to retreat quickly and claim that they were peaceful environmentalists trying to rejuvenate the park. Yeah, right… when I wrote about the case, I received many threats by the usual people showing how “peaceful” they are.

As a typical coward, McGuinty initially tried to fight the people who suffered.

When Dave Brown and his wife Dana Chatwell, the family that suffered most from the native criminal abuse, sued the government, McGuinty sent his best lawyers to fight them. The lawyers initially tried to blackmail Ms. Chartwell in court. Then, when a few OPP officers were about to testify, the government quickly settled for an undisclosed amount of money to avoid revealing embarrassing facts.

That cowardly behaviour became the blueprint for dealing with every issue concerning the occupation.

Instead of arresting the criminals and sending them to jail, McGuinty bought the construction site for $16,000,000 (with taxpayers’ money, of course) and allowed them to live there. Now the site is a sad place – it’s covered with weeds, all the houses have been looted and destroyed, the only remaining house is inhabited by few shady “warriors” and the government pays for their electricity and all other expenses.

After failing to hide the abuse, the government reluctantly agreed to settle but only after the Caledonia victims started a legal action. McGuinty paid them $20,000,000 with the hope that they’ll shut up.

The most remarkable thing about the settlement was that the government for the first time admitted in the court documents what really happened in Caledonia.

According to the documents, Caledonia was divided in several zones according to the negative impact of the occupation – Zone 1 was the highest impact zone, Zone 6 the lowest.

In Zone 1, according to our esteemed officials, the “impacts experienced” were: “Delegation of policing to Six Nations [the very band some of whose members, after all, led the occupation] and subjected to frequent gunfire, loud noises, smoke, verbal assaults, personal property damage, ATVs, camouflaged protesters, high volume of traffic, checkpoints.”

Notice the language – you must an extreme politically correct idiot to consider the abuse caused by the armed Indians “delegation of policing to Six Nations”. They don’t provide an explanation – why did this happen? I don’t recall a case in Ontario allowing private police to control a town.

Then came the case of Sam Gualtieri – last month one of his attackers was finally convicted. Gualtieri, who had a house built in the area, was attacked by native criminals who broke in. They beat him up with lumber and left him with a permanent brain damage.

The convicted thug’s lawyer, named Sarah Dover, made a very interesting statement when everything was over. She said:

“This was an extremely profound incident that happened between two people in one day. It had a tragic impact on Sam Gualtieri and his family but also on Rich Smoke and his family. This should not be the subject of a broader political debate. It should not be exploited for anyone’s broad political agenda.”

I am not sure if the government hired to do their dirty job, but her words summarize very well their position. The criminal was convicted, but that should be it, no debate is allowed on why that pathetic loser nearly killed Sam. That would be “exploiting a broad political agenda.” Does Ms. Dover think that we live in the Soviet Union? Such a statement would have been very natural in that country.

The picture the events paint is beyond horrible – everything was mismanaged by the government at each and every step. It is beyond belief that something like that can happen in a civilized country.

It all started on that winter day in 2006 when the first two occupiers showed up at the construction site. If the police were allowed to do their job that day, i.e. to arrest and charge the trespassers, everything would’ve been forgotten long time ago.

Instead, McGuinty initiated a downward spiral of compromise and abuse, which caused terror and suffering to hundreds of people. Then he tried to buy his way out with millions of the taxpayers’ money.

That horrible man can’t run a fast food joint, how can we trust him with the government???

Of course, there are also other participants in that disgrace. Did the Six Nations distance themselves from the criminals, who occupied Caledonia? Probably not, because they used their flag and I am not aware of any official statement of the band council about the incident. They have some tough questions to face – they can’t accomplish their goals through violence (even with McGuinty’s support).

As of OPP, they also have some tough issues to face. I understand that they are to follow to orders from the government, but I don’t think that any of the officers expected when they joined the police force that those orders would put them in a situation where they should not interfere when crimes are being committed.

I can’t imagine that nobody raised the issue of the unfairness of that policy during their daily briefings. I also can’t imagine that none of them had the conscience to oppose that injustice. Maybe many of them are willing to tell the truth, but McGuinty’s repressive policy is stopping them.

McGuinty is a disgrace that should be voted out. What he did is treason. He betrayed the most elementary principles of democracy. He betrayed the people who entrusted him with running the government.

This is one of those rare cases, where a full judicial inquiry is needed to prevent repeating such terror in the future. But with him in power, such an inquiry would be impossible – he will try to everything up or buy his way out with even more of the taxpayers’ money.

We have no other choice – McGuinty must go…

© 2011

Dalton McGuinty – Pry Affirmative Action from My Cold Dead Hands


The Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty is more than determined to show that in the current election campaign he doesn’t give a damn about the interests of the Ontarians.

In a vote-getting scheme, he announced that his party was going to provide $10,000 tax credit to companies willing to give jobs to foreign-trained workers. Since the information was released, the details of the scheme changed several times. Now it involves new Canadian citizens who have been here for five years.

