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Muslim Bigotry in the Globe and Mail

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In its Friday’s issue The Globe and Mail, the self-proclaimed national newspaper of Canada, published an “opinion” piece by Sheema Khan titled Niqab Rage: Beyond the Veil in Canada’s Courtrooms. Since the paper won’t publish my opinion about it, I’ll have to place it here.

That’s an article in the series supposed to show the diversity of our country. And Ms. Khan clearly expresses that diversity, for starters, her hijab is prominently displayed in her picture, beside that, her opinion is no less diverse.

She starts with the description of a “shocking” case in France. In a department store a 63-year-old retired teacher named Jeanne Ruby approached Shaika al-Suwaidi, a veiled Arab woman, and asked her to remove her veil. When she refused, Ruby chased her and ripped off her niqab, slapped her and scratched her. Then she said: “Now I can see your face.”

There have been other isolated cases like this (statistics show that attacks against Muslims are rare), but Ms. Khan has carefully picked this one. Why? The Jewish last name “Ruby” fits neatly into the traditional “progressive” paradigm: a rabid and mean Jew attacks again a quiet and helpless Arab. Of course, she doesn’t state it explicitly, but the lefties and the Muslims reading are not going to miss the association.

From this case Ms. Khan makes a conclusion that in my opinion puts her in the category of bigots: While Ms. Ruby may be a heroine to many in the land of liberté, égalité, fraternité and beyond, her actions mirror those of extremists who throw acid into the faces of women who refuse to wear the niqab.Read the rest of this entry »