That would be hard to pull off, because not that many people can go through the citizenship process within five years from their arrival. Nevertheless, McGuinty’s transparent gimmick aims at winning more of the coveted immigrant votes in Toronto.

That’s not the first time he has done something like that – last year he announced another program to serve foreigners. His government was going to provide $30 million to finance students from the People’s Republic of China, who want to study in Ontario. Of course, to him bringing in more spies is not a big deal.

When the Conservative leader Tim Hudak criticized the tax credit, McGuinty jumped on him like a pit bull. Hudak was right to consider that affirmative action – there are more than enough specialists trained in Ontario, who would be able to do the jobs. Discriminating against them by providing a bribe to companies to hire less qualified people is horrible.

If the newcomers are really qualified, they would be hired without the necessity to pay that bribe.

But in the Liberal world reality doesn’t matter – McGuinty considered Hudak’s position “xenophobic” and demanded an apology on behalf of the “wronged” newcomers.

For those who follow the Ontario politics that’s just another case of déjà vu.  Point in case – last year’s mayoral election in Toronto. During one of the debates, the issue of immigration came up.

Rob Ford, the most realistic and down-to-earth candidate, calmly stated that Toronto has neither the infrastructure, nor the money to accommodate the huge influx of new immigrants.

The lefty clowns running against him jumped on him just like McGuinty did. Rocco Rossi and McGuinty’s lapdog George Smitherman confronted him outside of the building. I am not sure if they wanted to beat him up.

The socialist Joe Pantalone said he was sorry for Toronto, because under Ford there would be no more of that wonderful diversity he was used to.

In the end, Ford won by a landslide and yet I don’t see any fewer of those third-world people, who barely speak English and let me learn more about their cuisine from the smell of their clothes and cabs. It looks like our wonderful diversity is intact.

And that’s the main issue – neither Hudak, nor McGuinty have given any indication about how they would help the Ontarians. We don’t want that much – we know that the government consists in the most part of incompetent idiots (and not all of them are appointed through the affirmative action).

All we want is not to tax us to death to pay for useless “green” utopias and squander our money on people who are neither willing nor capable of adapting to our culture.

Do you think that anybody is listening? No? Neither do I.

The affirmative action will stay with McGuinty until we pry it from his cold dead hands (metaphorically speaking, of course).

© 2011

McGuinty’s Sanitized School Appearance in Markham

Our Dear Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty is obviously not used to confronting dissenters in a rational way.

Today, the lefty rag Metro (in which Dalton bought a full-page cover ad) reported a mishap, which happened when our Premier was about to make a propaganda appearance at Markville Secondary School in Markham (that’s just outside of Toronto).

It looks like a teacher, representative of the mighty union that McGuinty lavished with countless amounts of taxpayers’ money for doing nothing, decided to protect the beloved benefactor. According to a tweet of the TVO host Steve Paikin, present at the event, the teacher asked all anti-Liberal students to leave the event. Six of them left. To strengthen his loyalty, the teacher then called those who left “anarchists”.

After that Paikin clarified his tweets, the teacher actually said: “If you’re anti-liberal and you don’t think you can control your urge to heckle, you can leave.”

When everything was said and done and the event closed, the Liberal Party campaign felt it was necessary to say that they didn’t give any instructions to any school officials about how to react.

Was that really necessary to say? Everybody knows that no loyal member of the Teachers’ Union would let the goose that lays golden eggs be inconvenienced in any way. Without Comrade McGuinty, those overpaid people may need to put some real effort in teaching so that their students could learn something.

Let’s get rid of McGuinty in this election…

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Premier McGuinty – Buying Chinese Votes?

During his visit to China this week, the Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty announced an “exciting” plan to provide scholarships to mostly Chinese students, which will cost $30 million to the Ontario taxpayers.


The details of the scheme are as follows: we, the taxpayers, will provide 75 students with $40,000 per year for up to 4 years.  In return, the students are supposed to say: “Wow,  you guys have great universities in Ontario!” That’s all he needs in return, because the program is supposed to “boost the profile” of the Ontario universities.

So, what’s wrong with that picture? The Premier apparently has forgotten that the province is in recession. The young people from Ontario are scrambling to find money to finance their own education. And unlike the Chinese students who will study for free and leave to never come back, the young Ontarians will work for their province after they graduate. Read the rest of this entry »

Smitherman and McGuinty on the Wagon of Doom

It looks like George Smitherman is really desperate. The Ontario’s Provincial Liberal Party just endorsed his mayoral campaign. In normal circumstances, that would have been a marvellous news for him, but Smitherman never ran under normal circumstances.

His whole campaign was designed to show him as a fiscally responsible candidate, who would change the way the city politics is conducted. It’s my guess that with his popularity lagging behind Ford, he requested Dalton McGuinty’s support, but the latter opened again the jam-packed with skeletons closet, which Smitherman so carefully tried to hide until now. Read the rest of this entry »